Azveltara Z

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Season 3
Air Date: August 26th, 2017
Azveltara Z
Experience Earned: 6,550
Blood Tears: 82,163
The Senate of Deadlantis
The Purge

Azveltara Z is the 3rd campaign of Season 3, and aired on August 26th, 2017.

The Azveltara Elven family is ruled by the master assassin known as Lyn Azveltara. She is the warden of the realm, serving King Rohbear Leomaris and the Mana Arc by doing what she believes is necessary for the survival of the Elven families. After losing most of her immediate family during the chaos of the Birth of Magic, Lyn transformed herself from artist to assassin, training in many forms of combat and even being mentored by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. After a heated discussion with Rohbear, Lyn has decided to go against her king's wishes and send her personal assassins on a dangerous mission to maintain world order.



Character Race Class Player
Aryu Maeda Icon.png Aryu Maeda Azveltarian Sorcerer Spiff
Bei Mei Xhir't Icon.png Bei Mei Xhir't Azveltarian Sharpsword Coestar
Kohai Chan Icon.png Kohai Chan Azveltarian Flamedanseur Millbee
Kuroyami Icon.png Kuroyami Azveltarian Petalwalker Deadbones


Character Race Class
Lyn Azveltara Icon.png Lyn Azveltara Azveltarian Petalwalker
Shyte Icon.png Shyte Shezaite
Sunny D Icon.pngSunny D Sunhound
Rohbear Leomaris Icon.png Rohbear Leomaris Elf
Caynon Nailo Icon.pngCaynon Nailo Elf
Laydor Icon.png Laydor Elf
Bob Icon.png Bob Keen Paladin
Xavius Barringster Icon.png Xavius Barringster Elf Thane
Wilton Lotus Icon.png Wilton Lotus Elf
Nisovin Icon.png Nisovin Keen Wizard
Bruce Willakers Icon.png Bruce Willakers Dwarf
Phineas Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Elf Cabalist
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Gwyneth Sunsword Elf Suncleric
Bopen Icon.png Bopen
  • - Teaser Only

Battle Encounters[edit]


Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign play out.
  • The characters listed above (other than Bob, Xavius Barringster, and Nisovin) are introduced, most notably Lyn Azveltara.
  • The following beast species were introduced: Wowzer, Gumioh, Shezaite.
  • The Azveltara Elven family is established.
    • The Lotus Elven family is established.
  • Lyn Azveltara poisons the Dragonsilver of the Beenu, in attempt to kill the entire Beenu race.
  • The Fighting Power tournament is established.
  • More information about the Beenu race is established.
  • Ninjaru is established.
  • Sometime after the events of this campaign, Lyn Azveltara will get pregnant with one of the player characters' child.
  • A Beenu Facility is established.

Minor Lore[edit]

  • Rememberance Bonds are established.
  • Whoopsiedoodles are established.
  • "Microbugmuncher" is a very offensive slur used to refer to Gnomes.
  • Kale is established, although it still could just be a name for a kind of cereal.

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Azveltara Z: Fighting Power Teaser August 21, 2017
Character Creation - Episode 0 August 25, 2017
Episode 1 August 27, 2017
Episode 2 August 27, 2017
Episode 3 August 27, 2017
Episode 4 August 28, 2017
Episode 5 August 28, 2017
Episode 6 August 28, 2017
Episode 7 August 29, 2017
Episode 8 August 29, 2017
Episode 9 August 29, 2017
Divine Decision August 29, 2017
Fighting Power Tournament - Part 1 (Episode 10) August 30, 2017
Fighting Power Tournament - Part 2 (Episode 11) August 30, 2017
Fighting Power Tournament - Part 3 (Episode 12) August 30, 2017
Finale - Episode 13 August 31, 2017
Behind the Scenes September 11, 2017
Campaign Playlist

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Supporter Events[edit]

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Divine Decision[edit]

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  • This is the first Campaign to have a new Player Character, Spiff, since Nisovin appeared in Murder Bros.
    • This is the first Campaign to have a female cast member.
  • This Campaign featured no Legendaries, and is the first Campaign after the idea has been introduced to not do so.
  • This is the 1st Campaign to not use Overflow donations to complete all Supporter Events.
  • This is the first campaign to go over the 10 Episode Limit due to the Fighting Power Sidequest.
    • This is also the first campaign to have a Sidequest within a campaign.