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Lyn Azveltara AVZ Puppet.png
Race Azveltarians
Affiliations Elves
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance Azveltara Z

Azveltarians are subrace of Elves that infuse themselves with the spirit of an animal through a magical tattoo. This power allows them to shapeshift into this animal freely, and use their strength as their own.



After the Birth of Magic, Lyn Azveltara was distraught with the loss of many of her family, and, after a journey up The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, she turned from master artist to master assassin. With this change, she learnt new powers from Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus, and taught them to many members of her adopted family. These included advanced Petalwalker magics, and the ability to contain wild beasts as tattoos, so that their strength can be unleashed through shapeshifting into them at the user's command.

Notable Azveltarians[edit]

Known Tattoo Animals[edit]

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  • Bei Mei Xhir't, unlike other Azveltarians did not undergo the usual process to gain a tattoo. Instead of absorbing the animal itself, she bathed in a Blood Snake Queen's blood, and gained the tattoo through that.
  • One Azveltarian can have multiple tattoos.