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Bennu Statues.png
Race Beenu
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations None
Abilities Unknown
Equipment None
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

The Beenu make up an ancient civilization, but are now extinct.


The Beenu are a race of highly advanced people who used to live in cities they built in the sky. They were extremely technologically advanced and are the original creators of the Robots found in the Zarlin Catacombs and Zelfatar. The Beenu, through their technological advancements and experiments, may have caused the Sun Dragon Phanto to die, which caused the Birth of Magic. Since this ended the Utopia, and the Beenu cannot breed, they died out to extinction quite quickly.


  • The Beenu were an advanced civilization, creating various technology such as Robots, Elemechs and the Beenu Warmachine.
  • They speak their own bird-like language, as well as the common tongue.
  • The Unnamed Resurrected Beenu said that there existed a group known as the 'Beenu Elders,' who existed in the 'Sky Kingdom,' and believed that they may have been able to restore him to his original body.
  • The Beenu of the Zarlin Catacombs supposedly once worked for Glamourous, although he also said that he would occasionally eat them.
  • According to The Beenu Apparition, the Beenu are unable to reproduce, which is the reason why they went extinct after the Birth of Magic.


The Beenu once lived with the elves and High Bears before the Birth of Magic. The Beenu created obstacles courses for the elves which were deadly but since no one could die before the Birth of Magic. The elves consider these obstacles courses as "theme parks". The Beenu were advanced with their technology at the time and they said that there will always be progression. The Beenu started to progress and then managed to kill dragon aspect Phanto and thus creating the Birth of Magic. The Beenu couldn't mate or reproduce so they started dying out. They all died and then became extinct. Now many Beenu Apparition haunt the dungeons that they have made.

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