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Beenu Puppets.png
Race Beenu
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

The Beenu is an avian race that was first mentioned in The Zarlin Catacombs. The Beenu are a race that predates most of the currently existing races, and are speculated to have existed in the realm since before the arrival of the Sun Dragon Gods. They were known to be very mechanically and technologically advanced, even reaching computer advancement similar to that of early personal computers for humans. However they have been reported to be extinct following a massive genocide orchestrated by Lyn Azveltara. It was revealed that Ghostblade appears to be the last surviving Beenu.


The Beenu are avian, bipedal beings. They appear to be completely covered in feathers save for their face, which has physical similarities to that of Elves and Dwarves. Their feathers have been shown to range in various hues of brown. They have the unique aspect among the races of having large wings on their backs. Very little else is known about their genetic make up, but Ghostblade appears to have mammal-like breasts under her feathers. It is unknown, however, if this was due to the nature of her birth from an Elf.


Not much is known about the Beenu culture. What can be seen is that they are very technologically advanced, with some notable creations being Robots, Elemechs and the Beenu Warmachine, along with several large facilities filled with technology similar to that of the 1970s of the realm of the Old Gods. Most, if not all, of the facilities have been rendered abandoned and decayed following the genocide of the race, leading other races to build over the ruins, nearly forgetting the race existed at all following the Birth of Magic.

The Beenu hierarchy system is largely unknown, with the only hint being that an unnamed resurrected Beenu mentioned a group known as the "Beenu Elders", who existed in a "Sky Kingdom". Not much else is known about these elders, but the undead Beenu believed them to be able to restore him to his original body.

The Beenu had very little seen relationships with other races. They appeared to be treated very poorly by the Elves, who would kill them nonchalantly, albeit inconsequentially, before the Birth of Magic. It was even a family of Elves that poisoned their supply of Dragon Silver, leading to an infertility that eventually killed off the species. The Beenu were mentioned to have some connection to the Sandbolds by Tien, and were known to serve the Divine Glamourous, who would occasionally eat them.


  • They speak their own bird-like language, as well as the common tongue.


The Beenu once lived with the Elves and Highbears before the Birth of Magic. They created deadly obstacle courses for the Elves. However, since Elves and Highbears could not die before the Birth of Magic, the Elves considered these obstacles courses as "theme parks". The Beenu were advanced with their technology at the time and they said that there will always be progression. The Beenu then became extinct after Lyn Azveltara tainted their silver which made the Beenu incapable of breeding.

Notable Beenu[edit]


  • The original concept for the Beenu were the Skygyptians, bird-like people who lived in pyramids in the sky, discussed during the 'Tuesday Talk Stuff' stream on Justin's twitch channel.
  • The skeletons of deceased Beenu were temporarily brought back to life by Morgana Marie using Spirit Vessel, drawn randomly from the magician's hat in The Zarlin Catacombs.
  • The Beenu had something to do with causing the Birth of Magic, but it is unknown what their exact role in the event was, other than it being accidental.
  • In The Senate of Deadlantis, it was confirmed by Rob that the Beenu could, in fact, mate.
  • The design of the Beenu is based on the kestrel, which can be seen in the differing males and females.