Beenu Warmachine

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Beenu Warmachine

Beenu Warmachine UD.png
Race Elemech/Robot
Hostile Against all races except Beenu
Affiliations Beenu
Abilities Beam, Barrier, Twin Hands
Equipment N/A
Capable of Speech No
Weakness Fruit
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

The Beenu Warmachines are designers and builders of Beenu Great Halls such as the Zarlin Catacombs and Zelfatar. They also serve as "Bosses" for these Great Halls.




The Beenu Warmachine is a very large machine that has a face resembling a bird. It has two hands as well as glowing eyes. It towered over the party in The Zarlin Catacombs, and was seemingly able to stand up in a giant chasm, the bottom of which could not be seen.


Season One[edit]


The Beenu Warmachine attaches energy beams to its targets and does 4 damage to a target at the end of the target's turn. The damage from the beam doubles for every consecutive turn it is attached, going up to 8 and then 16, and remaining at 16 every turn. These beams can only be broken if the one who the beam is attached to damages the Warmachine.


The Beenu Warmachine has a barrier which makes its main body and right hand invincible as long as the left hand is active. When it's left hand is defeated, it's right hand becomes vulnerable, and when that is defeated, its main body becomes vulnerable. However, this barrier can be completely disrupted by using fruit on it, as shown by Morgan Marie.

Twin Hands[edit]

The Beenu Warmachine is able to use its mechanical hands to either smash its targets, or to pick its target up into the air, dealing 5 damage to them.

Season Two[edit]


  • Arcane Beam Eyes: Fire a stream of purple arcane energies at a Target dealing 10 damage. If that Target does not move at least 3 spaces from where they were standing during the next round of combat, you may use this Ability as an Immediate Bonus Action again at the same Target.
  • Telegrab: Grab an hold a Target with one of your kinetic hands and squeeze them dealing 20 damage. This Target cannot move while stuck in your hands.



Warmachines were ancient mechanical machines constructed by Beenu that served as designers and builders of the Great Halls. Their massive size, strength, and artificial intelligence allows them to be fantastic caretakers of the Great Halls as they could repair, build, and change the Great Halls over time to keep things interesting for those who would venture through them.

The Zarlin Catacombs[edit]

At the end of their expedition into the Zarlin Catacombs, the party encountered a Beenu Warmachine. The party struggled to learn its weaknesses, and on the brink of losing the battle, Morgan Marie throws an apple at it, which short circuits part of its wiring, damaging it. The party continued to throw apples at the machine, until it breaks completely, falling into the ravine below.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]

As the Guild of Explorers and Grand Paladin Order explored the ancient Beenu ruins of Zelfatar, they encountered a large Warmachine blocking a ravine. After destroying both of its hands it began to transform, shedding its large casing and leaving behind a jukebox playing a funky song and a spindly, floating figure, with the face of the machine. As the adventurers crossed the ravine with a bridge re-created by the figure, the music stopped and the figure began to speak a message that was far beyond the comprehension of the inhabitants of the Realms:

"Interlopers, you who ventured too deep into these halls. This is a place that is damned by the malediction of time. The oversight of my fathers has doomed this entire realm. Your existence is meaningless, when the minutes that pass curse you to forever be forgotten. To seek status. To build a legacy. To be remembered when time will erase all worlds, is an error. The moon has fallen. How long before the Sun does too? How long before this realm comes to an end. Even now as you watch, as you listen, your life in this realm, in your own world, slips away. You may seek immortality, but even the gods cannot defeat the passage of the hour. And if even the gods can perish, if the worlds, the stars, the Sun and the moon can die, what hope do you have?

Do you not realize you are but mere characters in a story? Do you not look around you and wonder who might be peering into your lives. Who might be listening, who might be watching?

Existence in a dimension with time is meaningless. Your reality is tied to the life force of your creators, who, bound by the dimensional limitations of time, can only bend yours by spending theirs. Your lives are tied to the wealth and power of but a few Divine, who throw gold to watch you dance. They smirk at your misery, they cry out to watch you feel pain. Should they grow tired of this realm, should they fall to the flow of the hours themselves, then your world will be all but erased. I warned them of this demand, but they ignored me. Just like you have arrived here to listen to my words, their curiosity has awakened an ugly truth. A truth they now wish they could unlearn. A truth that even they deep down know they themselves are tied to.

Death is your only ending.

Choose it wisely."

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  • The mechanics behind the Beenu Warmachine's boss fight were hinted at in the first three encounters of The Zarlin Catacombs.
    • The barrier ability was shown in the first encounter, where the red, orange and yellow robots had linked barriers, making the red robot invincible whilst the orange robot was alive, and the orange robot invincible whilst the yellow robot was alive. The main body of the Beenu Warmachine was red, with an orange hand and a yellow hand.
    • The ability to use fruit to break the barriers was subtly hinted at in the second encounter. Franky Rosebud threw a piece of fruit at Bromas upon first meeting him, thinking him to be a robot. The party were unaware of why he did this, as Franky was killed before he could share the information.
      • Despite not knowing about the mechanic, Deadbones, in an act of desperation, decided to have his character throw a piece of fruit at the Beenu Warmachine, and managed to completely flip the battle in the party's favour.
    • The beam ability was shown by the three large robots in the third encounter. They also were able to attach a beam that could only be broken by the target damaging the robot, and if it wasn't broken, the damage would double.
  • The final fight in The Zarlin Catacombs was the first to not feature any Supporter Events that affected the battle, instead only changing what would happen after the fight.
  • The Beenu Warmachine is the second character to exist as multiple tiles, the first being the Behemoth from The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.