Bei Mei Xhir't

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Bei Mei Xhir't
Bei Mei Xhir't LAG Puppet.png
AffiliationLyn Azveltara's Assassins
AliasQueen of Blood
Campaigns Azveltara Z
SeasonsSeason Three
"Seventy seven."
— Bei Mei Xhir't

Bei Mei Xhir't (sometimes spelled X'hirt or X'shirt), known as the assassin Queen of Blood, was an Azveltarian Elf Sharpsword originally played by Coestar in Azveltara Z followed by The Last Beenu. She was a member of Lyn Azveltara's personal team of assassins and participated in her plan to exterminate the Beenu Race. She was the champion of Fighting Power 8. Her Azveltarian nature allowed her to transform into a Blood Snake Queen.



Bei is a female Azveltarian with short hair and pronounced fangs. She wears a short dress with a long, thin scarf wrapped around her neck and a snake bangle on her arm. As an Azveltarian, she has the ability to transform into a Blood Snake Queen, where her lower body turns into that of a snake and she grows tremendously in size. This ability is channeled through the Blood Snake Queen tattoo she gained when bathing in the blood of a Blood Snake Queen.


Bei Mei Xhir't is extremely obsessed with blood, going so far as to have blood from her opponents drip down onto her face. She is notably crueler than her assassin teammates, for when they were killing off a Great Hall of the Beenu, Bei Mei instead began to slowly pluck the feathers off of a Beenu child, while the others began slaughtering the ones around her.

Outside of her love for blood, Bei Mei is also easily infatuated by Lyn Azveltara and any particularly lewd scene she witnesses or hears about. She can become so overwhelmed with this, that she begins to flirt with anyone near her, causing her to be unable to distinguish Lyn Azveltara from a male servant elf.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Bei Mei Xhir't seems to have an odd fascination with the number "77", often proclaiming it out loud. This was also her battlecry in Fighting Power 8, to which she was the victor.


Lyn Azveltara[edit]

Bei is completely infatuated with Lyn. During the other assassins' Lovers' Bond ritual, Bei was spying on them. Eventually, she tried to go in a second time during one of the other assassin's Lovers' Bond time which Lyn did not appreciate, turning Bei away. After this, Bei seemed dazed, not being able to distinguish Lyn from one of her servants. This enraged Lyn making her violently slap Bei and knocking her out onto a seat pillow.


Bei did not see Bob as a person. Instead, she referred to him as a chair. Bob tried to make romantic advances on Bei but this went over her head.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Azveltarian}]
  • [{Class / Sharpsword}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Butcher}]
  • [{Attribute / Charismatic}]


  • [{Companion Passive / Az Warrior}]
  • [{Companion / Blood Snake Queen}] (Can shapeshift into)
  • [{Sharpsword / Bladeseeker}]


  • [{Companion Ability / Blood Sting}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Red Ichor Blast}]
  • [{Sharpsword / Bravado}]
  • [{Sharpsword / Divinity Slash}]
  • [{Sharpsword / En Garde}]
  • [{Sharpsword / Riposte}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Colorful Dress}]
  • [{Sharpsword / One's Sheath}]
  • [{Treasure / Clockadile Oil}]
  • [{Treasure / Grappling Hook}]
  • [{Weapon / Cutlass}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Bei Mei Xhir't comes from a long line of butchers however, she is the only one to have a "bad reaction" to it. Being raised at a young age in the life of a butcher, she began to exhibit an obsession with the profession even as a child. Her obsession grew more intense whenever blood was involved, even to the point of bathing in it. From this, she grew to be attached to anything relating to butchering or blood.

At some point down the line, she became an assassin for Lyn Azveltara and gained an Az Warrior tattoo.

As Bei Mei X'hirt was exploring a cave along a mountainside, she came across a den of Blood Snakes. Seeing this as an opportunity to test her skills in butchery, she killed up to 76 Blood Snakes. After slaying them, she stumbled upon the Blood Snake Queen of the cave. Finishing the job, Bei sliced open the Queen from bottom to top, causing the blood to cover the butcher Elf. This caused a power to well up inside of her as she naturally gained an Az Warrior tattoo.

Azveltara Z[edit]

The Assassins are patiently waiting for their leader, Lyn Azveltara, to conclude her meeting with the First of All Elves, Rohbear Leomaris. The private meeting is concluded when they see Leomaris violently slam the door and slowly leaves the home of Azveltara. As Leomaris leaves, Bei temporarily lusts after the handsome Elf by herself. Lyn then exits the room and informs her assassins that she has a mission of utmost importance and tells Bei that she will have to go all out on this mission. After some awkward "bonding" between Kohai Chan and Aryu Maeda, Lyn tells them to stop. Lyn then wishes to recount the tales of how the Assassins gained their Az Warrior tattoos and begins with asking Bei. But after hearing her story, Lyn is taken aback that Bei acquired the tattoo in such a dangerous manner. Lyn then has to go about explaining her telepathic abilities through their bonds to Kohai Chan once more, up until Lyn punches the pig assassin in the gut, causing him to fly into another room. The Lyn, in front of the remaining assassins, turns into a fellow member, revealing his true form as Caynon Nailo. Nailo then belittles the master assassins for falling for his trick and then begins telling the tales of him wining Fighting Power 4 to anyone who will listen.

The real Lyn and Kohai return to belittle the assassins further for their inability to tell when it is Lyn and not an imposter. She then tells the group that it is time to refresh their bonds, and begins to have sex with Kohai Chan in the other room.

After refreshing the bonds, Kohai returns to the assassins and is questioned by a servant of how he enjoyed it. Kohai explains that he enjoyed it very much in the form a rant. The rant devolves into talking about him killing several ninjas. Shyte and Aryu quickly step in to say that he was not the one to kill them, but Shyte was then called in to refresh the bonds with Lyn. The servant then goes to explain the magic behind the bond, and that it goes beyond that of simple pleasure. After a discussion of Aryu and Kohai brushing each others teeth, the servant calls in Bei to refresh the bonds with Lyn.

Bei then returns to the group, and the servant informs Kohai Chan that Lyn believes he needs to refresh his bonds once more, leading to Aryu to get impatient. Nailo then rejoins the Master Assassins to again try to recount the tale of winning Fighting Power 4, much to Kuroyami and Aryu's dismay. Bei's condition causes her to try to hump the servant. This prompts Lyn to come bursting out and begin slapping Bei for disloyalty. She then punches her in the jugular, following it up with a palm strike to her forehead, knocking Bei unconscious on the nearby pillow.

Bei wakes up while Aryu and Kohai recount the tale of Aryu gaining her tattoo. Lyn tells the group about their dangerous mission to go to a Great Hall and enact part of the Great Purge. She gets enamoured by Kohai's lack of knowledge of the subject and goes and refreshes the bond with Kohai. Nailo attempts to rejoin the group. However, Kuroyami holds Nailo away using Harsh Winds. The servant then returns and informs Aryu that it is finally his turn to refresh the bonds with Lyn, but a mix up happens, and Lyn returns to the group to ask Kuroyami to gather the assassins. This is when they notice that Aryu and Kohai are not around. Lyn uses her magic to see where they are and discovers that Aryu and Kohai, mistaking each other for Lyn, are refreshing their own bonds. Lyn bursts into the bedroom and begins slapping and berating the two of them.

Watching the scene, the remaining two assassins and Shyte are then interrupted by the now freed Nailo, who, again, wants to talk about the time he defeated Roller the Destroyer in Fighting Power 4. Eventually, the group reconvenes and Aryu and Lyn have their bonding moment before heading out to the Great Hall.

The four assassins and Shyte quietly sneak into the Great Hall and begin killing every single Beenu in the facility. That is until they come across a single Beenu near the facilities' liquid Dragon Silver. The Beenu eventually reveals herself to be Lyn in disguise. Lyn then poisons the Dragon Silver to cause the Beenu to be unable to reproduce. The assassins then continue to slaughter the Beenu scientist and children in a brutal fashion. Bei spends most of her time standing on a table and picking the feathers of a single Beenu — 77 feathers to be exact. With their mission complete, the assassins go separate ways for some time.

Sometime later, the Assassins regroup at Lyn Azveltara's home and join her for bathing in her personal bath. Lyn begins to praise the group for their capabilities during the mission. While the assassins talk with one another, Bobby Bob Bobbertson joins the Azveltarans. Lyn jokingly invites the small Keen to the upcoming Fighting Power 8 Tournament. After exchanging conversations, eventually, Xavius arrives looking for Lyn. The Barringster claims to be Lyn's personal date but gets laughed off by Kuroyami. Xavius warns Kuroyami that he will bring down the assassin in Fighting Power 8, and then leaves. The assassins then part ways again, and meet up for the Fighting Power 8 Tournament.

Fighting Power 8[edit]

Lyn Azveltara Gaiden[edit]

Bei Mei Xhir't was seen in one of Lyn Azveltara's visions in this campaign.

The Last Beenu[edit]

At the beginning of this campaign, Bei secretly takes her daughter, Norokoh, without Lyn's permission, on her first assassination mission with Bei's personal assassins. The assassinations are successful, but Lyn finds out, and gets in an argument with her about Ghostblade, which results in them breaking up, Bei stabbing Lyn, and the assassins going into hiding. They go to hide from Lyn at Deadbold Alley in the city of Drastalla, where her assassins look around at Jazeer and Cooper's stalls. Afterwards, they go to a bar, where Bei gets drunk and is interested in Ghostblade's blade.


After drinking too much EXP, Bei asks to see Ghostblade's dagger. Upon touching Junkyosha, her flesh melts off of her bones due to the Old Gods' Curse, killing her, leading her assassins to think she was poisoned and start attacking people in the bar.


  • The name Bei Mei Xhir't is a play off of the phrase "Buy My Shirt."
    • This name was created, as Bei won the Fighting Power 8 tournament, and so a T-Shirt was created and sold on the URealms store with her name on the back.