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Believers, also referred to as book people, are Arcane beings who possess books and transform into a character from those books. In game, they are treated as an Attribute.


The Believers are a race of Arcane beings that set out in search of books so they can possess them and become a character within this book. No one knows where they come from or how they choose what book they possess. Believers are also unable to question their own existence, always assuming that they are indeed real, though they are able to lie about it. When they possess a book and become a character within that book, they will try to replicate the character's life as closely as possible. Upon death, they blow up into a puff of smoke and all that remains is the book that they possessed. They are then able to go on and possess another book.

Attribute Card[edit]

Confirmed Believers[edit]


  • Believers were in the original Unforgotten Realms cartoon, originally being Dragons who could take the shape of anything they could think of, and became almost extinct when one by one they wondered "what it would be like to simply believe in nothing".
  • According to The Second Sin event for Den of Devils, Believers are unable to commit Sins of the Unforgotten.
    • Note: The Character Roamin made during Character Creation this week is unable to Sin due to him being a Believer. Because of this, I'll allow the Sin to be also potentially applied to Karl Landers, Michael Langstrom, and Slippery Knuckles Malone (Roamin's characters from previous shows).
  • Believers are not affected by time-altering skills. This is shown in the Tambok, and final encounter of Den of Devils.