Birth of Magic

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The Birth of Magic is an event that took place some time after The Great Hatching and is the cause of several key elements in the Realms.


Little is known about what caused the Birth of Magic, but it is known happened in Than'drellfal during the events of The Senate of Deadlantis. Some time after the Ascension party of Louis Tarcial'Embeart, the Old Gods intervened in the world and killed the Sun Dragon God, Phanto. The former sun crystallized and died, becoming what will soon be known as the Moon. The following fourteen hours in Than'drellfal was met with chaos, as the Elves living there lost their immortality and truly began to feel the world they live in, including pain. We also learn that 80% of Elves died during the Birth of Magic, as they could now feel pain. Many accidentally killed themselves, or died to people losing their minds.


After the Birth of Magic, several changes happened in the Realms that would change the life of those who lived before those times drastically.

Dragon Aspects[edit]

The six Dragon Aspects, the children of the Sun Dragon Gods Kallisto and Phanto, had a unique reaction to the Birth of Magic. The six Dragon Aspects became attuned the six magical elements, one for each. Vlaurunga became the Dragon Aspect of Fire [1]. Rokesh became the Dragon Aspect of Earth [2]. Quintara Lotus became the Dragon Aspect of Arcane [3]. Ouro'ras became the Dragon Aspect of Light [4]. Golestandt became the Dragon Aspect of Dark [5]. Yvander became the Dragon Aspect of Ice [6].


The Elves, who were the creations of Phanto, were now no longer protected by the former Sun God's magic and were able to die by any means including old age and murder. Now forced to deal with their inevitable death, the six Elven Families establish a large presence over the land and allied with several of the new races and farm the Dragon Silver scales from the Dragon Aspect Golestandt to prolong their life.


The Beenu were a race that seemed to exist with the Elves and High Bears before the Birth of Magic as an intelligent race. Not much is known about what happened to the Beenu after the Birth of Magic, but it is known that they died out to unknown causes as mentioned in The Zarlin Catacombs and Unexpected Discovery. A supposed ghostly Beenu said that they began to slowly die out due to lacking a way to reproduce, but this was rectified by Rob in The Senate of Deadlantis, saying they could reproduce.


Kobolds were a race that existed before The Great Hatching, thus predating Elves and Highbears, and even the Divines, were a primitive race that acted more inline with wild animals. After an unknown point in after the Birth of Magic, Kobolds had a split evolution where they gained a sentience like that of Dwarves and Elves, while the Groundbolds continued being primitive. It should be noted that Professor Spydly Spyderson of the Okagnoma Guild Hall said that Thor created the new, intelligent Kobolds.

Other Races[edit]

After the Birth of Magic, it was said by Professor Spydly that several Divine Beings, the children of the Dragon Aspects, began creating races. He noted that one Divine, Thor, created many of the sentient races seen today, such as the Dwarves, Porcs, Forn and Shellmind. It is currently unknown what other races the other Divine Beings may have created nor how Thor created the ones stated if it is true.