Black Boar

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Black Boar

Jormr GPO Puppet.png
Race Black Boars
Affiliations Porcs
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

Black Boar Porcs, or more commonly known as Black Boars, are a race of Porcs that are extremely large with durable dark skin. Black Boars, like other Porcs, were created by the Divine Being Thor, as told by Professor Spydly Spyderson in Okagnoma Guild Hall. Black Boars were first seen in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.


The Black Boars that have been seen are known to be of a very large size, towering above most Porcs, which were already a considerably tall Race. They tend to have extremely dark and sometimes black skin, a clear contrast to the normally pink skin that Porcs tend to portray. This pigment of their skin is assumable where they go the their name of Black Boars, with Boars being another word for pig. As for the size of the Black Boar, they vary like any other race, but it was seen that one notable Black Boar, Cain, was taller than the unintelligent head of the Ogre Krungor, where as Octivias has been seen to be very similar in size on the other Porcs on the Bocoe.

Like their Porc kin, Black Boars lack reproductive genitalia, as seen by Jormr being unable to have a son like the other lumberjacks in Waldon. It is presumable that Black Boars have the purple blood and the ability to regurgitate the bile that creates the Porc Pits, but it is currently unknown.

Notable Black Boars[edit]

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  • Black Boars were originally a Subrace in Season One and Season Two of URealms, but became their own race in Season Three.
  • Octivias, a Black Boar, was the character to be featured on the Sea Chef's cards for Season 3.