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First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

The Bocoe is a Pirate Ship under the command of the Accidental Captain, Rick Snot.


The Bocoe sails in The Drink. The ship has two floors, the top one has a crow's nest, the lower floor houses six cannons which can be used in combat and beds for the crew and the captains quarters. Currently, the ship is in serious disrepair, and as such, only has two functioning cannons.


Before Merci was captain of the Bocoe, there was an unnamed porc captain. Merci killed and skinned this captain for porc skin armor. He then stole his boat.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles[edit]

During this campaign, the Bocoe receives a hefty beating for a Behemoth summoned by Jakelad. Losing part of it's left side and rendering one of it's cannons useless.

The New Crew[edit]

At the start of this campaign Captain Merci tells the goblins Marco and Polo that he has insurance payed up on the ship. However he later says that with the ship in the state it's in this would most likely be their final voyage. During the final encounter against Virgo Sunsword, the ship once again takes heavy damage. Spells burned the wheel and poop deck, and Cain himself broke part of the railing off of the port bow. At the end of the battle Virgo was ready to give the call to sink the ship. However once he saw it's state he determined it would be a waste of money, and simply left it in the water to sink on its own.


  • The name Bocoe was given by Coestar and is a play on the French word "beaucoup".
  • Kinney Boots quit the Bocoe crew after it hired Goblins and Elves, as she finds both races repulsive. Ol' Jo Krysstal also was going to leave, due to Cain and the other Porcs intolerance of Kobolds, but decided to stay for unspecified reasons.