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Porc Puppet.png
Race Porc
Affiliations Black Boars, Porcs, The strongest Porc around
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Porc is a playable Race in URealms Live. They are large, mutate porcine humanoids, created by a pig being tossed into a pool of purple liquid that they excrete.



Porcs were one of the many races created by the Divine Thor. Porcs resemble large, humanoid pigs, with characteristic snouts, cloved feet and small tails. Porcs lack certain biological features found in most other sentient species, specifically tear ducts and genitalia.

Porcs do not procreate in the same way as most other creatures do, and lack any conventional biological lineage. Instead, Porcs procreate by vomiting a vile purple fluid or "Porcy Ooze Water" from their stomachs into a pit and throwing or submerging a pig in the liquid, which immediately forms a Porc. Porcs can excrete this purple liquid from various orifices of their body, excluding their nipples, which, unlike standard pigs, have a pair on the front and on their back. Their nipples can lactate a "milk" that is used in meals such as Fish Yogurt.

Porcs experience infancy or childhood, but physically resemble adults upon being converted from pig to porc. Due to this, Porcs are generally portrayed as naive or gullible. Upon birth, Porc often name themselves, with the names "Bill, "Steve" and "Harry" being some of the most common names they choose. Due to their lack of genitalia, Porcs are sexless creatures, but have been known to choose to have a gender for themselves. However, the majority of Porcs appear to use male pronouns when referred to.

Most Porcs seem to have larger statures, with many of them appearing overweight or obese. Height-wise, a Porc's height is generally comparable that Tall Dwarf or an Elf. Porcs also appear to be naturally physically gifted, with many being able to physically dominate most other races. There are exceptions to this rule, however, as the Porcs found in Porbo's Cave in Porc Hunters were notably weak and easy to kill, possibly due to the abuse they faced when they were under Porbo's rule.

Porc Culture[edit]

Most Porcs are very simple creatures, preferring to live in caves with their brethren under a strong leader. They only differentiate people by their strength, not by the person's race, gender, etc. This allows them to follow under any strong leader, without question. The Porcs also attempt to emulate other races to be accepted easier. They do this by emanating purple ooze from their eye sockets to emulate tears, or by making up their own relatives from fictitious sources. This emulation may be why some Porcs regard Kobolds as lesser creatures, as some other races do.

They are very loyal to their leader and will do anything in their power to please them. This is exemplified by Porcs that were under the command of Porbo, who lived in fear of their leader, to the point were they were not given names and simply existed to be beaten and eaten by Porbo. While loyal to Porbo, they happily went under the command of the Elven Captain Ca-Rell once she deposed of Porbo.

Porc Leaders are regarded as extremely strong and capable decision makers, leaving any Porc under their command to eagerly await their orders. Porbo and Captain Merci are notable examples of this, leading their men in battle effectively. These leaders are also known to sleep for extended periods of time. Porbo slept in his own Porc pool, while Capt. Merci slept for thirteen days at sea.

The diet of a Porc consists of eating their regurgitated bile. This causes them to prefer foods that are already similar in texture to their bile, such as Fish Yogurt or Fish Soup, which allows them to digest it without puking.

Porcs seem to have a strong musical culture, as they all seem to know the "Fuck the Kobolds" song by heart, and many aspire to be bards.

Porcs deal really well with existential crisis, compared to all other races.

Porc People[edit]

Black Boar[edit]

Black Boar Porcs, unlike most other Porcs have dark skin, and are much larger. They also have clawed hooves that allow them to grip better, so they don't get knocked around as much, especially due to their size.


Porcs are pig-like creatures who are not very intelligent and only follow the strongest warrior around them.


Acidic Saliva[edit]

A Porc by the name of Burrito has been shown to have the ability to barf up his purple liquid in the form of acid to finish off enemies.

Notable Porcs[edit]

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  • The name Porc is a portmanteau of Orcs, a common race in other fantasy settings, and Pigs. It is a play on the word "pork", a term for pig meat.
  • Porcs are known to sing a lot.
  • Porcs are one of the most prominent races in the Cult of Bones.
  • A Porc's purple puke poisons any other race or animal aside from Porcs and pigs. This only appears to happen when vast quantities of it are involved, as one might find in a Porc breeding pit.
    • Porcs' puke tastes like tartar sauce.
  • Porcs are one of the races created by Thor. They were created when Thor vomited on wild Pigs which transformed them into Porcs.