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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!

Bopen the Skeleton King
AffiliationBopen's Skeleton Crew
  • The Skeleton King
  • Lord Bopen
  • Great Lord of Bones
  • King of all Ageless
  • Grandpa
  • The Fall of Dundinborough
  • The Skeleton King
  • The Senate of Deadlantis
  • The Purge
  • The Yes King
  • SeasonsSeason Two Season Three Season Four

    "Be that all The Light has to offer, paladin? Hope? Maybe next time hope for a Pyroblast don't you think? But speaking of hope, I never did get to introduce myself."
    — Bopen

    Bopen the Skeleton King is a powerful Ageless Pirate played by Rob in many campaigns. Bopen is a legendary Ageless Pirate who sails the seas, plundering the unfortunate ships that he sets his eyes on. While his Ageless crew, and other Ageless, are instructed to gather as many captives as possible in order to convert their inhabitants into Ageless, the Pirate Skeleton King's single goal is to gather as much magical treasure and loot as he can.

    (N.B. it has not been confirmed that Bopen is Ageless, so any time Bopen is refered to as Ageless, it should be interpreted as we presume him to be Ageless, but not as a fact.)



    Bopen is a tall skeletal figure that adorns a crown that has various spikes and jewels on it. He wears a sleeveless metal chest plate, with metallic pauldrons on both shoulders. Bopen also brandishes a golden cutlass, that was originally owned by Prince Phineas Dundinborough. Upon his final battle with Virgo Sunsword, Bopen's skull was crushed, he soon replaced it with the charred skull of Virgo himself. Bopen is sometimes seen with red pupils in the socket of his skulls. In The Purge, Bopen's skull was crushed again, but it was replaced with the skull of Percy Bast.


    Being an immortal pirate, Bopen is cruel, deeply mysterious and prone to maniacal laughter. Merciless to his enemies, but generally peaceable to his crew and other Ageless, the Skeleton King is shown to be an effective and powerful leader who shows great confidence in his abilities and the abilities of his crew. Living up to the myths surrounding him, Bopen is dedicated to pillaging and killing for gold.

    Bopen shows a lack of knowledge of current times not knowing what a gnome is, referring to Are'ani as little Elf showing that he is unaware of gnomes and their existence prior to meeting Are'ani.

    His policy for leadership takes a "Survival of the Fittest" stance, being generally indifferent to any deaths in his crew. This is especially true when it comes to recruiting members into his Ageless crew. Although Bopen frequently gives orders to his crew, he has been shown to praise quality work, sometimes by giving crew members legendary treasures.

    Despite Bopen’s constant hunt for gold, he has no problem with giving leadership to those who he deems useful giving Are'ani

    Although rarely surprised, Bopen can be sent into somewhat of a panic when something or someone he deems valuable is in jeopardy.


    His Crew[edit]

    Bopen treats his crew well, even giving them items of immense power. However, he will not hesitate to kill anyone who expresses wanting to betray him. He also seems to kill anyone who are no longer of use to him.

    Bopen's Story[edit]

    Queen Dundinborough tells Prince Phineas Dundinborough his favorite story in The Fall of Dundinborough - the story of Bopen the Skeleton King:

    There once was a pirate,
    named B O P E N.
    He was Ageless from the beginning,
    and was Ageless till the end.

    He was captain of a ship
    who sailed and who stole,
    any and all treasure
    because that was his goal.

    To take all for himself,
    and leave none for the rest.
    Your life or your Magic,
    that was his quest.

    He would venture out alone,
    with nothing but a Black Ring.
    The crew waited for his return,
    and while waiting would sing.

    "Hopen for the Bopen
    We pirates will sing.
    Surrender your treasure,
    or Death we will bring.

    Hopen for the Bopen
    And plunder the shrine.
    Your gold is now gone,
    your Life is now mine"

    Bopen's power was hidden,
    in a Ring of all things.
    Forged by the gods,
    this Ring made him King.

    For no one could slay him,
    and soon everyone would fall.
    Bopen took all he could find,
    no treasure was too small.

    Soon he had stolen everything,
    and taken all the lives.
    With none left to plunder,
    his crew would soon die.

    And then Bopen was alone,
    with no one left to betray.
    For Ageless is a curse,
    that locks your spirit away.

    Those who fear death
    will always be afraid.
    Because all things must live,
    and all things must fade.


    The origin of the self-proclaimed Ageless God is still much of a mystery. It was said that he was not seen till many years after the Birth of Magic already claiming to divinity. It is currently unknown if he is a Divine Aspect or simply extremely powerful.

    The Fall of Dundinborough[edit]

    Although alluded to throughout the campaign as a song sung to the young Prince Phineas Dundinborough, Bopen does not actually make an appearance until the very end of the campaign, during a overwhelming Ageless raid on the Dwarven kingdom. Bopen, having possessed the golden sword owned by the young Prince of Dundinborough, takes control of the young royal and has the boy kill his parents and himself while the family was hidden away in the royal panic room. His malevolent spirit then takes the bones of the royal family of Dundinborough to form a skeletal body of his own. Bopen then attacks a group of royal guards who had witnessed his slaughter, killing the guard Jeanie Jaredson in one fell swoop. His slaughter of the royal guard was quickly halted by the sudden intervention of Lance Willakers. Despite this, Bopen decimates Dundinborough absolutely, destroying the last dwarven stronghold in a single night.

    The Skeleton King[edit]

    Now reclaimed his Ageless Crew, Bopen begins his reign of terror over the seas again with taking an Elven vessel, which harbored the future member of the crew, Are'ani, a latent Dreamweaver.

    It is revealed that the Golden Beast hidden in royal safe of Dundinborough Castle was beholden to Bopen, having apparently made an agreement with the Skeleton King to feed the beast gold for some unknown reason.

    Additionally, Bopen alludes to the fact that he retains vague memories of the deceased Prince Dundinborough, due to possessing the former prince's skull as his own.

    Later on, after hearing of Are'ani's visions of the Gwyneth and Virgo Sunsword, Bopen takes it as an omen to go and face the elder elf at sea. After catching up to Virgo's ship (which has recently captured a vessel of Porc Pirates), Bopen launches a full on assault on the Elven vessel. Although the Sunsword army hold its own against Bopen's Ageless Pirates, the battle slowly begins to lean in favor toward the pirates. Bopen faces Virgo in one-on-one combat, caught in stalemate with the powerful Elf Paladin. The tide of battle shifts when Virgo uses a magical attack that destroys Bopen's skull, appearing to kill the Skeleton King. To Virgo's horror, Bopen's headless skeletal body rises into the air. In one fell swoop, Bopen decapitates Virgo and burns the flesh off the skull, charring it black. Bopen takes Virgo's skull and cackles in victory.

    The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

    Now in command of Virgo's personal war ship, Bopen holds the Crew of the Bocoe and the Sunsword Crew hostage, and assesses their worth as members of his Ageless crew. Bopen kills McCoy, Octivias, and Samson Briggs, and converts Ladyir, Cain, Merci and Bob. However, Phineas Barringster climbs up on the ship and immediately attacks Bopen, causing his bones to scatter across the deck of the ship. After reforming, Bopen becomes intrigued by the child's strength and takes him below deck to interrogate him.

    Some time later, Bopen holds Phineas Barringster hostage, but when Phineas awakens, he believes Bopen is his Grandpa. It is revealed that Phineas only sees people as Bones due to his Darkvision powers. Learning of this Spell, along with Phineas continually mistaking Bopen for Virgo, infuriates Bopen. However, when Bopen finally explains to Phineas what really happened, Phineas is impressed and wants to train with him to get just as strong. Bopen is stunned by Phineas's insanity, and decides to take him to the underwater Ageless capital city, Deadlantis.

    Bopen interrupts the Senate's counsel; using his newfound knowledge of Phineas's Darkvision abilities, he proves to the senators that he is an Ageless God and convinces them to go to war against the Living.

    The Yes King[edit]


    Bopen was last seen flying away and abandoning his crew when the Grand Paladin's fleet ambushes them, due to his unwillingness to fight Gwyneth Sunsword until he gains more gold.


    • Bopen was named after a Doom Clock event in the Minecraft Mini game Rob created, Dwarves vs Zombies.
      • Aside from that, Bopen was speculated by many to be derived from one of Rob's Pokemon Aces, Bipen, who was named after the lucky user in one of Rob's Streams, Bipen1.
      • He did appear previously in the Nuren Campaign, but was only an NPC, and seeing as the Campaign was non canon, was written off.
    • Bopen may be a Divine Being, as Krungor believes he is.
    • Bopen is the only known Ageless to have survived having his skull completely shattered at least once.
    • Bopen has two songs associated with him, they are "Bopen's Ballad" and "The Skeleton King's March". He also has a third song from the Dwarves vs. Zombies minigame known as "Hopen for Bopen".
    • During character creation Rob said Bopen was not opposed to have non ageless on the crew, as it can sometimes be advantageous to have one. Outside of Ghostblade who was paid for, this isn't shown in his full time crew.
    • Bopen has been seen to levitate across the sea floor in a purple mist.
    • Bopen is the leader of the Reaper Party in Deadlantis.
    • Bopen seems to be frustrated with his crew and only rants when he freezes time so no one finds out. Aff hears this due to his immunity to time magic.