Bopen's Skeleton Crew

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Bopen's Skeleton Crew

Bopen Purge Donation.png
Members Many
Leader Bopen
Status Active
First Appearance The Skeleton King

This name is not the canon name for Bopen's Army, but this is what we will refer to his army of Ageless as, until we learn of an official name.

Bopen's Skeleton Crew is a group of Ageless and non-Ageless who follow their leader, Bopen on their adventurers. Currently, they are waging war on the Living.


In Fall of Dundinborough, Queen Karolime read Phineas Dundinborough the tales of Bopen and his Ageless Crew. However, after the attack on Dundinborough by the Ageless, Bopen was formed by the skeletons of the Royal Family of Dundinborough. Bopen then turned the ruins of Dundinborough into a base of his own, and began sailing the seas, plundering what he could find. As he waged war on the living, he garned more support from Ageless, newly converted Ageless like Are'ani, Merci, and Cain, and from the people of Deadlantis.


Crew Members
Bopen Icon.png Are'ani Icon.png Clott Icon.png Tobias Cragg Icon.png Luca Icon.png
Bopen Are'ani Clott Tobias Cragg Luca
Krungor Icon.png Phineas Barringster Icon.png Fat Frank Charles Bob Icon.png
Krungor Phineas
Barringster ?
Fat Frank Charles Bob
Ghostblade Icon.png Jamboree Ladyir Icon.png Merci Icon.png Cain Icon.png
Ghostblade Jamboree Young Ladyir Merci Cain
Morton Icon.png Nylys Glisk Icon.png Jormr Icon.png Magnir Ringam
Morton Nylys Glisk Jormr Magnir Ringam
Charlesworth Sagequake Cythiel Aff Astar
Charlesworth Sagequake Cythiel Aff Astar
Tamtroll Billy Arcanite Joku Woolfy
Tamtroll Billy Arcanite Joku Woolfy



  • The Cult of Bones has no known connection to Bopen's Skeleton Crew and seems to be a separate group of zealous Ageless.