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Borracho MB Puppet.png
AffiliationThe Murder Bros
ActorCoestar, Rob
Campaigns Murder Bros

Borracho is a Triton Ground Kobold Bandito played by Coestar in Murder Bros, and by Rob as an NPC in Buckeroos. He is a long-time member of the Murder Bros, even serving under Chimera before his capture, and loyally serving Empusa during her time as leader. Borracho was arrested by Galen Sunsword and The Law.



Borracho is a male Kobold wearing a large poncho and scarf with a belt running across his chest. He wears a very large sombrero with tassels hooked on in front and behind of him. He often wears the hat over his eyes when he isn't in a conversation, but when he lifts the hat, he reveals that he wears sunglasses.


Borracho is a very loyal member of the Murder Bros, even willing to kill a young Gnome girl for the boss without hesitation. He is often the most laid back member of the group, not being worked up unless the group works against their murderous nature. He is often seen sleeping or drinking when not on jobs, and sometimes even when he is on a job. Most times.


Borracho is a very friendly Kobold to his compatriots, often referring to Conner and Johnny Feo as his "bros" or "hermanos," and is very kind to them. He will, however, berate them if they appear to be going against the Murder Bros' life style of murder, questioning their ways. He is also very open to non-Kobolds in the gang as he quickly accepted Dead Eye into the group without much opposition, however he would often refer to him as "pendejo," leading to some confusion on Dead Eye's part.

Borracho also has access to a Kobold Cartel that he has often called upon, however it is unknown how close he is to his Cartel, but he has mentioned in passing that they are all referred to as "Taco."

Borracho is apparently the very Kobold who killed the wife of Sly Johnson in a piano-related accident. Sly and Borracho are shown to be openly hostile towards one-another in their brief interactions: Borracho openly makes light of the accident to rile up Sly, showing very little remorse for the incident. Meanwhile Sly has gone on to personally blame Kobolds as a species for the death of his spouse.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • [{Class / Bandito}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Outlaw}]
  • [{Attribute / Lucky}]


  • [{Bandito / Sombrero of Holding}]
  • [{Passive / Heartwall Locket}]


  • [{Bandito / Fiesta}]
  • [{Bandito / Siesta}]
  • [{Bandito / The Cartel}]
  • [{Legendary / Wormhole}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Six Shooter}]
  • [{Weapon / Blunt Saxophone}]
  • [{Weapon / Memory Manipulator}]
  • [{Bandito / Grand Poncho}]
  • Holding Bottle Ale Shield

Former Belongings[edit]



Borracho was a young orphan who grew up going from job to job as a bandit, stealing and drinking his way through life. During this time, Borracho saw the birth of the Porc Bubs, an accidental Porc who joined Borracho in his thieving deeds and eventually joined the Murder Bros. He became a lifelong member of the Murder Bros during Chimera's time as leader and during Empusa's.

Murder Bros[edit]

Borracho joins his compatriots in discussing a plan with Orvan Weiss in a tavern of the town of Silverflats. Weiss and Empusa discuss a shipment of Silver Scales arriving by train and Empusa tasks the gang to gain information about the train schedule. However after heavily drinking E.X.X.X.P. Ale, the group barely arrives at the information and stumbles out of the bar.

They make their way to intersect the pathway of an arriving carriage which is said to have the schedule, but is gaurded by the Sunswords. Weiss is then disguised to distract the Sunswords long enough for the rest of the members to jump them from behind. However, as they inact their plan, they suffer from the hallucinogenic properties of E.X.X.X.P. Ale, and believe they are fighting a large tentacle monster that formed from the carriage. Having believed to have "defeated" the Carriage, they snap out of their hallucination and investigate the carriage with Empusa. They find a young Gnome girl who happens to be from the wealthy family of the Maries, Jessabelle Marie. Upon arguing with Conner about whether or not to kill the young gnome girl, they decide to drag her back to the town, where they find that the town is very aware that they are the infamous Murder Bros.

Borracho, Bubs, and Tubs are tasked with distracting the bulk of the townsfolk, while Empusa, Johnny Fayo and Weiss take out the remaining towns folk in the bar. Borracho calls his cartel forces and overwhelm the townsfolk, leaving a stand off against the large forces of the Murder Bros and the remaining forces of Sheriff Hardrock. However, Johnny eliminated nearly 75% of the Sheriff's remain forces, causing them to retreat into the Train Station before being surrounded and eventually gunned down by the Murder Bros.

The gang then ride off on their Groundbolds attempting to catch the train with the shipment of Silver Scales, however they suffer from one last hallucination from the E.X.X.X.P. Ale. They now believe that the Train is a living entity attempting to kill them. They unload as much magic and physically power they can to "defeat the Train," which results in the hallucination wearing off and the real train to derail from the damage. The gang then take out the remaining members of the Sunswords while freeing Chimera the Kobold. The bandits have taken the train.


Borracho was found with the rest of the Murder Bros hiding in the last room of the Silverflats Mines. Borracho joined his fellow gang members in fighting against the Law, only to end up captured with them.


Borracho was captured by Galen Sunsword after his fight with The Law.


  • Borracho is the Spanish word for Drunk.
  • Borracho was the original character to be featured on the Bandito's class cards in Season 3.