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RaceKobold, Formerly Gnome
AffiliationGrand Paladin Order
  • Unknown Child
  • Squire: Raynel
AliasNo-Eye Bromas, Alpha Wolf
ActorCoestar, Rob
Campaigns The Zarlin Catacombs
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

Bromas, better known as No-Eye Bromas is a Okagnoma Paladin played by Coestar in The Zarlin Catacombs and by Rob in Unexpected Discovery. Among the group, he is referred to as Alpha Wolf.



While as a Gnome, Bromas is an elderly male with a short, white beard, blue eyes and a large scar covering his right eye. He also has notably large cheeks. He wears a blue plate helmet with gold accents, silver plate armor with gold shoulder pads, greaves and lower calf bracings. Under that, Bromas wears a short sleeve, blue shirt, blue pants and black boots. Bromas also has a brown belt that has a sack for his Crystal Catalyst, a clip for his Fist in a Box and holds his Headhunter Axe.

As a Kobold, Bromas has light grey, short rock-like fur, blue eyes and two fangs. He wears a blue eye patch over his scarred right eye, a blue scarf, and a brown belt that holds his Fist in a Box. The only visible armor he wears now is the gold greaves and lower calf bracings.


Bromas is very much a leader in his Gnome form, since first entering the catacombs he sets up what sites and attractions the tour will consist of and sets down rules of do's and don't's. Very strict about keeping both himself and the group safe, he is one of the first to charge into the initial battle against the Robots of the campaign and does quite well in regards to how he hits, thought not doing much damage. He is also revealed to have a bit of a strategic side on him as is expected of someone that has supposedly seen much battle as he is credited to, and he shows this during his diplomacy with Franky Rosebud despite being nailed with an apple. He is very much an alpha and explains quite a bit to the name that Raynel, his squire, calls him, 'Alpha Wolf'.

Bromas' Kobold form appears a lot more passive, the battle with the 3 big Robots causing his transformation to have somewhat humbled him to be a bit more passive and actually allowing Fantastico Fabioso to take charge after a minor encounter where the cursed Muddy Billhook Bromas found beings influencing him, nor when Fantastico swiftly puts down his small army. Bromas does not even argue or fight with Sergio Fabioso when he takes the purification stone that would have changed him back to his former self and instead stands in silence. Bromas' Kobold form has Bromas very much losing his position as an alpha which is quite ironic seeing as how his Kobold form (similar in appearance to a wolf) makes him even truer to his nickname 'Alpha Wolf'.



Among the Paladin Order, Raynel's closest relationship was with Bromas, her commanding officer. She was once squired to him and had a large crush on him, but it quickly vanished once he transformed into a Kobold. They reunited on a mission later in a very awkward way, causing some reluctance on her side as Bromas developed feelings for her as well.

Upon reuniting in-front of the ruins of Zelfatar, their relationship still remains quite stilted, with Raynel still showing no interested in the gnome-turned-kobold. Her opinion of Bromas only worsened as Bromas messes up throughout the mission.

Raynel was very distraught over Bromas' death, as she joined the Guild of Explorers to avenge him.

Sergio Fabioso[edit]

Sergio and Bromas, for most of the adventure, had a neutral relationship. It was stated beforehand that they knew each other, and the Bromas was the reason why Sergio was joining him in the exploration of the Zarlin Catacombs despite not being a Paladin. Bromas was very uncomfortable with his and Fantastico's sex-sessions, often advising Morgana to close her eyes. Bromas seemed especially upset at Sergio when he used the Purification stone on himself solely to get "The Passion" back.

It is assumed that their relationship has become especially strained after Raynel leaves Bromas for Sergio.

Morgana Marie[edit]

As his client, Bromas was fairly protective of Morgana, and would seek to shield her eyes whenever Sergio and Fantastico would engage in their regular sex-sessions. Their relationship was purely professional, but Bromas appeared to be charmed by the woman.

Bromas was really the only one who even cared that Morgana died even after he found out she had paid up front.

Fantastico Fabioso[edit]

Bromas and Fantastico did not get along, especially after Fantastico took over the role of "Alpha Wolf".

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • Formerly: [{Race / Gnome}]
  • [{Class / Paladin}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Unyielding}]
  • [{Attribute / Gallant}]


  • [{Passive / Masterful Ruby}]
  • Wealth of the Monastery
  • Immune to Kobold Rabies

Former Passives[edit]

  • [{Paladin / Blessing of Strength}]


  • [{Legendary / Greater Lay on Hands}]
  • [{Paladin / Divine Intervention}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Blink EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Honor Chains EX}]

Former Abilities[edit]

  • [{Paladin / Lay on Hands}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Blink}]


  • [{Armor / Plate Armor}]
  • [{Consumable / Crystal Catalyst}]
  • [{Treasure / Fist in a Box}]
  • [{Treasure / Headhunter Axe}]
  • [{Weapon / Muddy Billhook}]
  • [{Weapon / Smokey Nagitana}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • Susurflame
  • Steven the [{Companion / Pot Puppy}]



Not much is known about Bromas prior to the tour of the Zarlin Catacombs, but it is known that he attended a school for Paladins where he learned a physical form of Lay on Hands. After that, Bromas became a very capable Paladin, gaining the affection and admiration of a young squire and gaining the position of Alpha Wolf. He had also lost his eye at an unknown point in time.

Before the tour, Bromas and his compatriots, Raynel, Sergio Fabioso and Fantastico Fabioso were hired to be the bodyguards and tour guides of the wealthy Morgana Marie as she descends into the Zarlin Catacombs.

The Zarlin Catacombs[edit]

Bromas, Raynel, Sergio and Fantastico lead Morgana Marie down beneath the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry to the Zarlin Catacombs, where they traveled through the initial part of the catacombs, avoiding the latent traps laid there by the original inhabitants. There they came across some aggressive Robots, much to the surprise to the Paladin Gnomes, as they attacked the group. During the fight, a large purple-tented Robot used some alteration magic to change a skull that Bromas was holding into a compass. Through a lot of trial and error, the group manages to wear the Robots down enough to cause them burst into a flurry of bolts and oil. After dealing with the hostile Robots, the group searched the area and found a large crack in the room that led to a treasure room. Filling their bags with loot, the group continued onward only for Bromas to be hit in the face with a rotten apple.

At this point in the Catacombs, they met the thrower, a Berserker named Franky Rosebud. After some heated discussion about why Franky threw the rotten apple, originally because Franky thought Bromas was a robot, but this story was changed, the group moved on to trying the apples. After Morgana put a large amount of them into her purse, she preformed a magic trick causing two nearby skeletons come back to life as Soul Puppets, these were the souls of the Beenu. However, these souls having been dead for so long that the Beenu history was mostly unknown to the world, they panicked and caused confusion to Morgana. This lead to her simply dispelling the skeletons, killing them again. During this time, an Elemech was attacking Franky, which has now captured the group's attention. Sergio then attempted to shoot the Elemech, but fatally missed, killing Franky immediately.

This lead to a simple conversation with the Elemech, who, unlike the robots they fought before, was sentient and could speak. However the civil conversation lead to a hostile fight as Sergio and Fantastico attempted to have sexual relations with him. The fight was short-lived as the group quickly figured out his tactics, causing him to surrender. The group stopped their attack, but the Elemech took the opportunity to throw a Gemling, distracting them, and run out of the area. Morgana recovered the little Gemling, whom she named Prism, and carried him in her breasts. The group then discussed their next plan of action, however Fantasico decided to attempt to Infatuate the group, but was only successful in temporarily infatuate Raynel and Morgana, but had Bromas under his spell for a long time. The group then went into the next room, which locked behind them, leaving Raynel trapped outside. And then three large Robots awoke and began attacking.

These three large Robots had the ability to alter the abilities, race and gender of their targets, and managed to alter Bromas from a Gnome into a Kobold and changed Bromas' Lay on Hands into Blink before they where destroyed. With most of the group altered and still trapped in the room, they attempted to exit, but where met with an impassable door. Then a large hole in the ceiling opened up and began pouring copious amounts of water along with Gorgons. It was then that a secret curse that was applied to a Muddy Billhook that Bromas held awoke, causing Bromas to believe himself to be the treasure hungry leader of the Gorgons, and breaking his infatuation spell. However. Fantastico made quick work of this development, activating his Hurricane Bracers, killing all of the Gorgons, breaking Bromas of his curse and sealing the water hole, but not before a special Glamour Shark appeared.

This Glamour Shark, known as Glamourous, appeared significantly small and before the changed group. Glamourous went on to talk to the group about killing his companion, but when the conversation was interrupted by Raynel, who communicated with the group through an ancient walkie-talkie device, Glamourous revealed himself to be a divine being and floated to the top of the room and passed through the wall. After sending Raynel back to the surface to find help, the group exited through another door in the room, only to find the a large canyon between them and the opposite side of the catacombs. They noticed Raynel off in the distance, but after an awkward conversation between Fantastico and Raynel trying to hide Bromas' new form, a large Beenu Warmachine erupted out of the canyon. The fight began abruptly, however it seemed that the group could not win, that is until Morgana threw her rotten apples at the machine, causing its shield functions to cease. Now with an upper hand, the group destroyed the Warmachine and Sergio found a mystical stone that returned himself to normal, leaving Bromas to stay a Kobold. Upset with his new form, Bromas was left worried about his job.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]

Bromas joins a joint part of members of the Grand Paladin Order (consisting of himself, Nikers Fontain, Raynel and the cyborg Sonya) and Guild of Explorers (consisting of Karl Landers and Denzik) as they raid the Beenu ruins of Zelfatar. Although Bromas appears to have been a Kobold for some time and has adjusted somewhat, he's very much longs for his gnomish form. He claims that his interactions with the Elemech machines that transformed him may have also affected his mind or very being, citing claims from others that he used to have a family, of which he has no memory of.

Bromas joins the party as they discuss financial transactions between the two organizations. Bromas immediately shows some awkwardness in joining the party when he encounters his former lover and squire, Raynel, not knowing that she would be part of the group. His relationship with her appears to have not improved since the end of their adventures in The Zarlin Catacombs, as she continues to show no interest in Bromas, despite his attempts to reach out to her. Bromas becomes quick friends with Karl Landers, a fellow Kobold, but falls for the Guild member's claims of living Beenu in the clearly abandoned and crumbling ruins, and continues to do so for much of the campaign.

As the group discussed their plans for the raid, they discover Porc bandits attemoting to raid the ruins for themselves, managing to carry out two large Beenu statues out of the structure. Bromas warns the group to not kill any porcs while in battle, as to not further aggravate the situation. However Karl ignores him and manages to kill three porcs and knock out several more before any manage to land an attack on the party, leaving them stunned. Meanwhile, Bromas fumbles with his Fist in a Box and Axe, even managing to chip one of the priceless Beenu statues . The leader of the Porc bandits, Papi Pombo wakes up from his slumber in the midst of battle and quickly submits to Karl Landers, recognizing his superior abilities in battle, as well as recognizing Landers as a high ranking member of the Guild of Explorers (of which he was once part of). Pombo asks to join the group on their adventure with his sizable Porcine crew in tow, to which Karl accepts. Bromas, as well as the rest of the party become very impressed with Karl as a result of all this.

After regrouping and familiarizing themselves with the Porcs, the group looks over the Beenu statues. Bromas is impressed that there was some truth to Karl's claims of actual Beenu, further falling for the Kobold's ruse. Distraught over the damage done by her former lover, Raynel throws shade at Bromas for his incompetence. Denzik, however, claims to be capable of repairing the precious statue. Bromas asks the group to pass out his basket of apples to the Porcs so they might use them against any Elemechs they might come across. Attempting to demonstrate the effect, Bromas tries to test it on Sonya's sentient Elemech arm, "Larry", only have his hand broken by the terrified malfunctioning robot. At this point, Bromas discovers a new ability of "Greater Lay on Hands" healing his injured hand and the rest of the party.

After assigning Nickers and a single Porc to guard the statues, the group enters the front hall of the ruins. The party comes across what they believe to be ancient Beenu writing. Despite being somewhat fluent in reading ancient Beenu, Bromas allows Raynel to make an attempt at reading the writings, only for her to completely mistranslate the writings, thinking that they claim that Beenu are still alive and well in the ruins. Sonya, who remains dubious about the credibility of Karl's extravagant claims regarding the ruins and Raynel's translation skill, has her sentient Elemech attatchments attempt a translation, revealing the ruins to be a map of the ruins. Suddenly, the group are attacked by Ageless thralls. Bromas, still convinced of Karl's claims of living Beenu, attempts to reason with the mindless thralls (citing his previous experiences with reanimated corpses on Beenu territory), getting attacked as a result. The party quickly rids themselves of the reanimated skeletons and moves further into the dungeon.

Venturing up a set of stairs, the party comes across a dark, narrow gauntlet, apparently filled with spikes. After significant hesitation with the group, everyone makes it through the gauntlet safely. However, Pombo being a Wolverine, accidentally transforms into a wolf while being battered by arrows, causing some brief confusion for the party. On the other side of the gauntlet, the party end up in a hall cut off by a huge pit. While attempting to using a Scroll of Magic stone to traverse the pit, Raynel is sprayed by a small animal, causing the gnome paladin to go blind. Bromas, clearly distraught over Raynel's condition, tries to console her in her panic, and is made further ditraught has she appears to have a seizure, and runs off to make out with the Porcs in the group. Bromas then argues with the group as they try to figure out how to get the newly blind Raynel across the pit, all the while considering the possibility of needing to escort her home instead of continuing on with her. They finally settle on having Raynel ride on the canine Pombo's back, and jumping the gap, while wearing a rope harness in case they fail to make the jump. They make the jump, and they are followed by the rest after Bromas decides to just Pray to the Light and use Lascene to get everyone across.

Regrouping again, the party discovers a room very similar to the one Bromas encountered in the Zarlin Catacombs, having the same Tranverse Robots. Being reminded of the experience that ruined his life, a shaken Bromas warns the group of the effect of the Elemechs. They devise of a plan the used Pombo's army as willing decoys, all the while keeping themselves, most importantly, the blind Raynel from serious harm. Armed to the teeth with fruit, the porcs run into battle and make swift work of the Elemechs, some of them transforming in the process. Bromas is visibly upset when he discovers that the Porcs completely destroyed the Elemechs, further dampening any hope for the old Kobold to return to his former body.

After a brief altercation with a giant bolder trap, wherein Bromas and Denzik are briefly run over, the group come across another bottomless chasm with a rickety bridge extending to the other side. Before anyone can cross it however, a large Elemech Warmachine - similar to the one Bromas had fought in the Zarlin Catacombs - rises from the inky black pit below them party. Bromas tells the party how to defeat the machine (having exhausted all their fruit in the previous encounter), as they begin to make short work of the towering automaton. However, before they can manage to destroy it, the giant machine transforms into a harmless jukebox, shaped like a bird-like creature doing a meditative pose. The seemingly harmless Elemech plays music and even builds a new bridge for the party.

As Denzik attempts to cross the bridge, the music comes to a halt and the Elemech begins relaying a dark, nihilistic (and meta) omen to the crew. This message fails to make a lasting impact on the crew, failing to comprehend its existential meaning. They continue on their way across the bridge as the Jukebox Elemech disables itself. The crew find vast amounts of treasure and gold across the bridge. In the mood to celebrate after their success, they all camp at that very site, choosing to rest, and exchange stories around a fire. Papi Pombo begins passing out Porco Sangrio and hosting a celebration for a successful campaign.

Bromas assists the porcs as they prepare their meal (made of conjured pot puppy). Meanwhile, Denzik, Karl, Raynel and Sonya are joined by a mysterious hooded apparition, who, after hearing the others' stories, relays the stories of the Beenu and their role in the Birth of Magic , and their subsequent demise. The Apparition heals Raynel's blindness through the means of Beenu technology and creates a map to other Beenu ruin sites for the party to use. Finally, before leaving, the Apparation lets the group around the fire know of the divine being hidden behind the wall, claiming that the beast is capable of granting wishes. Bromas misses this encounter and is visibly upset that no one thought to call him over when they say what they believed to be a live Beenu. His mood changes when they alert him of the Divine, wish-granting being supposedly hidden beyond the cave wall. Seeing the chance to possibly wish himself back to normal, Bromas assists Karl Landers and the porcs excavate the wall.

Upon breaking through to the other side, they discover a large fiery chamber in the cave. It quickly becomes apparent that the chamber is the home of a large, feral Whelpling, an offspring child of the Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga. Cornered by the massive beast, the group engages with a lengthy, bloody battle with the creature. During the brawl, Bromas, Raynel and Denzik discover a peculiar sword, Susurflame. After many attempts, Bromas finally manages to pull the weapon from its stone, but fails to realize its dragon-slaying capabilities. By this point, the dragon had been enraged, and seeing the rapidly rising death toll, Bromas calls for a retreat from the increasingly wily monstrosity. Sonya, Raynel and Karl manage to make their escape without incident, leaving Bromas, Denzik and the rest of the surviving men to face the beast as it corners them. Bromas urges Denzik to make his escape while he holds of the towering Whelpling, despite Denzik's overwhelming urge to help slay the beast (being a Sigil of Flame). Regardless, Denzik complies and sprints for the exit. Two porcs manage to escape as well, but Bromas, Pombo and the remaining porcs are left in the chamber to hold their own with the beast.


Bromas perished while attempting to escape from the Whelpling Den along with Papi Pombo and the remaining Porcs. Although he never returned to normal, his bravery allowed the remaining party a moment to escape, dying a hero. The legendary sword he found remains in the very same chamber he perished in.

It was later found in Nisovin's vision in the Den of Devils campaign that one of the Porcs had taken Susurflame from Bromas and stabbed him in the back, with his last moments of his life leaving him thinking about the betrayal he had witnessed while the Porc just stood and laughed. It was said that the Porc had been mind controlled by the Whelpling (The canonicity of this vision should be put into question because of the Lyn Azveltara Gaiden Divine Decision).


  • No-Eye Bromas can be pronounced the same as no hay bromas, which translates to "No Jokes" or alternatively "No Tricks".
  • After Bromas was changed into a Kobold, Coe used the puppet of Philhipé to represent his character.
  • Bromas holds the record for leading the biggest army (34 Gemlings and Gorgons and a pot puppy) as well as losing an army in the shortest amount of time (2 seconds).
  • Rob plays Bromas in the Unexpected Discovery campaign, marking the third time Rob has played a character of Coe's.
  • Bromas transformed back to a Gnome after he was found dead in Den of Devils. This means that the Mech Transformation's that we witnessed in The Zarlin Catacombs, and Unexpected Discovery can be changed back, or the Whelpling had the ability to change Bromas back to a Gnome.