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Buccaneer Card.png
Class CardBuccaneer Class Card

"A captain who surrounds himself with some of the finest bodyguards and fighters in the realm."
— Season 3 Class Card description

The Buccaneer Class of URealms Live hires many allies and mercenaries to join them in battle and can command them to defeat any who stand in their way.

Notable Buccaneers[edit]

Buccaneer Legendaries[edit]


  • Merci was the character to be featured on the Buccaneer's cards for Season 2 and Season 3.
  • Buccaneer was removed for Season 3. Rob has stated that the character was too powerful in its current state, with its ability to summon Legendary Companions, who were also removed after being implemented for Season 3. It is presumed that the class will be reworked and re-implemented in Season 4.