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AffiliationYumi's Band of Thieves
AliasDwarf Number Three, Kobold Number Four, K-4
Campaigns Band of Thieves
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

— Bumbley/K4

Bumbley the Hill Dwarf (/bʌmbəli/), Dwarf Number Three, Kobold Number Four or K-4 is a Dwarf played by Justin in Band of Thieves. He was a new hire of Yumi's Band of Thieves and operated as the front-line meat shield for the group.



Bumbley is a male Dwarf with a muscular build, a long, thick brown braided beard, and green eyes. Bumbley wears a black undershirt, blue pants, a green tie in his beard, brown shoes and gloves. Bumbley wears a golden broach and a red sash around his waist. For combat, Bumbley wears sleeveless Steel Plate Armor with "K 4" written in black on his pectoral muscles. Bumbley also wears a metallic helmet that has horns attached to it.


Bumbley originally started out as a simple Dwarf, being the quiet unappreciated fourth member of the group. He was often berated and confused as to what the group wanted him to exactly do. It was not until he performed valiantly against a group of hostile Kobolds that his role as the main fighter in the group became clear. Yumi and Squinks, however, preferred to continuously demoralize him by renaming him to Kobold Number 4 and demoting him to be under the command of Philhipé. After being renamed to Kobold Number 4 Bumbley nicknamed himself K-4 and decided that he wanted everyone to start calling him that. As the party progressed through their adventure, K-4 developed a stronger personality and became more aggressive towards Yumi and her authority. K-4 becomes very hostile towards Yumi after asking her to use the name K-4 but Yumi still taunted him by calling him his full name, Kobold Number 4.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Bumbley is known for being the brawn of the group and tends to follow whatever orders he is given. In addition, Bumbley was poorly treated during the course of his employment in the Band of Thieves. Bumbley is also one of the special characters who has received a Tambok Ticket and will be attending the Tambok's Special Friend Show.



Bumbley was a part of Yumi's band of thieves. As the only dwarf in a band of gnomes, Yumi often bossed him around and took advantage of him. Bumbley resented Yumi's treatment of him and thus had a negative perception of his leader.


Much like Yumi, Squinks treated Bumbley poorly and tended to ignore him. Most arguments between Bumbley and Yumi led to Yumi and Squinks teaming up on him.


Gracias was a coworker for the group. He would have to take care of Bumbley often, as both Yumi and Squinks didn't want to be hassled.


Philhipé is one position ahead of Bumbley in the chain of command and is the reason that Bumbley was given the nickname K4. Philhipé was "Kobold Number 3" which made Bumbley "Kobold Number 4"

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]
  • [{Class / Warrior}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Sellsword}]
  • [{Attribute / Gullible}]


  • [{Warrior / Chivalry Pledge}]


  • [{Companion Ability / Blockade EX}]
  • [{Warrior / Blockade}]
  • [{Warrior / Tosser}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Plate Armor}]
  • [{Warrior / Greatsword}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Hydromancer / Bladeturn}] (Item)
  • [{Supplies / Amulet of Bones}]



Not much is known about about Bumbley's past other than he was hired into Yumi's Band of Thieves to be their resident meat shield during battle and to have some diversity in their ranks. He was hired prior to Yumi accepting a job offer from Nisovin. During his hiring process, he introduced himself, but offered to have his named changed by the group. After much discussion, they settled upon naming him Dwarf Number 3. They then visited Nisovin at his house and discussed the job: stealing a key from Gwyneth Sunsword.

Band of Thieves[edit]

Bumbley joined Yumi, Squinks and Gracias during their mission to steal the key from the Sunblades. During their trip, they had an altercation with a group of Kobolds who thought they where stealing their gems. After brutally murdering one, and knocking out the others, they met with Gracias's new friend, a Kobold named Pete. Pete was then indoctrinate within the group by renamed Philhipé, and demoted Dwarf Number 3 to "Kobold Number 4," underneath Philhipé in the chain of command.

After some arguing, they met with the bridge gnome Nessie, whom liked dwarves enough to allow Bumbley to pass in exchange for his Amulet of Bones. However, Bumbley was tricked by a young Gnome girl who gave him a kiss, but stole his Bladeturn without his knowledge. Once the rest of the band made it out, they noticed several Elves standing guard over the entrance to a forest. Successfully sneaking by them, the group entered the forest hallway only to be met with an army of Blood Snakes and a Blood Snake King. They battled their way through. forcing their way into the grotto beyond the Snake King which held the Monkey Fish.

After discussing a plan of action, they sent Squinks out in a disguise to seek the key, only for the rest of the band to be hunted by the Sunswords. Yumi, Gracias, Philhipé and Bumbley then delve deeper in the cave to meet with the Monkey Fish King. After discussing their intentions, the King decided to help the thieves by hiding them from the Elves. This allowed the band to sneak in and hunt for the Key, only to be confronted by Gwyneth Sunsword, her Sun Hound Fenrus, and several Suncleric Elves. After an unsuccessful battle, Bumbley jumped down a well to escape being captured.


After escaping the Sunswords, Bumbley stayed with the Monkey Fish King, living with him in some form of luxury. Bumbley lives out his days with the Monkey Fish King, learning out to communicate with him in the same way Albert was speaking.

Non-Canon History[edit]

The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]

In the non-canon campaign, The Many Gobos of Pat, Dankie received a crystal flatscreen for his birthday from his adoptive father, Pattenborrow Threecircle. Dankie accidentally hit the buttons 'K' and '4' through the flatscreen's remote. Through the flatscreen, the Goblins saw that Bumbley was in a grotto with the Monkey Fish King. He was being massaged by the King while he was completely naked. This caused much confusion with the Goblins, and when Pattenburrow came to check on them and saw that they were watching "smut", he disenchanted the crystal flatscreen.

Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

When the class of the Okagnoma Guild Hall was forced to confront Dalfgan, the 2 Headed Ogre wizard, Suzanna Sophia Sorrella decided to use her Tambok Sandjar. Doing so released a book and a Believer, and the Believer possessed the book, becoming Bumbley. With a trusty Monkey Fish companion, Bumbley helped the class fight Dalfgan.


  • There is a superstition that whenever K4 is brought up in a campaign, that the players will roll 4 an abnormal number of times. It is called "the Curse of K4."
  • Bumbley was nominated into the Tambok's Special Friend Show by Justin in The Unseen Rogues.
  • Bumbley is the character featured on the Warrior's class cards for Season 2. He was replaced with Lance Willakers for Season 3's Warrior class cards.
  • Bumbley is the first player character to appear as a believer in one campaign and real in another campaign.