Buzz Dinglefizz

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Buzz Dinglefizz
RaceBeliever Gnome
AffiliationOkagnoma Guild Hall
AliasBook Boy
Campaigns Okagnoma Guild Hall
SeasonsSeason Two

Buzz Dinglefizz is a Believer taking the form of a Hobgoblin Gnome Sorcerer played by Justin in Okagnoma Guild Hall. Buzz follows the story of a young man coming of age to find love and become popular in school. He is the physical representation of the book A Buzz Life.



The Believer takes on the form of Buzz Dinglefizz, a male Hobgoblin Gnome with a stocky figure, pale skin, orange eyes, blonde hair stylized in an exaggerated hi-top fade and a small goat-patch goatee and thin mustache. Buzz has light freckles on his cheeks, two silver eyebrow piercings and one ear piercing on his left ear. He wears a simple black t-shirt with the sleeves torn off, leaving jagged edges that reveal his stocky arms and a maroon tattoo on his left bicep that has two solid rings, two wavy rings and a series of dots. Buzz also wears dark red pants that stop at the top of his calves and have a notable rip in them, and burnt orange and brown shoes. Buzz also carries around a brick red, single strap backpack that has his Uncle's Drunken Believer's Wand sticking out of it and emanating off red sparks. Buzz also keeps a brown wizard cap with a dark red strap fixated on the very top of his hair.


Buzz is not a bright student and is often the subject of ridicule by most of the teachers, due to him being a Believer and being unable to have the knowledge of other students. However he does try to make friends where he can and is willing to assist his fellow classmates in mock battles. As a believer, however, he has no self awareness, and is often singled out by Nisovin for this.

Buzz had the final score of 50 points in class, giving him the third overall position in points.


Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Gnome}]
  • [{Class / Sorcerer}]
  • [{Attribute / Adopted}]
  • [{Attribute / Believer}]


  • [{Passive / Believer Stone}]
  • [{Passive / Aetherial Form}]


  • [{Sorcerer / Ray of Frost}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Blink}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Flare}]
  • [{Puppeteer / Mental Assault}]
  • [{Suncleric / Aurora Borealis}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Drunken Magician's Wand}]
  • [{Weapon / Elaphelk Horn Staff}]
  • [{Shield / Electrocutor}]
  • [{Armor / Makeshift Armor}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Buzz is a Believer who possessed the book A Buzz Life, which in it, Buzz was a Gnome raised by Hobgoblins. Buzz grew up with uncertainty in his life, causing him to leave his own after stealing his drunk father's Magician wand and search for his own life as being the popular kid in school.

After possessing the book, "Buzz" was accepted into the Okagnoma Guild Hall under the Believer Grant, allowing them to closer research Believers.

Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]


After perishing and turning into his book to the two headed Ogre Dalfgan, Buzz was presumed dead. However, it was revealed that Nisovin constructed the entire encounter by using Believers. Buzz was brought back to life by being re-infused into the book. This caused him to have no memory of the encounter. It is presumed he went about fulfilling his story.


  • Buzz's book is a reference to A Bug's Life.
  • Buzz is the first player character who is known to be a Believer.
  • Buzz is the first player character to be "killed" by a Death Roll.
    • However, he was technically not killed because the final fight with Dalfgan was an illusion created by Nisovin.