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Kallisto Mural.png
RaceSun Dragon God



AliasThe Sun

Kallisto is a Sun Dragon God. Kallisto is one of the two original Sun Dragon Gods that appeared over the Realms and helped initiate the Hatching. Kallisto is known to have created the Highbears and is currently in orbit around the realms. Kallisto is currently known as the "Sun", and is the only known living Sun Dragon God, as Phanto died due to the Old Gods.


It is currently unknown what Kallisto looks like, other than appearing to be a large female Dragon floating in the sky, giving off a source of light--similar to a celestial body like a star. In murals, she is seen to be associated with a rainbow of colors, representing the different schools of magic. She takes the form of a circle, with her protruding spikes resembling sun rays.


Not much is known about the origin of Dragon God Kallisto, but what is known is that she arrived to the Realms with Phanto and began The Great Hatching. When Kallisto and Phanto arrived, they brought forth their ability to use Creation Magic and birthed a series of six Dragon Aspect children, each of the element of Light. Kallisto also created the powerful beings known as Highbears during this time and protected them from Death. When Phanto was killed by the Old Gods, any connection to Kallisto seemed to have stopped, and Kallisto became known as the Sun. She is currently in orbit above the Realms, bringing light to the world below and presumably protecting her Highbears.



  • Kallisto and Phanto are credited as the creators of the Realms as they are currently seen and known.