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A campaign in URealms Live is an adventure that players take part in. Each campaign consists of environments, characters, and most importantly: a story for the Game Master to guide players through. Any official campaigns are created from scratch by staff for the players to progress through live, and all of these are listed below. The chronological order of the campaigns is discussed in Timeline, but there is no official order that the campaigns occur in.

Season One Campaigns[edit]

# Campaign Description Airdate
Band of Thieves
Yumi's band of thieves are tasked by Gnome Wizard Nisovin to steal the Sun Key from a town of Elves. May 30, 2015
porc Hunters
A group of Elves search for a runaway brother while also preparing to rid the nearby caves of some Porcs who moved in. June 6, 2015
The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
Captain Merci of the Bocoe is given a quest by Nisovin to find a precious treasure and return it to him. June 13, 2015
The Many Gobos of Pat
A group of goblins were adopted as children by Pattenborrow Threecircle, the elf paladin. June 27, 2015
The Sunswords
Gwyneth Sunsword and her team lead a caravan of prisoners towards the Silvermine Mountains. July 11, 2015
The Unseen Rogues
At night, a group of teenage Dwarves break into a museum they have been scoping out for weeks. They have been tasked by their "grandmother" Mona to steal a vase from the museum. July 25, 2015
Kobold Headhunters
A group of Kobolds hunt down a Wolf that has been terrorizing the town of Karazzim. August 15, 2015
The Zarlin Catacombs
A group of Gnomish treasure hunters explore an ancient ruin known as The Zarlin Catacombs. August 29, 2015
The New Crew
Captain Merci has been given a new mission from Nisovin that requires more crew. It is to obtain the Sun Key from an elven home on an island. September 12, 2015
The Silvermine Mountains
The crew plays as a bunch of criminals imprisoned in the Silvermine Mountains. September 26, 2015
Guild Of Explorers
The crew which has been assigned a quest from the Guild of Explorers to find the 'Secret Scrolls of the Sandbold' sets out into the desert in an attempt to find them. December 4, 2015
Battle of the Bards
The crew play as performers in a competition of performers called the Battle of the Bards. February 5, 2016
The Blood Snake Queen
A team of mercenaries is sent to kill the Blood Snake Queen. February 29, 2016
The Death of Virgo
A team of Elven Military led by Virgo Sunsword go on an adventure. April 10, 2016

Season Two Campaigns[edit]

# Campaign Description Airdate
The small Town of Waldon has been having some troubles with a fungus infection in the forest. The townsfolk are afraid that if the fungi get a hold of the forest, it could put them out of work, or worse, put their town in danger. A band of Lumberjacks known as the Woodcarvers are planning to head deep into the forest to deal with the outbreak before it puts the town at risk. May 28, 2016
OGH Logo.png
The Okagnoma Guild Hall is a Mage College where many Gnomes come to learn the ways of Wizardry and Magic. With some of the most eccentric and powerful Gnome Professors in all of the realms, students who attend this college often leave either as a powerful mage or dead as they are also the college with the highest accidental mortality rates. June 11, 2016
Murder Bros
The Murder Bros are some of the most dangerous bandits in thieves in all of the Wild Wild Wastes. They have come to the Silverflats for information about a train headed their way with some very valuable cargo onboard. June 25, 2016
The Cobblers
Borris Cobbler is a simple man with a complicated responsibility and even more complicated family. He has come to Chossals, a small Dwarven town that has been having problems with some Goblins over the last few months. The Cobblers are notorious throughout the realms as being the best gobo exterminators, but Borris has really never fit in. July 30, 2016
The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a magical spire constructed by some of the most powerful mages in the realm. Home to Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus who lives in it's penthouse, no one is really sure how tall the tower is as it's outward appearance does not reveal it's true scale. A group of five elven casters have come together to attempt to scale the tower. Can they even get past even the first few floors? September 3, 2016
Unexpected Discovery
The Guild of Explorers has found an ancient dungeon from before the Birth of Magic and is currently working on terms to sell the discovery to the Grand Paladin Order. While these two organizations have worked with each other in the past, their goals are very different from each other. The Guild seeks out to maximum it's profits while the Grand Paladin Order searches for artifacts and ancient texts that are important to their order. September 17, 2016
The Law has arrived to the Silverflats after a recent gang known as the Murder Bros recently attacked the town, derailed a train, and killed the local Sheriff. Their investigation will lead them right to the hideout of the these wanted criminals where a showdown is destined to take place. October 15, 2016
The Fall of Dundinborough
The Kingdom of Dundinborough was 1 of the 12 Dwarven Clans built by the Divine Aspect Thor after the Birth of Magic. Ruled by its King and Queen, it was one of the few strongholds that waited far too long to sign the Ironstone Accords and was ultimately destroyed by Ageless Raiders. This is the story of four guards during the final moments of Dundinborough. November 5, 2016
Den of Devils
A Den of Devils is a large cavern deep underground made by Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga that is used as a breeding ground for the creation of Whelplings and dragons. There are many dens all over the realm, but they are very scarce and hard to find as rarely do any of the monsters born inside these underground vaults come up to the surface. The powerful wizard Nisovin has hired the Guild of Explorers to venture deep into a recently discovered den to acquire some Dragon Eggs. November 26, 2016
The Skeleton King
Bopen the Skeleton King is a childhood story that most believe to still just be merely a story. No one seriously takes the idea of an all powerful Ageless pirate king plundering the high seas as fact, up until the moment they hear his cackle with their own ears. Born from the rubble of Dundinborough, Bopen is shrouded in mystery and in this campaign we will start to unravel the real power of this self proclaimed Skeleton King. December 17, 2016

Season Three Campaigns[edit]

# Campaign Description Airdate
The Grand Paladin Order
In the winter tundras of Kaddoral, home of the Grand Paladin Order, a swarm of ageless thralls have begun sieging the city as if being controlled by an outside force. The paladins frankly prepare to defend the home of the light, all the while demoralized from the recent news that the Grand Paladin himself, Virgo Sunsword, has been killed in battle. While the battle for their order hall is already well underway, the biggest question on everyone's mind in the order is who will lead the dwarven order next? May 27, 2017
The Senate of Deadlantis
The underwater city of Deadlantis is home to the largest population of Ageless beings in the entire realm. The different ageless factions and their representatives known as senators, have gathered once again to discuss politics after a rumour started going around that the Grand Paladin has been slain. This campaign takes place both before and after the Birth of Magic and is centered around the father of the Tarciel'Embeart elven family. This is the tragedy of Daedric Tarciel'Embeart. This is The Senate of Deadlantis. July 15, 2017