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Funk TSS.png
RaceFunk Hallucination
AffiliationKallark Gandolin
  • The Sunswords
  • The Silvermine Mountains
SeasonsSeason One

  • "I break walls. Left walls, right walls, third walls, fifth walls, but not fourth walls though, like to keep it cool, y'know?"
- Carlos Talking to Kallark.

Carlos is the Funk hallucination currently connected to Kallark Gandolin. He has lying and manipulating tendencies, as well as a god complex.



Carlos is a human-sized Funk, a cross between a fox and a skunk. He has a large tail, which he curls around to atop his head, making it appear as hair.


Carlos has a rather mischievous personality, frequently lying and confusing Kallark. He has the ability to manipulate his shape and hold conversations with Kallark, often building up Kallark's confidence and hope before revealing his ruse. He also often interrupts Kallark while he is in the middle of a conversation, causing those around him to think he is crazy.


Kallark Gandolin[edit]

In The Sunswords, by virtue of a Supporter Event, Kallark was sprayed by a Funk. Carlos became affiliated with Kallark, frequently coming up at inopportune times to torment and confuse Kallark. By the end of the campaign, Kallark abandons his squadron, walking away with Carlos.

By The Silvermine Mountains, Kallark has seemed to have grown used to Carlos, seeming unfazed by his shapeshifting ability. Despite still being an inconvenience in social situations, Carlos does go out of his way to help Kallark rescue Gunter and Unter, although constantly reminding him that they are only doing this so they can eat the kids afterwards.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Carlos is in possession of knowledge beyond the 4th wall, but what he shares may or may not be true. He is also very manipulative and knows how to make Kallark do what he wants.


The Sunswords[edit]

Carlos first appears shortly after Kallark Gandolin is sprayed by a Funk. He seeks only to frustrate and annoy Kallark. Regardless, Kallark manages to save two Kobold orphans known as Unter and Gunter. As the campaign progresses, Carlos appears more frequently, getting in the way of conversations and other normal tasks. Gwyneth and the other Sunblades begin to seriously doubt his sanity, and when he loses his girlfriend, his job and the two Kobolds he wished to adopt, he simply wandered away, with Carlos and Annihilus as his only companions.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

It is revealed that since the previous campaign, Carlos' power over Kallark Gandolin has grown. Kallark discovers that instead of Unter and Gunter going to live with Kobolds, they had been placed within the prison, with Xavius Barringster believing they are prisoners. Kallark tries to convince him to release them. However he is unsuccessful because of Carlos' persistent butting in. This causes Gwyneth to threaten to send Kallark for psychiatric help, believing he's unfit to take care of the children. She offers to let Kallark sleep in the back room. During this time, Carlos convinces Kallark that the only way he can be truly happy is to get the kids. And the only way to get the kids would be to bust them out himself. Not wanting to become a criminal, Kallark refused. However under pressure from Carlos, he eventually caved.

Overhearing Gwyneth say there was an extreme shortage of guards, Kallark offered up his services. Gwyneth did not want to let him, but with her desperate need for guards, and Kallark claiming Carlos had gone, she reluctantly accepted. The next night, Kallark prepared to put his plan into action. But when another guard came to report him to Gwyneth, he began to panic. However, the guard was simply a hallucination produced by Carlos. Frustrated with the funk, Kallark proceeded with the plan anyway. Grabbing Unter, and what he believed to be a Dwelf child (actually Trusty Neconni) and runs out of the cell block.


Although Kallark was later seen in Woodcarvers, he did not talk to Carlos during the campaign. It is currently unknown what this means.


  • Carlos seems to have an obsession with eating children. While formulating the plans to break Unter and Gunter out of the Silvermine Mountains, he constantly interchanged the terms "Rescue" and "Eat."
  • It was originally intended for The Cult of Bones members to be able to see funks, however since this would have meant that Deadbones' characters Kallark and Khn'n-Rell would have had to sustain a conversation, the idea was scrapped.
  • A similar funk hallucination, named Isabella, appears to the gnome paladin, Raynel. Isabella appears to have more success in manipulating her host, as Raynel is generally more impressionable and less jaded than Kallark is.