Cawks Stompulous

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Cawks Stompulous

Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Warrior
Gender Male
Affiliations His family
Alias Dick
Status Alive
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The Nuren Campaign

Cawks Stompulous "Dick" Jackson the Mighty is a male Dwarf Warrior played by Justin in The Nuren Campaign. Cawks Stompulous is one of the middle sons of "Mike Jackson."



While being very combat oriented, Cawks Stompulous was much more lenient about battling, choosing to inspect the various fungal growing in his location rather than participate in battle.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Warrior Abilities[edit]


  • It is unknown how old Cawks Stompulous is, so it can only be assumed that he is a middle child.
  • During the character creation portion of the Nuren Campaign, the other players proposed to name Cawks Stompulous Dick.
  • Cawks Stompulous was originally named "Cockstompulous" but was later changed along with other character names from The Nuren Campaign.