Charley Kinson

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Charley Kinson
AliasThe Whip, Indi Squise
Campaigns Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator
SeasonsSeason Three

Charley Kinson is a Keen Bandito played by Spiff in Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator. Charley is an alcoholic vigilante who primarily works in the Lotus District of Than'drellfal, and is known to the inhabitants as The Whip. Kinson allied herself with Galen Sunsword during the investigation of the murder of Marrel Limboratti, operating as a lawless detective. She was last seen being charmed by Quintara Lotus after helping solve the investigation.



Charley Kinson is a female Gnome who is said to have very messy hair and wears a large poncho. Charley often has bottles of alcohol on her person and a special ring on her finger as a gift from Quintara Lotus. She is seen to put on an extremely tiny sombrero when she has to fight, and a false goatee that she puts on when under cover.


Charley Kinson is a very gruff individual. Often being very straight to the point and blunt in her opinions. With added alcohol, she becomes fairly belligerent, but retains some functionality, being able to continue questioning people, albeit with some difficulty.

Notable Attributes[edit]

She is also seen to be a very addicted alcoholic, often drinking and offering others drinks at any given moment. Due to her mysterious past, it is unknown as to why she drinks so heavily.

When disguising herself, she refers to herself as "Indi Squise".


Galen Sunsword[edit]

Charley is seen to get along with Galen Sunsword. Due to her competence on the case of Limboratti's Murder, and the fact that she was the soul member of his entourage who was not a lawyer. At the conclusion of the case, Galen congratulated her, referring to her as "The Most Functioning Drunk" he as ever known.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Keen}]
  • [{Class / Bandito}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Outlaw}]
  • [{Attribute / Drunk}]


  • [{Bandito / Sombrero of Holding}]
  • [{Supplies / Pearl of Hindsight}]
  • [{Legendary / Quintara's Ether Ring}]


  • [{Bandito / Fiesta}]
  • [{Bandito / Grand Finale}]
  • [{Bandito / Molotov Cocktail}]
  • [{Bandito / Pinatamorph}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Bandito / Grand Poncho}]
  • [{Treasure / Grappling Hook}]
  • [{Treasure / Knife Slinger}]
  • [{Weapon / Leather Whip}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Legendary / Greater Lay on Hands}]



Charley Kinson's history is shrouded in mystery. What is known from her recent past is that she is a vigilante, known throughout the Lotus District as "The Whip". She can very easily shock both civilian and members of the criminal underbelly by mentioning her alias. While her methods do not seem illegal, she has had many run-ins with the law.

Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator[edit]

Kinson joined Galen Sunsword in investigating the death of Marrel Limboratti, regardless of Galen opinion of her joining. She chose the case seemingly on a whim, only wanting to solve the murder itself. She assisted Galen in helping investigate the crime scene, and offered her services to break into Sallazhar Sintour's warehouse, but was not needed. She did quickly take out several of Sallazhar's guards before Galen could talk down the head guard.

She joined Galen in investigating a nearby casino, where she got extremely drunk and won the nearby pony races. She, along with the Lawyers who accompanied Galen, gave chase to a mysterious man in robes who was a person of interest. She, along with the Lawyers, cornered the man, who was revealed to be the Great Pupper Douglas Oggo. The group then returned to the crime scene, only for Galen to reveal that he had solved the murder, and that Marrel Limboratti herself was the murderer. After a fight with Marrel (in the body of her husband Pablo), and the now revealed traitor Folshe Drocha, Charley managed to whip Folshe, breaking her disguise as a dwarf and rendering her charmed to Charley. With Galen disarming the nearby Mana Bomb, the group rounded up the assailants. It was then revealed that this was all an elaborate plot created by Quintara Lotus, to play with Galen Sunsword.


With the reveal that there was no actual case, Galen bid his farewells to Charley and left. Quintara then appeared and gave Charley another kiss, charming her, before leaving.


  • Charley's ring gives her a near lethal dose of alcohol every time she sucks on it.
  • Charley has an enchanted kiss by Quintara Lotus.