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Campaigns Porc Hunters, Murder Bros, Buckaroos
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

Chimera is a powerful Kobold played by Rob and first appeared in Porc Hunters and later in Murder Bros and Buckeroos. Chimera is the leader of the infamous gang of thieves and murderers known as the "Murder Bros", and was freed from his Sunsword prison detail, but was later recaptured by Galen Sunsword.



Chimera is a male Kobold who is seen as slightly larger than the average Kobold. He wears a pair of baggy pants, boots, a bandana and has a necklace with a round pendant. Chimera is often seen with his iconic Windfury Blades in both of his hands and a Warp Blade in his mouth, popularizing the triple-wielding technique.


Chimera is a very brutal character, not hesitating to act quickly to go in for the kill. He is shown to take advantage of any situation and escaped imprisonment twice, severely harming or killing those in his way. On the other side, he is show to be very fond of his men in the Murder Bros and to accept any who prove their worth for him, such as the Elf Orvan Weiss.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Chimera, as well as his sister Empusa, have been shown to be somewhat aware of the show at a meta level, having acknowledged the "Gods of the Realm" and the choices that have been made through donation events. He cites the multiple times that the "Gods" have voted for his release and for a time was convinced that they were on his side, urging the "Gods" to choose his side once more when facing the Law.



Chimera is close to his sister, trusting her to lead The Murder Bros after his capture and finding a way to ensure she knew how he would be transported to the Silvermine Mountains, confident she would free him.

The Murder Bros[edit]

Although Chimera isn't shown to have a specific relationship with any other known members of The Murder Bros, he is generally rather fond of his men so long as they show themselves to be competent and loyal.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]


  • Eyes of N'locnil
  • Wing King's Curse
  • Branded Pain of Fortune
  • Grace's Light


  • [{Sorcerer / Ray of Frost}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Flare}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Rolling Fog}]
  • [{Theurgist / Summon Air Sprites}]
  • [{Theurgist / Wind Blast}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Warp Blade}]
  • Windfury Blade x2

Former Belongings[edit]



Not much is known about Chimera, but he was once the leader of the Murder Brothers along with his sister Empusa who had been stealing the Silver Scales of the Dragon Aspect Golestandt to remain young and at her prime. However, Chimera was captured by The Sunswords Military after Snitch McGitch of the town of Silverflats ratted him and the group out. Chimera was captured and hauled imprisoned by Captain Dave Davidson through the town of Danevur and to the Silvermine Mountains. It is also known that Chimera is aware of the presence and influence of divine beings (chat) during campaigns.

Porc Hunters[edit]

When Theta Squad found Chimera, he was locked in a prison transport heading to the Silvermine Mountains for stealing from the Elves, being escorted by a group of Elves led by Dave. He was referred to as the 'Greatest Criminal of the Lands'. As Ca-Rell and Dave were having a conversation, Chimera broke free of the wagon, picked up his treasures and began attacking the Elves. However, Chimera was defeated by Theta Squad and returned to the custody of Dave, where he resumed his path to be taken to the Silvermine Mountains.

Murder Bros[edit]

Sometime after the events at Danevur, Chimera was transferred to a holding cell on a train headed through Silverflats to the Silvermine Mountains. His presence aboard the train was hidden from the public, but was somehow told to his sister Empusa. Empusa planned with the Murder Bros to take the train and retrieve her brother along with the special cargo of Silver Scales. Empusa and her gang managed to derail the train as it was headed to the Mountains, causing the Sunsword Military force to attack their robbers by the wreckage. However they were slowly killed off by the murderous bandits, leaving the Sunsword Captain Dave the last one alive. Dave, in a weaken and desperate attempt, ran to his chest of self-made stories but was cut off by the newly escaped Chimera. Wielding his windfury blades, Chimera beheaded his captor, and rejoined his gang.


Chimera and his gang hid in a cave near Silverflats. He left a note for chat to see, revealing that he was fully aware of chat's presence and influence during campaigns, imploring chat to join his side. However, in the end, chat chose the Law, and subsequently Chimera and most of his gang, except Empusa and Orvan Weiss, were captured by Galen Sunsword.


Chimera was last seen captured by Galen Sunsword, but given his history, he will probably escape again, eventually.


  • Chimera was added to the game via a Supporter Event, the majority believing that the 'mysterious Kobold prisoner' was actually Philhipé.
  • He was the first seen example of Kobolds being able to triple-wield, although he achieved it through having Windfury Blades, that allowed him to attack again, as opposed to the Kobolds in The Many Gobos of Pat or Mormo, who can naturally use all 3 of their weapons each turn.
  • For the final campaign of season 1, there was a possibility that the story could revolve around Philhipé and his transformation into Chimera. In other words, Philhipé and Chimera were the same person. However, since this campaign never happened, this is not confirmed as canon. If anything, it was confirmed as not canon in a behind-the-scenes by Rob, stating that they were two different people, though this needs to be confirmed at the table.
  • Chimera may be named after the Greek mythological beast, Chimera.