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The class of a character in URealms Live determines the abilities that the character has. During character creation, each player chooses a class and three abilities within that class. Some Races, such as the Elf, may pick abilities from multiple classes. Classes and their abilities are continuously being balanced in updates by Rob as they are playtested.

Official Classes[edit]

These are the classes that have been made available for an official Campaign of URealms Live, and the players' characters that have used each class.

Class Description
Alchemist Card.png A potion master who can craft powerful tonics and elixirs on the fly.[1]
Bandito Card.png A bandit that steals from the void using special tools and the dangerous powers of dark magic.[2]
Bard Card.png A jack of all trades with a love of music and playful magical spells.[3]
Berserker Card.png An insanely powerful dual wielding brawler that can transform in battle.[4]
Bonedancer Card.png A necromancer who summons and commands the undead in battle.[5]
Buccaneer Card.png A captain who surrounds himself with some of the finest bodyguards and fighter in the realm.[6]
Cabalist Card.png A deathly mage that uses twisted dark magic to harm and disable others in the midst of battle.[7]
Deathknight Card.png A dark paladin who has revoked their own faith in the light to serve the true powers of immortality.[8]
Dreamweaver Card.png A weaver of the minds who can warp the very reality we exist in and induce others to sleep and suffer nightmares.[9]
Flamedanseur Card.png A master fire dancer who forges molten lava with the raw wild power of their magical kicks.[10]
Fleshweaver Card.png A forsake dark mage who uses blood magic to create abomination and extremely potent magic.[11]
Hydromancer Card.png An ice mage who has trained most of their life battling giant sea monsters and creatures.[12]
Lumberjack Card.png An axe wielding brawler who has trained a wild beast for battle.[13]
Magician Card.png A performer who skill at illusions and mimicry allow them to use magic wildly in combat.[14]
Monk Card.png A nimble fist fighter that uses the magic of the sun and the earth to protect their friends and strike at foes.[15]
Paladin Card.png A champion of the light who protects their allies while smiting down the wicked.[16]
Petalwalker Card.png An earth mage who specializes in piercing and evasive magic.[17]
Puppeteer Card.png A puppeteer who can control both time and space using psychic forces.[18]
Ranger Card.png A bowman matched by no other with a wide range of both archery skills and supporting spells.[19]
Rouge Card.png A dark cleric who uses painful black magic to heal and inspire allies using questionable methods.[20]
Runemaster Card.png A dwarven inspired magical art form that allows one to transform spells into powerful magical runes.[21]
Sandbender Card.png A bender of earth magic who summons large sandstorms to envelope the entire battlefield.[22]
Sea Chef Card.png A cook who has infused their food with special spices that allow them to cast spells through allies.[23]
Seeker Card.png A wanderer who has learned different magic from all over the realm.[24]
Shaman Card.png A tribal caster who protects their friends using both earth and ice magic.[25]
Sharpsword Card.png A master bladewielder who practices an ancient eleven fencing artform.[26]
Sheriff Card.png A lawful gunslinger who protects justice and freedom for all the common folk in the realm.[27]
Sorcerer Card.png A hybrid melee caster that combines magic with their physical strikes.[28]
Spellslinger Card.png A gunslinger who channels their magic power through enchanted pistols.[29]
Spellthief Card.png A thief who steal power from the void to bend magic to their will.[30]
Suncleric Card.png A cleric who worships the sun above all else and can channel it's raw power into their allies.[31]
Swashbuckler Card.png A seadog who uses anything for a weapon and is always looking for a good fight.[32]
Templar Card.png A grand guardian that empowers and protects their allies with magical auras.[33]
Thane Card.png A thunderous battlemage who summons and uses lightning to strike foes down on the battlefield.[34]
Theurgist Card.png A robust mage who summons many elemental minions to overwhelm the battlefield.[35]
Warrior Card.png A traditional fighter with a wide variety of styles in close range combat.[36]
Witch Card.png A slippery battlemage that specializes in offensive teleportation and tactics.[37]
Wizard Card.png The classic and traditional mage who wields some of the most dangerous magics in the realm.[38]