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RaceAgeless Porc
Campaigns The Skeleton King

"All I need is a little bit of your blood to sign... Oh wait, I have some right here."
— Clott

Quartermaster Clott is an Ageless Porc Spellthief played by Coestar in The Skeleton King. Clott is the Quartermaster of Bopen the Skeleton King's pirate crew. He is Bopen's second-in-charge, commanding the Ageless crew and in charge of obtaining new crewmen, by any means necessary.



Clott is a male Porc with scraggly hair and a goat patch beard. Clott wears a pirate's trifold hat with a feather of unknown origin over his balding head, a dirty longsleeve shirt with a belt and bandoleer crossing his chest.


Clott is a murderer and thief at heart. Clott serves under Bopen's rule easily as it allows him to plunder the high seas and kill those he comes across as he wishes. This has caused him to become very cocky, but with the strength to back it up. This was evidenced when Krungor, a two-headed ogre, challenged him in a duel. Clott won the duel, much to the surprise of the Ogre and the on lookers. Clott would later win a similar duel with Virgo Sunsword's right hand: Bob in a similar fashion.

Clott has an issue with counting. When asked by Bopen the Skeleton King how many captives they had, Clott believed it to be four, but it was in fact five. When asked by Charles the Porc how many recruits they had, Clott mistaken believed it was five, but it was two.


Clott is respected among the crew, with those following his orders as if they came from Bopen himself. When a recruit challenges him, he is quick to put them in their place, showing that he is the only Quartermaster that is needed on the ship. Bopen has high respect for Clott as his Quartermaster, and even talked about retiring him for all the good work he has done. But with Krungor's recommendation and Clott's own want to stay on the crew, Bopen laughed to himself about how he will never find a better Quartermaster anyways.

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Clott was a thieving, murdering pirate living out on the seas before his former ship ran aground on Bopen. Clott became an Ageless and effortlessly adjusted to the murdering lifestyle. Throughout the time he has served Bopen, loyally, he rose through the ranks and became the Quartermaster of the Skeleton Crew.

The Skeleton King[edit]

The crew of the Skeleton King had began sinking an unknown Elven ship piloted by a small Gnome and some Elven peasants. The crew began attacking the peasants, forcing them into submission for their Pirate King to come aboard. Bopen went to each one of the survivors and asked if they would choose death or become a part of his crew.


Clott, along with the rest of Bopen's crew, had successfully killed and taken over Virgo Sunsword's ship. It is unknown what happened afterwards to Clott, as he did not appear in The Senate of Deadlantis.