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This article is about the Player. For the Coe's Quest Character, see Coe (Coe's Quest).

Player ProfileCoestar
Real NameJustin
  • Mindcrack
  • Appearances
  • URealms Live
  • Coe's Quest
  • FirstBand of Thieves
    SeasonsSeason One Season Two Season Three Coe's Quest
    "Wishes he has wavey hair."
    — Coestar's ending credit for Season 2

    Coestar was a member of the Buffalo Wizards and a regular cast member from Seasons 1-3. Coestar was also the artist for the set of cards used in Season 1, as well as the former animator of Coe's Quest.


    Season One
    Gracias Icon.png DeNada Icon.png Merci Icon.png Dankie Icon.png
    Gracias Corporal DeNada Captain Merci Dankie
    Donkey Icon.png Dave Icon.png Nate Tack Icon.png Kopie Ren Icon.png
    Don Key Dave Davidson Nate Tack Kopie Ren
    Bromas Kobold Icon.png Rick Snot Icon.png Trusty Neconni Icon.png Slap Icon.png
    No-Eye Bromas Rick Snot Trusty Neconni Slap
    Gear Man Icon.png Emit Crank Icon.png Ghana Ens Sin Icon.png
    Gear Man Emit Crank Ghana Ens Sin
    Season Two
    Alessa Stonemason Icon.png Suzanna Sophia Sorrella Icon.png Borracho Icon.png Beautressa Cobbler Icon.png
    Suzanna Sophia
    Borracho Beautressa
    Joaquim Flannigan Icon.png Denzik Icon.png Sly Johnson Icon.png James Briggs Icon.png
    Denzik Sly Johnson James Briggs
    Lunk Icon.png Clott Icon.png
    Lunk Clott
    Season Three
    Fetchthewater Icon.png Jean Tarcial'Embeart Icon.png Bei Mei Xhir't Icon.png Harlin Hardbody Icon.png
    Fetchthewater Jean
    Bei Mei Xhir't Harlin Hardbody
    Lucida Azveltara Icon.png Bernard Akers Icon.png
    William Akers

    Meta Character Inventory[edit]

    Current Meta Cards[edit]

    • None Currently

    Former Meta Cards[edit]

    • [{Meta / Wealthy Adventurer}]
    • [{Meta / Conjure Big Fortune}]
    • [{Meta / Archaeologist}]


    • All of Coe's characters from Season 1 (Dave and Gear Man excluded) have been based off puns.
      • Many of which around the words "thanks", "you're welcome" or "no tricks".
    • The first season of URealms Live was streamed on Coestar's Twitch channel, even though Rob is the "host" of the show.
    • Coestar streams every day on his Twitch channel, and has done so since December 5, 2013.
    • Coestar is the first player to have referred to Rob, the Game Master, at the table. He calls him "the Voice in the Sky."
    • Coestar is the first player to have one of his characters die, in campaign 4, The Many Gobos of Pat.
    • Coestar is the first player to give another player his successful Legendary roll.
    • Coestar has been a player in almost every campaign. He, Rob and Deadbones have been present for nearly every campaign.
    • Coestar is extremely lucky when it comes to obtaining legendaries. Coestar has obtained a legendary in many of the Season 2 Campaigns.

    External Links[edit]

    Coe's Twitch channel - Hosted URealms Live Season One streams.