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This article is about the Coe's Quest Character. For the Player, see Coestar.

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Coe Coe's Quest.png
Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Portrayed By Coestar
First Appearance Coe's Quest
"You fucking pig!"
— Coe

Coe is a Tall Dwarf character of unknown class, played by Coestar in the show Coe's Quest.



Coe is a male Tall Dwarf with black eyes and a small brown goatee similar to that of a goat patch. He wears a grey armored chest piece with a white star on the center, with two shoulder pieces of a similar material. He also wears grey armored boots that come with knee and shin guards. Underneath his armor, Coe wears a grey shirt tucked into his blue pants with a brown belt. Most notably, he has a unique blue, open face helmet with gold trim along the interior and two large gold horns.


Coe is very much the straight man in his group. With Roamin not being the smartest of companions, Kinney being ditsy, and Phineas being ignorant at the world around him due to his age, Coe often strains himself to explain things at a rational level, but to no avail.


Notable Attributes[edit]

Powers & Abilities[edit]





  • Knife: A knife Coe used to gut a Berserker.



Not much is known about Coe's life yet. He, at one point, met with Kinney Boots, Roamin and Phineas Barringster some time after Kinney had left the Bocoe.

Coe's Quest[edit]

Coe, Kinney, Roamin and Phineas all had arrived at a tavern to get something to eat. While they order, Phineas asked the innocent question of "Where do babies come from?" to which begins the discussion between Roamin's religious views, Kinney's less moral views and Coe's less strict rules on the subject of marriage before having children. With Roamin and Kinney dismissing Coe's views, Coe decided to get up and proceeds to get in a bar fight with what appears to be an elder Merci for what ever reason. When the conversation about babies and Coe's fight concluded, they decided to head out of the tavern.

After leaving the tavern, Coe and company went to have a conversation with a female pirate Kobold. Kinney, Roamin and Phineas however had a conversation about Roamin's potentially imaginary deceased squire Harold. The conversation irritated Coe leaving them to their own devices so he could continue his quest by talking with the pirate Kobold. It is unknown what was said, but the conversation may have been interrupted by Kinnie, who killed the pirate Kobold and stole the mace.

The group later camped for the night, with Kinney, Roamin and Phineas having a conversation about the example race extinction plan created by the Elves. Coe, however, was fighting an unknown Berserker, while interjecting his comments about the "Kobold Purge" with more factual knowledge to counter act Roamin's. Coe eventually killed and gutted the Berserker while he explained that the Elves created these extinction plans for all the races incase of an apocalyptic event. While the conversation continued, Coe cooked and ate a large leg of ham from the Berserker. The conversation quickly turned to Roamin believing the possibility of being part Kobold, which is denied by Coe up until Roamin successfully eats a rock.


  • Coe's design was inspired by a fan art Coestar received for his Minecraft Let's Play "Coe's Quest."
  • Rob has confirmed that Coe is a Tall Dwarf [1]