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This article is about the member of the Murder Bros. For the ex-husband of Perdita Draughwin, see List of Minor Characters#Conner McAss.

Conner MB Puppet.png
  • Unnamed Parents
  • Unnamed Seven/Six Siblings
  • StatusAlive
    AliasThe Long Con
    ActorJustin, Rob
    Campaigns Murder Bros

    Conner, otherwise known as "The Long Con", is a Triton Ground Kobold Spellthief played by Justin in Murder Bros, and by Rob as an NPC in Buckeroos. Conner is a prominent member of the Murder Bros who worked under both Chimera and Empusa, even being Empusa's right hand Kobold.



    Conner is a male Kobold with a tear mark tattoo under his eye. Conner wears a leather jacket and pants and has his eyes obscured by sunglasses.


    Conner is a very calm Kobold murderer. He is known to be very laid back, however will get into the fray as commanded by Empusa. He won't hesitate to eliminate any targets in the gang's way, with the only exception being Jessabelle Marie, who cursed Conner to be in love with her. This curse caused a lot of issues in the group, mainly concerning his value as a murderer by his bros. It was not until Jessabelle fled the area did he resume his original acts of murder and hefty drinking.

    Conner is also very intelligent, finding out various information from the common townsfolk very easily in comparison to his gang brothers. However, his heavy drinking may impact his judgement, leading to heavy amounts of hallucinations.


    Conner has a very strained relationship with his family, whom he ran away from after discovering his knack for theft and lying. Leaving his parents and six or seven brothers and sisters to fend for himself as criminal. He did develop a stronger relationship with his new found family among the Murder Bros, being a faithful member to both leaders Chimera and Empusa, even growing in rank to the second-in-command.

    Conner has a deeply one-sided infatuation toward Jessabelle Marie after falling under a curse. Jessabelle shows absolutely no interest in the Kobold and makes every effort to get away from him. Conner's feelings for the female gnome repeatedly causes issues with the group dynamic.

    Character Inventory[edit]

    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Kobold}]
    • [{Class / Spellthief}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Kindred}]
    • [{Attribute / Well Endowed}]


    • [{Passive / Book of Magic Mastery}]


    • [{Spellthief / Essence Shank}]
    • [{Spellthief / Spell Steal}]
    • [{Spellthief / Voidspell}]
    • [{Companion Ability / Whisper}]

    Former Abilities[edit]


    • [{Spellthief / Spellbinder Dagger}]
    • [{Weapon / Shadowshade}]
    • [{Armor / Spellplate}]
    • [{Treasure / Convoluted Composite Crossbow}]

    Former Belongings[edit]



    Conner was born to a large Kobold family, with seven or six brothers and sisters. Conner's parents forced the Kobold to be out on the street as a begger at a very young age, where he learned he could lie and steal with a high chance of success. This caused Conner to leave his large family and set out to be a thief, this is where he met the Murder Bros and became a prominent member of their gang.

    Murder Bros[edit]

    Conner joins his compatriots in discussing a plan with Orvan Weiss in a tavern of the town of Silverflats. Weiss and Empusa discuss a shipment of Silver Scales arriving by train and Empusa tasks the gang to gain information about the train schedule. However after heavily drinking E.X.X.X.P. Ale, the group barely arrives at the information and stumbles out of the bar.

    They make their way to intersect the pathway of an arriving carriage which is said to have the schedule, but is guarded by the Sunswords. Weiss is then disguised to distract the Sunswords long enough for the rest of the members to jump them from behind. However, as they in act their plan, they suffer from the hallucinogenic properties of E.X.X.X.P. Ale, and believe they are fighting a large tentacle monster that formed from the carriage. Having believed to have "defeated" the Carriage, they snap out of their hallucination and investigate the carriage with Empusa. They find a young Gnome girl who happens to be from the wealthy family of the Maries, Jessabelle Marie. Conner is subjected to Jessabelle's magic mental alterations and becomes Lovestruck with her, cursing him to protect her. After arguing with the rest of the group, Conner convinces them that protecting her is in their best interest. They return to the town, with Jessabelle tied up in tow, and find that the whole town is now aware that they are the infamous Murder Bros.

    Conner and the group return to arguing about keeping Jessabelle alive, as Conner was tasked with killing her. Due to Lovestruck, Conner argued until Borracho intervened and said he will do the deed. However as Borracho was about to kill her, Conner continued after them, letting Jessabelle talk her way out of the situation by implying that she can be helpful to the group. When Borracho let Bubs hold the rope, she slipped away and the group returned to the problem at hand.

    Conner joined Empusa and Weiss in breaking into the bar and killing the townsfolk there, while Borracho, Tubs and Bubs along with Borracho's cartel took care of the rest of the Sheriff's men. Once the barsfolk were killed, Conner played a bit of the paino, which he found that he was impressively good at. He joined the rest of the Murder Bros bandit army outside, facing down the few men left aligned with the Sheriff. Johnny pulled out his six shooters and defeated all but a handful left of the men, causing them to retreat into the train station. They were surrounded and eventually gunned down by the Murder Bros.

    The gang then ride off on their Groundbolds attempting to catch the train with the shipment of Silver Scales, however they suffer from one last hallucination from the E.X.X.X.P. Ale. They now believe that the Train is a living entity attempting to kill them. They unload as much magic and physically power they can to "defeat the Train," which results in the hallucination wearing off and the real train to derail from the damage. The gang then take out the remaining members of the Sunswords while freeing Chimera the Kobold. The bandits have taken the train.



    Conner was captured by Galen Sunsword after his fight with The Law.


    • Justin did not enjoy being "Lovestruck", as it altered his vision of having the only reference to his Well Endowed attribute to be his nick name, "The Long Con."
    • Justin originally wanted Conner to have "74" siblings, as Kobolds may have litters, but Rob decided against this lore, and allowed Conner to have "seven or six" siblings.
    • Conner is the only player character from Murder Bros not to be the featured character for his class in Season 3.