Crew of the Bocoe

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Crew of the Bocoe

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles RadioactiveK.png
Former Members
Status Defunct
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

The Crew of the Bocoe is a group of seafaring pirates that voyage across "The Drink" of The Realms on the Bocoe.



The crew of the Bocoe originally began with an unknown Porc captain, leading his crew. So far the only known member of the crew during that time is Merci. At an unknown point in time, Merci killed and skinned his captain, taking over his role.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles[edit]

Merci led the crew of McCoy, who was designated as his First Mate, Jakelad a sea shanty singing bard, and Octivias the ship's chef. Merci later hired two Kobolds, one known for his lust for treasure, Jo Krysstal, and the other for her ruthless behaviour, Kinney Boots. Merci hired them for a mission the Gnome Wizard Nisovin gave them: The Jewel of the Dingo Isles|retrieve the jewel on the Dingo Isles.

The ship then set sail for fourteen days, thirteen of which Merci slept away. During their travels, the crew and ship were attacked by Fish Yogurt hungry Harpies and a EagleBear. The crew valiantly fought to defend their goods from the attackers and nearly lost Octivias to the murky depths of The Drink several times. A few Harpies manage to escape with their lives and a few heirlooms from the crew, but most were slain.

After a bit of rest, the crew was then attacked at night by a Behemoth named Colin. During this attack, the ship lost a single canon and a crew member. The crew member was Jakelad, who had secretly been a member of the Cult of Bones and attempted to kill his crewmates for the glory of his undead sea god. Kinney Boots killed Jakelad for his betrayal, while the other crewmen defeated the tentacles of Colin the Behemoth. After this the crew rested for the night and docked near the Dingo Isles.

Beginning the fifteenth day of their journey, the crew of the Dingo Isles snuck into the mysterious temple of the Isle. Upon entering the temple, they realised that they were trapped within by the stone guardians. After a few failed attempts of destroying the statues, they decided they should delve deeper, gathering treasures along the way. The trek through the temple was not dangerous until they were trapped in a room that was slowly becoming engulfed in flames. The crew attempted to break through a large metallic door, but was distracted when a group of Skeletons appear from the ceiling with Pot Puppies. The crew fought hard to save the three defenseless canines while busting through the door. After finally entering the next room with the puppies, the crew found their bounty: a large red jewel, guarded by an enormous Skeleton. McCoy read from the map gifted to them by Nisovin and revealed that only one of pure honor and virtue may obtain the jewel. Merci believing the ever loyal McCoy to be the most fitted of that description, sent him to get the gem. McCoy grabbed the gem and the large Skeleton receded into a treasure room and the door closed. After halting the treasure lust of Krysstal, the crew returned to their ship, with the Jewel, Puppies and more treasure in hand.

The New Crew[edit]





  • Rob had initially planned to have a third 'Boat' board, this one featuring a battle between the Bocoe and a ship of Gnomes hired by Nisovin to backstab the pirates. As this event never happened, it is considered noncanon.
    • This idea was eventually used in The New Crew, replacing the Gnomes with Elves under the command of Virgo Sunsword.
  • Due to the Events of The Skeleton King, it is currently not known what happened to the Captured members of the Crew.