Cult of Bones

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The Cult of Bones

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Former Members
Status Active
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

The Cult Of Bones is an ancient Cult run by the Ageless. Their goal is to "bring balance to the World", and "free people from their curse and their pain". They have the ability to turn others into Ancient Skeletal Beings, like themselves. They appear to worship Golestandt, as well as Cothlin the Behemoth. Much of the Cult of Bones is still a mystery.


Many Years ago, Virgo Sunsword did battle with the Cult of Bones and their deity, Golestandt. Although the Cultists, being Ageless, were immune to most types of damage, Virgo found a way to defeat and kill off many of them. He also found a way to defeat the Ageless One and force him into a prolonged slumber. Afterwards, Virgo ordered the construction of mountains on top of where the Ageless One slept. These mountains became the Silvermine Mountains. Since then, the few remaining Cultists have gone underground, hiding in the shadows and among the general populace, converting anyone they can. They await the day they can re-awaken Golestandt and try to bring a "Balance" to the world; they plan to undo what the Elves have "caused".

The Sunswords[edit]

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles[edit]

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

Notable Members[edit]




  • McCoy: Recieved a Gift from their Gods
  • Bopen: It is unknown how he fits into the Cult of Bones. He is rumored to be Ageless, but may not be associated with the Cult.


  • So far, all members of the Cult of Bones have been Ageless.
    • It is currently unknown if the Crew members in The Skeleton King have any relation with the Cult of Bones.
  • Rob confirmed that Cultists of Bones aren't evil, but are simply trying to return the world to a state similar to The Hatching where nobody dies and that everyone can live in peace as Ageless forever.
    • This can be further proven by how in The Silvermine Mountain Campaign that Khn'n-Rell states: "We are freeing the Great Ageless One, not for power... no, but for balance!"