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AffiliationDragon Aspects
StatusAlive, Imprisoned
SeasonsSeason Two

"Thank you for letting me touch you, little boy."
— Dalfgan

Dalfgan is a powerful two-headed Ogre, the son of Frostlord Yvander and the smartest of the First Frost.


Like his mother Yvander, Dalfgan is able to speak the language of Dragons as both of his heads and minds are perfectly synced as one. This gives Dalfgan the ability to cast Dragon Spells, and therefore creation magic. He is one of the few non-dragon beings to wield this power.

Powers & Abilities[edit]


  • Yvander's Disciple: You have Two Regular and Two Anytime Actions each Round. When you are about to be defeated, gain a new set of Abilities and restore all stamina.


  • Cold Fog: Morph in a dark blue fog that transforms all spaces in an area into Deadly Terrain and interrupting any Target casting a Spell. Instead of taking Damage, non-Ogre Characters in an Area must Death Roll at the end of the Round while standing in this fog.
  • Frostbite: Throw a spike of glowing ice that deals Damage equal to the amount of Stamina you are missing, up to a maximum of 40.
  • Froststones: Summon Three Frost Stones anywhere on the Battlefield. If touched by a Player or triggered by a Spell, all non-Ogre Characters in an area must Death Roll.



Due to the powerful Dragon Magic that Dalfgan wields, he was tricked by the Elven families and sealed away in a Realm of Shadow hundreds of years ago. For centuries, the Sunsword family has guarded the dungeon that holds Dalfgan, as his release could bring a great vengeful wrath onto the people of this realm. He was imprisoned for creating three headed ogres.

It was revealed through a supporter event that members of the Sunsword family each have a sun key that would be required to free Dalfgan from his prison.

Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

Note: This appearance of Dalfgan was as a Believer illusion created by Nisovin.

Upon The Students of Okagnoma Guild Hall's appearance in his domain, Dalfgan was simply reading a copy of Boyfriend Quest. He only looked up once Thomas approached him, and offered him some E.X.P., but Dalfgan declined. Thomas inquired about his book, but then Dalfgan lashed out at Thomas, but the barrier containing him held him back. Dalfgan was rather annoyed when Thomas spoiled the ending of the book, however, when Buzz Dinglefizz approached him, Dalfgan turned back happily, as he recognized Buzz as a Believer too. After Buzz's return to the group, Nisovin told the students their challenge, and promptly left. Dalfgan broke free of his barrier, and started heading towards the group.

Dalfgan summoned many frost stones and cold fog onto the battlefield, even killing some of the students, including Buzz, who had accidentally cast Lay on Hands onto Dalfgan previously. Half way through this battle, Nisovin reappeared, and opened a portal for the students to escape through. Many of them ran through to presumed safety, but Lola van Drych stayed, reflecting a frost icicle back at Dalfgan again and again, weakening him. As Lola went in for a final blow, however, Dalfgan's power as Yvander's Disciple activated, causing him to grow in power. As he did so, the room turned black, and the students awoke in their classroom, as Nisovin ended his illusion.

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  • Dalfgan's name is a play on 'Gandalf,' with the two syllables switched around.
  • Dalfgan can be seen reading a copy of Boyfriend Quest which he then gives to Buzz after the ending is spoiled for him by Thomas.