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ClassBooty Raider
  • His family
Campaigns The Many Gobos of Pat
"I Don't Stink So!"
— Dankie

Dankie (/dɔnki/) is a Hobgoblin Goblin Booty Raider portrayed by Coestar during The Many Gobos of Pat.



Dankie is a Red Hobgoblin with a large figure, short brown hair, blue eyes and a pencil thin mustache. He also has a small bruise on his forehead from banging his head against the wall. He wears a blue cap, a blue t-shirt with gold trim around the bottom and neck, a white vest, black pants and yellow boots.


Dankie is mentally disabled and lives in ignorance and contentment. He lacks coordination and reasoning, typically acting upon his emotions. Whenever he experiences trauma, he is known to repeatedly hit his head against the nearest wall, find the comfort of his favorite objects, or have a panic attack. Being very loving and devoted towards his family, he assumes an almost ferocious stance towards anyone he perceives as hostile towards them. Hence after the execution of Pattenborrow Threecircle by a dwarf, Dankie develops a strong dislike towards dwarves, which leads him to charge into battle almost mindlessly. Dankie also begins to assume that any character that is hostile towards him must also be a dwarf.



Dankie had a good relationship with Madelyne, always treating her a great friend and typically helping her out of awkward situations with Terrence. Madelyne, likewise, enjoyed Dankie's company and always defended him. She was extremely distraught over losing him in battle.

Pattenborrow Threecircle[edit]

Dankie very much loved his adoptive father, and Pat was very patient and kind to Dankie's disabilities. He even made sure Dankie had a specialized chair that for family gatherings. Pat even entrusted him with a Crystal Flat Screen as a birthday present, whereas everyone else had smaller presents.


Pryor is extremely annoyed by Dankie, and on one occasion told him to "Go drown yourself."

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Booty Raider Abilities[edit]

Lumberjack Abilities[edit]

  • Mount






  • Coral Comb: Dankie views the comb as a pet and named it Scott, following this weeks go-to name. After he is captured by the Dwarves , much like Madelyne's pet Scott, it is also killed.
  • Map of the Area: During the initial fight with the Paladin Order, this map was discovered to actually be a crudely drawn picture of Dankie's house, including stick figures of his adoptive family. This "map" included an arrow pointing to the second floor of this house to indicate the location of his blanket. This drawing was later begrudgingly traded to a Kobold, named Scott, while at the arena pit for (false) information about fighting the Elephelks.



At an unknown point in time, Dankie was found and raised by Pattenborrow Threecircle, a Paladin Elf who recently lost his own family and fled the Paladin Order. He was raised with his new found adoptive brothers Warren, Terrence, Desnuttes and adoptive sister Madelyne and her biological father Pryor.

The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]

Dankie is first seen playing outside with his pet comb by the river. However after annoying Pryor he is sarcastically told to drown himself. Believing it was a genuine order, and thinking the activity would be fun, he attempts to with little success. Giving up and frustrated he returns to the house. He discovers today is the anniversary of Dankie's adoption by Pattenborrow, he and his adoptive siblings were to receive a Crystal Flat Screen with the ability to watch anyone in the realm, and some elven sugar cookies. However when Dankie mashed the buttons "K-4" on the remote the children were horrified at the sight of an extremely hairy, naked dwarf receiving a sensual message from the Monkey Fish King. Pattenborrow, enraged that they would use his gift to look up "Dwarf Smut," yells at the goblins, stops giving out gifts, and burns the cookies. Forcing him to throw them away. Dankie, upset by this, goes to walk out of the house to calm down, but is stopped when a number of Dwarf Paladins storm the house and demand to take the goblins. Pat attempts to protect his children by ushering them upstairs, but despite his best efforts, he and Madelyne's pet wolf Scott are decapitated. The Goblins are then knocked out and taken to an arena.

The group wakes up in the Paladin Arena where the punishment for existing is to fight in a series of gladiatorial style fights to the death. The group encounters a group of Kobolds, and try to ask them for any information. Dankie, enraged tries to give the kobolds one of his famous "Surprise Attacks" but he is held back by members of his family. The group is ushered into the arena where they narrowly defeat a family of three Elaphelks. Durring the fight Dankie tries to mount the Elaphelk to little success. The group returns to cell to rest where Dankie tries to show them his conjoined twin brother. An under developed fetus still alive within him. They are cut short by the trash taking elf Heatherfol Threecircle, before once again being escorted into the arena. where they are forced to fight the Kobolds from earlier, which Dankie has called "Scotts."

Sadly, he was killed by a donkey that had been thrown in from the crowd during an arena battle. This donkey was meant to be a gift, but killed Dankie as he was unconscious.


During an arena fight with several Kobolds, Dankie charged into the midst of them and was subjected to several attacks from them. Dankie was eventually knocked unconscious from the volley of attacks. He would have survived the battle, but the crowd, moved by the display from the fighters, decided to throw a live donkey into the arena landing on the unconscious Hobgoblin, killing him under the donkey's weight.


  • Dankie had a favorite tree at Pat's House. He is was known to go to it when he was distressed.
    • Alternatively, he would bang his head against the side of the house when feeling tense, or when he wasn't for that matter.
  • Continuing on with Coe's theme of words in foreign languages, Dankie means thank you in Afrikaans. [1] [2]
  • Dankie has a conjoined twin as well- an internal sentient tumor that he's unaware of.
    • According to Warren and Pryor, the tumor is significantly more intelligent than Dankie himself.
  • Dankie is the first Player character to have definitively died on screen.
  • Dankie is the only Character to be killed by chat and a donkey.