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AffiliationThe Sandbolds
AliasDany, Princess
Campaigns The Sandbolds
SeasonsSeason Three

Danzen is a Kobold Sandbender played by Roamin in The Sandbolds. Danzen was one of few Kobolds who were taken in by the Sandbolds after Bopen's Crew raided their village. Danzen grew accustom to her new life of slavery amongst the Sandbolds and quickly rose ranks to become a leader, leading missions along side Tien. She was last seen surviving the attack from the now divine Maelstrom, along with her wife Vanessa Squishwitz.



Danzen is a female Kobold with a curvy figure and long dark hair. As a child, Danzen wore her hair in pigtails with two small bows and wore a simple white dress. As she aged into a teen, she grew more rebellious due to the beatings from her masters, she began to wear a more revealing sleeveless shirt with a mesh upper body, a large nose ring and several earrings in her ears. She also wore her hair in a ponytail. Once she aged into an adult, Danzen wore her hair shorter, and had a cloak held to her neck by a collar and wore a shirt that revealed her cleavage.


When she was a child, Danzen was very active and hyper. She would constantly run around and talk over anyone else. This simpleness as a child led her to believe that the slavery she was subjected was a joyful experience. It was not until the beatings her behavior caused her to become rebellious in her teenage years. The conflicting emotions caused her to outlash against her masters, but coddle them soon later. She grew out of this stage and assumed a more leadership role, commanding the Sandbolds and reciting their rules as law.

She is shown to be a very physical lover, as a child she would often kiss whoever was nice to her, then as a teen she would write erotica about the ones she was infatuated with. When she met her future wife, Vanessa, the two would often have sexual interactions while on missions.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Danzen has a spot on her left ear that, when scratched, causes her pleasure and her ear to twitch. As of now, Vanessa Squishwitz is the only person to find this spot.


Among the Sandbolds, Danzen had the best relationships with Tien, Liv and McCarrot Smith. As a child, Danzen regarded Liv as "pretty and nice," as she grew up Liv became a more hands on mentor to her, causing her to learn and advance to the position of leadership. With Tien, she respected his leadership, learning from him when she could. She had a flirty relationship with McCarrot, often trying to intice sexual acts between the two. This interaction quickly died out when she formed a relationship with Vanessa.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • [{Class / Sandbender}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Chief}]
  • [{Attribute / Insecure}]


  • [{Supplies / Banner of Courage}]
  • [{Supplies / Forge Armor}]


  • [{Sandbender / Dissolve}]
  • [{Sandbender / Ghost Sound}]
  • [{Sandbender / Hourglass Sandstone}]
  • [{Sandbender / Prismglass}]
  • [{Sandbender / Quicksand}]
  • [{Sandbender / Sand Spear}]
  • [{Sandbender / Sandstorm}]
  • [{Sandbender / Tailwind}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Gilded Armour}]
  • [{Sandbender / Unusual Weapon}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Liv was a Sandbold Gnome Witch who first appeared in The Sandbolds. She was the first known Gnome to be introduced into the Sandbolds and become one. She perished to the flames of the now Divine Whelpling Maelstrom.

The Sandbolds[edit]

Liv was among the Sandbolds when they brought in new slaves. She took it upon herself to help mentor the young Danzen with McCarrot Smith. She was a firm, but kind mentor to her slave, only being known to beat her in the early years of her training. When Denzin grew to a teen, Liv suggest that she be promoted and begin leading her own missions. Soon after Denzin, under the care of Liv, grew to leading the Sandbolds on several missions.

However, when the traitorous Maestrom returned, Liv fought alongside her other Sandbolds to kill him. But when he Ascended to Divinity, Liv was among the ones who perished in the massacre.

Companion Inventory[edit]

  • [{Attribute / Stingy}]
  • [{Companion / Gnomish Witch}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Novaflame EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Whirling Staff EX}]
Liv TSB Puppet.png
Capable of SpeechYes
Campaigns The Sandbolds



Danzen once lived in a Kobold town near the coast. However, her life there was cut short as Bopen's Undead Army came with new recruits, seeking to test their mettle. Once they arrived, they sent a magically controlled Ghostblade to murder all of the Kobolds in the town. The assassin manages to kill Danzen's parents, but she was saved when the Sandbolds decided to intervene and submit Danzen to a life of servitude.

The Sandbolds[edit]

Once she was taken back to the Final Talon, Danzen was indoctrinated into the ways of the Sandbolds, "to write down everything relating to time." She was then placed under the care of McCarrot Smith, who then passed her along to Liv. The Sandbolds taught her basic function skills, but mainly how to spot time anomolies and to write them down for the God Phanto should he awake.

Years later, Danzen was allowed to accompany Talee to the home of Lyn Azveltara, Ninjaru. During that time, Danzen went through puberty, creating several moodswings while she was trying to preform on a mission. However, she eventually found a young servent by the name of Vanessa Squishwitz. Danzen managed to convince Vanessa to leave Ninjaru and become a Sandbold, initially looking for a slave of her own, but eventually fell in love. The two would continue to form their relationship over the years.

Now an adult, Danzen has rose to be able to command Sandbolds and lead them on time missions. Under the supervision of Varik, Danzen lead the team to investigate the town of Karazim, where a large time bubble was halting time. The group split up and Danzen took the moment to propose to Vanessa. Quickly Vanessa said yes, but the celebration was cut short as the Kobolds "stuck" in the anomaly began to move, revealing they where all believers of the same person. After quickly fending off, the group returned to Final Talon.

Some odd years later, Danzen and the Sandbolds where allowed to attend the Ascension of Leopold Barringster Sunsword. This is where Danzen met the Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus and accidentally reveals that they hold Ghostblade in their possession. This angers the Dragon, who sends the Sandbolds to a far away island before bringing them back reluctantly.

Back at the Final Talon, the Sandbolds are met with the great betrayer of them, Maelstrom. Revealing that the very Ghostblade that the Sandbolds keep in their possession killed the former slaves' parents, and that their very being and made up of stories by another person. Danzen sides with the Sandbolds and beings attacking the one-eyed Kobold. However, not long after the fight is commenced, Maelstrom revealed his own Ascension, and began his first steps to becoming a Divine Sun God: turning into a Whelpling and targeting all Sandbolds. Danzen and the rest begin to flee.


Danzen and her wife Vanessa Squishwitz managed to survive the rampage of Maelstrom, leaving Final Talon as he killed the Sandbolds.


  • Since Roamin did not give Liv any expressions, Liv was given the joke that she had "botox" injected into her.