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RaceGhost, formerly Dvergr
  • Unnamed Biological Parents
  • Adoptive Father: Angus McGavin
  • Unnamed Adoptive Mother (Deceased)
Campaigns The Unseen Rogues
SeasonsSeason One

"I'm only a level 3 bard, what did you expect?"
— Darius

Darius is a Dvergr Bard, played by Roamin during The Unseen Rogues. He was a member of Mona's Band of Thieves before he perished at the hands of Omally.



Darius is a male Dvergr with tanned, rocky skin, red hair covering most of his head, save for his nose, a long red beard that ends at his crotch, and hairy arms and fingers. Darius wears a pink, long sleeved shirt with red cuffs, maroon fingerless gloves, red shorts, a brown sash, and maroon feather boots with a gold button.


Darius is first and foremost a coward, often choosing to run away than fight. He has a love for all music and stories but otherwise cares for little else. He is also known for his paranoia when it comes to damage to his hands or fingers, believing his career as a Bard would end if he broke either. This fear has caused him to be very weak in combat, even being very unsuccessful at turning and maintaining his Stoneskin form. He is also afraid of Hat Rats if they are more than 2.


Neena Brando[edit]

Neena is a member of the band and Darius is the only male Dwarf in the town that Neena has had no sexual relationships with. While Neena did not like Darius' stories, often falling asleep to them or wandering off in boredom, she still offered to have intercourse with him. Darius refused these offers for unknown reasons.

Nate Tack[edit]

Nate and Darius' relationship was not touched upon heavily. It is known that Nate views Darius' stories as highly negative, even belittling him about a portion of a story (particularly the part of Nate being stabbed) coming to fruition and happening. Nate was the only one who was visibly horrified by Darius' violent passing, however.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dvergr}]
  • [{Class / Bard}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Gifted}]
  • [{Attribute / Coward}]


  • [{Passive / Swift Feather Boots}]


  • [{Bard / Disguise}]
  • [{Bard / Lullaby}]
  • [{Bard / Storyteller}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Fine Lasren Beltguard}]
  • [{Weapon / Blunt Saxophone}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Armor / Leather Armor}]
  • [{Consumable / Invisibility Potion}]
  • Elaphelk Tusk Ear Trumpet
  • Flute
  • [{Potion / Swiftness Potion}]



Darius grown up in a city known as Bardusk. He has had two sets of parents. His second father, Angus McGavin became a drunkard, and he would drink an unknown concoction massively. Darius ran into Angus's room and started playing with his second father's lute. His second father came in and starting attacking him, but he was drunk, so he missed a lot. However, he still hit Darius, and scared him but Darius was determined to find this lute again. So the next night, he went into his second father's room and started playing with the lute. This time, his father wasn't angry. His second father started guiding him onto his quest to becoming a bard.

The Unseen Rogues[edit]

Darius is first seen aiding his fellow thieves in a heist on the local museum. He reports to the party that there are 8 guards on patrol that night despite the fact there's only 4. (Being a Dvergr he double counted.) Darius aids this by disguising himself as the head curator, tricking one of the guards into leaving. Despite the heist's rocky start and Darius's sub-par disguise they succeed in stealing an antique vase. The party, upon seeing that Thea Mazing is missing, waits at a local restaurant for her to catch up. The party then continues to their "Grandma" Mona's house but are stopped by a band of unseen rogues lead by Chase. After a short tussle they not only defeat the band, but also convince a member of the organization (Lester) to join them. Unfortunately they also managed to smash the vase during the encounter. Mona is enraged despite Darius' attempts to form an excuse. While at Mona's house the party has to fight off an infestation of Rats. During the fight Darius finds a Blunt Saxophone. The Hat Rats being dealt with, Lester informs the party of Pit boss Omally's (Mona's rival,) treasure. Which he hides behind a painting of a naked Kobold woman. They decide to wait until dusk for the plan. They pass time at a local Timmy O's where Thea and Lester decide to get married on a whim. Nate Tack preforms the ceremony while Darius serenades them with Saxophone music. The Party then proceeds into the Museum. Despite Neena Brando's best efforts, she is unable to draw guards away. During the fight she finds a Vampire Locket and promptly pockets it. The guards being dealt with the party takes as much gold as they can carry and then returns to Mona's house. There they discover that she has been beaten, and the house has been ransacked by Chase and unseen rogues member who plan on taking them to their boss Omally. upon arriving at the Rogues' Tower, Omally threatens Thea to kill Mona. When she refuses, Omally turns to Lester. Upon seeing one of his own having defected, Omally is enraged and begins to attack the party.


Darius was killed in the final combat against Pit Boss Omally after an attack by the pit boss was redirected by Neena's Lascene away from Thea. Darius was then resurrected as a ghost with the appearance of being coated in urine.


  • Rob allowed Darius to use his Arcane Signet on Storyteller despite it not being a spell, because of Darius' specific build of having no weapons or damaging abilities of any sort.
  • Coestar initially thought that Darius was a reference to Darius Twin, a shoot-em-up game for the SNES released in 1991.
  • Darius is the second player character to die on screen, the first being Dankie.
    • Darius is also the first character to have been resurrected by any means.
    • Darius is also the first canon character death, as The Many Gobos of Pat was declared non-canon.
  • Darius holds the record for the worst rolling character in URealms Live.
    • Roamin rolled an average roll of 7.63 in The Unseen Rogues. If you discount the last 10 rolls (which were performed as Chase), this drops to 7.11. Considering that the expected would be about 10.5, with most characters rolling an average of 9.5-11.5, Darius is by far the most unlucky character in existence.
    • In the final encounter against Omally, Darius' series of rolls were: 3, 1, 1, 2, 2, after which he stopped rolling until he died, leading to an average of 1.8.
    • In the entire campaign, if you discount Chase's rolls, Roamin only rolled a 15 or higher twice.
  • Darius was the original character to be featured on the Bard's class cards in Season 2. He was replaced with Vanessa Squishwitz in Season 3.