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Davey 'Dave' Davidson
ActorRob, Coe
Campaigns Band of Thieves, Porc Hunters, The Sunswords, Murder Bros
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

Not to be confused with the generic name that the Theta Squad gives to Elves.

Captain Davey 'Dave' Davidson is an Elf Suncleric played by Rob as an NPC in Band of Thieves and Porc Hunters, and in The Sunswords a player, portrayed by Coestar . Dave is a fan fiction book writer, and was/is a member of Gwyneth Sunsword's faction of Suncleric Elves and Sunblades. Dave was last seen perishing at the hands of Chimera at the end of Murder Bros.



Dave is a male Elf with a thin figure, long white hair, and violet eyes. Dave wears a blue long sleeve, v-neck jumper, with black greeves, black belt and black boots. He has white bandages around his upper left thigh and a light blue cape that ends just above his rear. He often carries around a brown book that he constantly writes in with a golden quill for his various stories.


Dave is friendly towards pretty much everyone, with the exception of those who he sees looking down on his fan-fiction books, which he is very protective of. He is one of the only adventurers on The Sunswords quest to not be Gwyneth's boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or wanna-be-boyfriend. As such, he often plays a peace-making role, especially when he gains control of the Leader's Heartoak Staff, enabling him to control what the leader of the group feels. He, however, does not use it to better his own position and generally does what is best for the group as he sees it.

Dave believes in teamwork and in following rules. He is generally a sensible elf, pointing out the absurdity of the actions of others, such as Ca-Rell's promotions based on victory over a group of mere goblins and Xavius's using an unconscious body as a meatshield. Dave appears to be a very capable fighter in The Sunswords. Despite his low health, he manages to deal lots of damage with his wizarding spells, single-handedly fighting off most of a Porc attack force.

Battle Style[edit]

Dave uses normal wizard tactics, usually Blessing of Strengths himself pre-combat and casts a spell and dragonskin bow combo.



Dave meets Ca-Rell briefly in Porc Hunters as he is supervising the transportation of Chimera who promptly breaks loose. It is shown that Dave (like most others) is a higher ranking officer to Ca-Rell and corrects her many times on how Elven military leadership works, showing that Dave and Ca-Rell see each other multiple times if not often.


Dave is shown to meet Elmar briefly with the rest of the Theta Squad while Dave is supervising the transportation of Chimera before he promptly breaks loose. They were buddies in college, but Dave really hates his game of "Chilly Willies" that Elmar is notorious for.


He was charmed by Squinks during Band of Thieves, where Dave is in the Elven town with a disguised Squinks who undisguises and charms him.


Rufio was a huge fan of Dave's work (Romantic Fan Fiction), however this obsession diluted him from reality so much that he stabbed Gwenyth due to him realising he'll never have Gwyneth to himself and thus nearly kills her and kills her unborn baby.


Gwyneth and Dave traveled together in The Sunswords while escorting prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains. It has been said that Dave and Gwyneth have traveled before during other missions, but not in any other campaign. Dave is unlike many of the other Elves in his group during this campaign in seeming that he takes no interest in Gwyneth romantically and only regards her as a friend on the surface. It is unknown if Dave and Gwyneth have ever dated before and if Dave is keeping his emotions buried far below the surface, but during The Sunswords it doesn't seem likely that he ever has nor will. During the wrap-up of [[The Sunswords], Dave does use his Leader's Heartoak Staff to try and get Gwyneth to make Rufio the leader by making her love him, but she seems to resist the power of it slightly (most likely because Rufio had just stabbed her and killed her baby) and instead makes Dave the leader so he can carry out what he wants to do. Gwyneth's emotions are then shown to have returned to normal as she makes Dave the leader and gives a parting shot of "I hate that guy" directed at Rufio as she moves away.

Kallark Gandolin[edit]

In The Sunswords where Dave and Kallark are helping to transport prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains not much is shared between the two with Dave keeping to the other recruits such as Ian Bates and Fizzy Wizzy.

Xavius Barringster[edit]

In The Sunswords where Dave and Xavius are helping transport prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains not much is shared between the two besides the beating of Greeky and his friend and Xavius saying "Dave is good people" when Phineas Barringster says he hated Dave and he is horrible at writing.


In The Sunswords where Dave and Bob help to transport prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains not much is shared between much the same as Dave and Kallark.

Phineas Barringster[edit]

Dave has traveled with Phineas in The Sunswords and never seemed to develop a fondness towards him until after using his Leader's Heartoak Staff he had found to change Phineas' attitude towards Dave. Previously, Dave was a bit skeptical with Phineas joining the party, openly questioning if it would be safe for him and voting that he should leave lest he be hurt. Once Phineas is allowed to stay, though, Dave's attitude towards Phineas becomes, at the least, indifferent and, at the the most, friendly. During the altercation with the Ogre, though, Phineas reveals that he "hates Dave" and his "books are stupid", leading to comments from the rest of the party that Dave is "good people" while Dave uses his Leader's Heartoak Staff to change this as Phineas is the temporary leader at this moment. The relationship between the two then seems to be fairly the same after this, indifferent at the least, friendly at the most.

Galen Sunsword[edit]

Dave and Galen have yet to interact in a campaign so far, but in Buckeroos, Galen sees Dave and his squadron's bodies and pours a Jar of Elven Brown Sand over them, which is seen as a sign of respect.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Elf}]
  • [{Class / Suncleric}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Writers}]
  • [{Attribute / Romantic}]


  • [{Passive / Believer Stone}]
  • [{Passive / Believer Stone}]


  • [{Companion Ability / Bladeturn EX}]
  • [{Cabalist / Life Drain}]
  • [{Suncleric / Aurora Borealis}]
  • [{Suncleric / Sunbolt}]
  • [{Thane / Spell of Bearding}]
  • [{Wizard / Arcane Missiles}]
  • [{Wizard / Fireball}]
  • [{Wizard / Iceblast}]
  • [{Paladin / Martyr}]
  • [{Berserker / Seismic Slam}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Studded Armor}]
  • [{Suncleric / Sunshield}]
  • [{Weapon / Dragonskin Bow}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • Leader's Heartoak Staff


Band of Thieves[edit]

Dave first appeared in the Suncleric town among Gwyneth and other Sunclerics. Squinks, currently disguised as a young elven girl, happened upon them. Squinks decided to back-stab his party, revealing that several Gnomes were in the Monkey Fish King's cave. Dave was left in charge of the false girl, while the others went to search the cave.

Squinks attempted to edge Dave to go help his fellow elves search, but Dave was very firm in his orders. Squinks resorted to casting Charm on Dave, enlisting him to help. The charmed Dave then helped his new temporary master to hide in the town's jail and would assist at a later time to break him out.

This plan would not last, as the Charm broke, causing Dave to leave Squinks in the jail and join his fellow elves in the final battle against the gnomes.

Porc Hunters[edit]

Dave appeared as an ally to the protagonists of this campaign, the Theta Squad, one of whom was his old pal from college Chilly Wizzy. They helped him defeat Chimera, a captured Kobold who had escaped via the donation goal: Unnatural Critical. Afterwards he gave their leader, Captain Ca-Rell, four Treasures as a reward for assisting in the recapture of Chimera. Shortly after he left with his prisoner and the rest of his elven companions.


Dave was played by Coestar in The Sunswords. During the group's mission to the Silvermine Mountains, Dave is working on a novel titled 'Boyfriend Quest' that he plans to later share on the Magic Forums.

Murder Bros[edit]

Dave was on the train transporting the elven silver that the The Murder Bros were chasing. When the train derailed, Dave was one of the few survivors of the train crash. After battling with the Bandit gang, all of the elves were killed but Dave, So in a last effort Dave ran to his chest to collect his copy of Boyfriend Quest. But before he could open it he was suddenly beheaded by Chimera


Dave was escorting a shipment of silver as well as Chimera when the train was derailed. Dave tried to fight off the bandits, but was defeated. As a last ditch effort he attempted to grab his copy of Boyfriend Quest but was beheaded by Chimera.

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  • Dave is the first NPC to be played by a player.
  • Dave is the first character that Coestar has played that has had nothing to do with the phrase "Thank you", or is a pun in anyway.
  • Dave was born after the Birth of Magic.
  • Dave is the seventh player character to have died in the URealms Universe.
  • Dave was originally a Wizard in The Sunswords, but this has since been later changed, as his Season 3 character sheet lists his class as Suncleric.