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RaceAgeless Elf
  • Creation: Private Ice Lord
  • StatusAlive
    Campaigns Porc Hunters
    SeasonsSeason One

    "I'm gonna summon a Shit Lord."
    — Corporal DeNada

    Corporal DeNada (/dɛnədə/) is an Elf Cabalist played by Coestar that appears in Porc Hunters. He was a member of The Sunswords Military assigned to Theta Squad, under the command of Captain Ca-Rell and alongside Templeton Barringster VII and Elmar, and is charged with taking care of a horde of Porcs. In The Silvermine Mountains, it is revealed that DeNada was an Ageless being and a member of the Cult of Bones, and he helped Khn'n-Rell awaken Golestandt.



    DeNada is a male Elf with neck length brown hair and crystal blue eyes. DeNada wears a blue and yellow Ushanka with a golden broach on the front of it. He also wears a long sleeve, blue tunic with golden accents and the Theta symbol (Ө) on his left arm. He has white pants with a plain brown belt, brown boots with black accents and a black binding around his left leg to hold his Bewitching Mirror. On top of his traditional clothes, DeNada wears black studded pauldrons and gloves that are accented with brown lining.

    After allying himself with the Cult of Bones and becoming Ageless, DeNada gained the ability to shed his skin, muscles, and blood to reveal his true form as a skeleton.


    DeNada is very grumpy and asocial. He has no desire to fulfill any of his duties and refuses to listen to command, stating he did not want to join the military. When asked to perform a task, he will profoundly refuse, unless tempted with the promise of Treasure or pay raises. Even then he considers showing up to be enough, preferring to spend his time lazing about. His lazy personality even extends so far as to use Earthlords as butlers to fetch beer and pissa, while he loafs around in a tent.

    He gets along best with Elmar, since his easy-going personality suits him fine, while he often ignores Captain Ca-Rell's commands, viewing them as a drag, and holds no respect for her. DeNada and Templeton do not get along well, due to DeNada's constant annoyance at his pompous attitude.

    Over the course of the mission, DeNada starts to gain more respect for his captain and starts to participate more in fights. The largest turning point was when Ca-Rell takes a huge hit for DeNada that would've probably killed him, saving his life. After this he truly becomes a part of the team, even taking part in strategy talks and at one point suggesting the team turns around, concerned with not only his, but all of their safety. His changed ways become very apparent when the party fights Porbo, where he, rammed into a wall by a Skelephelk, preferred to spend time setting up Blankets of Darkness to prevent further reinforcements over saving his own life. Ultimately, however, DeNada's apparent loyalty was a ruse, as he goes on to betray Elmar during The Silvermine Mountains, revealing himself to ultimately be loyal to the Ageless.

    His preferred method of attacking did not change over the course of the adventure however; he mostly prefers to distance himself from the fight, attacking with long-distance moves and sending in his Frost Elemental or Earthlords for close-combat fighting.



    In the beginning their relationship was rocky at best. He had no respect for her as the captain of the team, refused to listen to her orders, and--even when bribed with promised of Treasures and pay raises--loafed about in fights, mostly doing nothing. This slowly changes over the course of the mission, with him starting to put more faith in his captain, and he opens up completely after she saves his life. Afterwards, they become good friends, with him trusting her and putting more effort into fights, earning a promotion. He was sad when she left the team.


    DeNada and Elmar get along well. His lazy attitude meshes well with Elmar, and they often share some drinks at the bar. Elmar would be considered his best bud. He was happy when he was made team leader after Ca-Rell's resignation, stating that 'this is gonna be fun'.

    In The Silvermine Mountains, DeNada froze Elmar's willy in a game of Chilly Willy, and shattered the ice, causing the willy to become detached. In this time, he attempted to use [{Cabalist / Life Drain}] on Elmar, but instead melted off his own skin, revealing himself to have been a member of the Cult of Bones.

    Templeton Barringster VII[edit]

    DeNada and Templeton have a negative relationship. DeNada is irritated by his elitist attitude and holds him in low regard.

    Phineas Barringster[edit]

    DeNada did not care about Phineas' life at all and would've rather spend his time at the bar drinking than joining the rescue mission. It is not known how he views Phineas after his change of heart, since the two were not seen interacting after this point.


    DeNada has no sympathy for his Earthlords, not even viewing them as living creatures, calling them 'Shitlords'. He considers them glorified butlers and sends huge packs of them to fight and die in battle in his place.

    Ice Lord[edit]

    Contrary to the Earthlords, DeNada had much love for his Frost Elemental, naming it Ice Lord, keeping it around at all times. He took all damage for Ice Lord to keep it alive, until the final battle when taking the hit could have meant death. He was very sad to let it go.

    Character Inventory[edit]

    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Elf}]
    • [{Class / Cabalist}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Hidden}]
    • [{Attribute / Liar}]



    • [{Cabalist / Betraoil}]
    • [{Cabalist / Blanket of Darkness}]
    • [{Cabalist / Life Drain}]
    • [{Theurgist / Call Earthlord}]
    • [{Theurgist / Ice Sculpture}]
    • [{Theurgist / Teachers Pet}]

    Former Abilities[edit]

    • [{Cabalist / Grand Raven's Claw}]


    • [{Armor / Cloth Robes}]
    • [{Weapon / Oaken Staff}]

    Former Belongings[edit]

    • [{Armor / Studded Armor}]
    • [{Treasure / Bewitching Mirror}]
    • [{Treasure / Wellforn Ruby}]



    Not much is known about DeNada's past, other than he joined the Cult of Bones and became an undying Ageless. DeNada eventually joined one of the lowest branches of The Sunswords Military, Theta Squad, to be in hiding as an Ageless while Golestandt was hibernating and to gain money, and proved to have little concern over those he was forced to work with. Long ago, DeNada joined the Cult of Bones, a mysterious cult ruled by the Ageless, and became one himself.

    Porc Hunters[edit]

    DeNada was very reluctant to follow orders when commanded to leave with the group. After finding the Porcs' home in the Danevur Porc Caves and helping defeat Porbo, DeNada trapped Porbo in his [{Treasure / Bewitching Mirror}]. However, before leaving the cave, DeNada threw away the Bewitching Mirror. Whether the mirror broke and freed Porbo or landed perfectly--Porbo remainimg lost in his cave forever--is unknown.

    The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

    Sometime after the events of Porc Hunters, DeNada, Chilly Wizzy and Corporal Ice Lord were made guards of the Silvermine Mountains. Their job was to ensure that the prisoners didn't escape, and didn't try to kill one another. In their spare time, DeNada and Chilly Wizzy would play Chilly Willies, although they weren't allowed to do so in front of prisoners, especially child prisoners. After the prisoners were freed, DeNada attacked Chilly Wizzy and revealed himself to be Ageless. Khn'n-Rell helped DeNada and they walked out with the rest of the prisoners to awaken Golestandt.


    DeNada was last seen shedding his skin with the other members of the Cult of Bones as Golestandt flew off. He was buried underneath the ruins of the Silvermine Mountains, but it is speculated that the Cultists simply dug their way out.


    • His name is part of recurring joke. Many of Coestar's early characters in Season 1 are named around the phrase "Thank You". His character in The Nuren Campaign was named Thanks, his character in Band of Thieves was named Gracias, the Spanish word for thanks, and DeNada is based on De nada, the Spanish or Portuguese word for You are welcome.
    • It is unclear how DeNada is able to create the same ice elemental (Corporal Ice Lord) unless he always carries the same water he first created the Corporal in. Either that or all sentient ice elemental call themselves "Ice Lord".
    • DeNada was the original character to be featured on the Theurgist's cards in Season 2 and 3, despite canonically being a Cabalist.