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This article is about the Location. For the Season 3 Campaign, see The Senate of Deadlantis.


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First Appearance The Senate of Deadlantis

Deadlantis (known to some as Bedlantis or Debtlantis) is the deep sea town of the Ageless. It rests at the bottom of the ocean, in a bubble filled with noxious gas. This bubble is "miles wide," though that may or may not be representative of the actual area of the town. It was a major area in the second campaign of season three, The Senate of Deadlantis.


The culture of Deadlantis is somewhat lacking, due to the nature of ageless being slow-paced. Many ageless just stand around the town and wait, not doing anything. This can go on for years at a time, due to there being so little to do and so much time to do it. Others will just slowly stroll around, never breaking their sequence. The official methods of tracking time are pebbles dropped from above and an ageless who counts time.

The Senate[edit]

The Senate of Deadlantis is the government that rules Deadlantis. Senators introduce motions to be amended, and then eventually voted upon. To be given permission to speak by the mediator, you must raise a skull (it can be your own or someone else's) and then wait to be called on. There are four different political parties, some more extremist than others.

The Skull Breakers[edit]

Also known as "Those who are truly dead," this political party, which makes up about half of Deadlantis, believe that they are cursed. The Skull Breakers encourage suicide, and wish death upon all Ageless. Many skull breakers suffer from somewhat of an unending depression, as shown by Zanaria Vinisto.

The Bone Guard[edit]

The Bone Guard, lead by Daedric Tarcial'Embeart, believe that Deadlantis should stay the size that it is, rather than recruiting more ageless. They want to stay hidden under the sea and away from living affairs.

The Gravediggers[edit]

The Gravediggers are somewhat of a fringe party, with much less of the population believing in their ideals than the Skull Breakers or the Bone Guard. They think that being ageless is a gift, and that immortality is somewhat of a blessing. Many Gravediggers wish to spread the gift of agelessness, and want to turn as many beings as they can. Others only wish to change people when the time is right, and in a much more friendly manner.

The Reapers[edit]

The Reapers are an extremist party that believes that the ageless are the rightful rulers of the realm, and want anything that is not ageless to die. They believe that Bopen is an ageless god and will lead them to victory over the living.