Den of Devils

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Season 2
Air Date: November 26th, 2016
Den of Devils
The Fall of Dundinborough
The Skeleton King

"Under the crust, the earth, and the soil, the devils of fire skirmish and toil. Forging the strongest amongst their ranks, building the army, constructing their tanks."

"As when the sun no longer shines bright, these demons of flames will finally take flight. Until then they prepare they scrap and they wrestle which is why my friend we call it a Den of Devils."

- Virgo Sunsword speaking privately to Nisovin.

Den of Devils is the ninth campaign of URealms Season 2, and it originally aired on November 26th, 2016. A Den of Devils is a large cavern deep underground made by Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga that is used as a breeding ground for the creation of whelplings and dragons. There are many dens all over the realm, but they are very rare and hard to find as very rarely do any of the monsters born inside these underground vaults ever come up to the surface. The powerful wizard Nisovin has hired the Guild of Explorers to venture deep into a recently discovered den to acquire some Dragon Eggs.



Character Race Class Player
Duke Daring Icon.png Duke Daring Dwarf Buccaneer Deadbones
Jebediah Icon.png Jebediah Kobold Paladin Justin
Lunk Icon.png Lunk Gnome Berserker Coestar
Usu Icon.png Usu Black Boar Believer Peasant Roamin


Character Race Class
Nisovin Icon.png Nisovin Keen Wizard
Karl Landers Icon.png Karl Landers Kobold Ranger
Denzik Icon.png Denzik Dwarf Suncleric
Raynel Icon.png Raynel Keen Paladin/Wizard/Sorcerer
Emit Crank Icon.png Emit Crank Dvergr Warrior
Slippery Knuckles Malone Icon.png Slippery Knuckles Malone Keen Berserker
Belladona von Feingart Icon.png Belladona von Feingart Keen Sorcerer
Nikers Fontain Icon.png Nikers Fontain Dvergr
Michael Langstrom Icon.png Michael Langstrom Gnome Templar
Gracias Icon.png Gracias Gnome Sorcerer
Jo Krysstal Icon.png Jo Krysstal Kobold Believer Booty Raider
Tambok Icon.png Tambok Avatar of a Divine Being
Taylor Langstrom Icon.png Taylor Langstrom Gnome Believer
Scrag Icon.png Scrag Kobold
Dublin Dublin Porc
Rumbles Rumbles Porc

Battle Encounters[edit]


We begin with the large army of people gathered by Nisovin and the Guild of Explorers at the entrance of the cavern. We learn Michael Langstrom is in mourning over the loss of his son, Raynel had quit the Paladin Order to find Bromas and get revenge for his death, Gracias tries and befriend newcomer Lunk, Denzik is back because of his guilt over leaving Bromas and co. to die and without Susurflame, and Jo Krysstal seems to be having issues remembering things. Nisovin explains to everyone the reason he has brought them together: to steal dragon eggs. Then, as they proceed through the cave, they find the burnt remains of the previous party. As Raynel cries over the body of Bromas, impaled by Susurflame, Nisovin uses his Dreamweaver ability and finds out that Bromas was killed by one of the Porcs turned Elf that remained behind, apparantly mind controlled by the Whelpling. While Nisovin explains the power of the sword, Usu proceeds to knock himself out trying to wield the sword as his own. Newcomer Lunk manages to pull the sword out, becoming the new master of the sword. This angers Denzik, but he's sure that Lunk will lose the sword so he can claim it.

As the come across a lake of lava, they are attacked by a whelpling. The army begins fighting the whelpling, including the Whelping using his mind control on Denzik, causing him and Lunk to fight. Nikers Fontain, seeing someone is about to get hurt, shows his special skills by jumping in the way of a Dragonflame and using his Dvergr stoneform to negate the damage to himself and the party. Micheal loses his son's diary midfight then kills Usu's harpy friend in a rage, and Duke Daring does lava surfing and with Jo's help, is able to avoid death, while Gracias, after trying to hug the whelp, finishes the beast, declaring "should have been my "Friend". As they rest, Gracias speaks to Lunk about not dying on his behalf, and gets very angry with him. Duke, after losing his pegleg to Jo, makes a new one with the help of Nikers out of a Whelpling foot. Micheal then begins uses his legendary Slimy Tunnel Shovel to create a path for everyone, However Belladona, SK Malone, and Emit Crank have decided to leave, and offer to take the uncomfortable Horny McTrunkface (Micheal's Elaphelk) and Buttercup (Duke's Eaglebear) away. Meanwhile, Denzik convinces Lunk to let him try and touch the sword, but he still feels unworthy. As they cross, all of a sudden 4 Flame Spookies spawn, so the groups have to handle all of them at once. Micheal covers the whole field in slime before sitting out the rest of the fight to mourn his son. Duke Daring cleaves though the Giant Flame Spooky created by Usu with an inspiring Avast. Sadly, Jo is killed at the end by flame spirits, but when they find all that remains is his diary, Nisovin figures out that Jo was a Believer, and in order to avoid complications, Nisovin ask everyone to destroy their books. Jebediah is very unhappy having to burn his bible and tries to hide it, but Duke finds out and convinces him to burn it.

As they travel onward, they see what made Jo move ahead without them, a stream of Dragon Gold. Nisovin warns them not to touch it, and as most of the group moves on, Duke convinces Usu to pee in the river as Jebediah and Lunk watch. When they catch up, they stumble into the others who are confronting some Dragonflies, that Nisovin warns them to not let them escape. Lunk uses his special Bearserking power in order to block most of the exit. However, as they start slaying them, they notice how they turn into eggs. The party struggles as they dragonflies multiply, try dropping Dragon Gold, breathing poison on the team, and they even bite Usu, Jebediah and Lunk, as they turn a few people into eggs the others have to free. Luckily, they are able to defeat all the dragonflies without them escaping.

As Nisovin checks the eggs, Micheal walks up to cry about his son..only for suddenly him to stop mid sentence, as time freezes for everyone but Lunk, Usu, Jebediah and Duke. Duke has the Scrolls of the Sandbold appear in his hand before a giant frog falls from the ceiling. Nisovin tells them its Tambok, and tell them to kill it quick. Unfortunately, even doing a lot of damage to Tambok, it despawns before they can kill it. As they travel forward, they proceed to find a summoning circle left by Quintara Lotus, as well as a actual dragon that is fast asleep. Duke, Lunk and Jebediah are tasked with getting eggs from the dragon by Nisovin. Jebediah and Duke grab and egg, red and purple respectively, but Lunk is trapped in near the dragons mouth. He tries to escape by climbing over the tail, and is nearly killed by it. This wakes the dragon, but all it does is roar and fly away.

Most of the eggs went inert, but Nisovin is happy to have at least 2 eggs. As the army moves in to look around, 3 special whelpling land. Nisovin tells them all to stall so he can open a portal out of there, so the army does their best to hold back the swarm of these special whelplings, Raynel protects Nisovin with a special shield. As they fight, Micheal hears what he thinks is his son Taylor, who he then reunites with near the lava, but when a dragon tosses Lunk off the cliff, it creates a lava wave that kills the boy. Micheal goes feral, and tries to drive his shovel into Lunk's head, forcing Duke to step in and boot Micheal into the lava with his famous cry of "DUKE DARING!". With the portal finished and the dragons swarming, Raynel is sucked in after falling unconscious, Karl and Duke are trying to pull up Lunk, Denzik tries to convince Lunk to hand him the sword, but Lunk drops it instead, so he leaves as well as as Usu and Jebediah. Nisovin cast Wormhle to try and drag the remaining people in who haven't left, and after seeing Nikers die to his continued use of stoneform wearing on him, Duke, very sad, decides to use his Scroll of the Sandbold to save the rest of the group and Nisovin, Duke, Karl, and a porc leave, and while Lunk does as well, he has apparently experiences his death at the hands of the dragons, and as he's sucked inside the portal, his last conscious sight is a pulsing red mark.

As our party celebrates a successful raid and mourns the loss of Nikers, Gracias, and Micheal, Duke is sad that the Scrolls of the Sandbold have disappeared. All of a sudden, however, they reappear, which makes Duke the happiest man in the world.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

Minor Lore[edit]

  • The concept that Believers are not affected by time stopping abilities is introduced.

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Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Den of Devils Teaser Nov 24th, 2016
Character Creation - Episode 0 Nov 25th, 2016
Episode 1 Nov, 27th, 2016
Episode 2 Nov, 27th, 2016
Episode 3 Nov, 27th, 2016
Episode 4 Nov, 28th, 2016
Episode 5 Nov, 28th, 2016
Episode 6 Nov, 28th, 2016
Episode 7 Nov, 29th, 2016
Episode 8 Nov, 29th, 2016
Finale - Episode 9 Nov, 28th, 2016
Behind the Scenes Dec 1st, 2016
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Card Quests[edit]

Donation Block Ability Cards Lore Cards Legendaries
Bad Omens
Dragon Slaying Whelpling Thereseesa
Flame Spookies Flame Spooky Dragongold Behemoth Berserker
The Hatchery Dragonfly The Hatchery Living Arm of Rokesh

Scrolls of the Sandbold

Escape from Hell


  • This is the 2nd Campaign to have a Teaser made for it. [1]
  • The "Slime Time" Supporter Event had technical issues, and could not be donated for, so it was activated without the necessary donations to make up for this.
  • This is the 2nd Campaign to feature Believers prominently.
  • This is the 3rd Campaign to have multiple Player Character Deaths.