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AffiliationGuild of Explorers
  • Brothers: Dodric (Deceased), Doggin (Deceased), Dollege (Deceased)
AliasArtifact Connoisseur
ActorCoestar, Rob
Campaigns Unexpected Discovery

Artifact Connoisseur Denzik is a Tall Dwarf Suncleric played by Coestar in Unexpected Discovery, and by Rob as an NPC in Den of Devils. He is a sculptor who works for the Guild of Explorers and joined Karl Landers and members of the Grand Paladin Order to uncover the ruins of Zelfatar.



Denzik is a male Tall Dwarf who has a long beard tied near the bottom and long hair. He wears full body armor that covers his upper torso, but it was heavily damaged during the events of Zelfatar. Denzik also wears a great horned helmet with frill along the top that was known as the "Dragon Warrior Helmet." This replaced his simpler Dwarven helmet he had.


Denzik is a reasonable Dwarf of even temper. Compared to his partner, Karl, Denzik is the quieter of the two, being less prone to interacting with clients. Denzik often goes along with Karl's schemes, due to the Kobold's larger personality, and enjoys taking up Karl's bets.

Denzik has the soul of an artist, with his craft of choice being molding and carving sculptures. His interests actually feed into his role as an explorer, as he is able to repair and decern the valve of ancient relics. He is very passionate about his craft, crying out when he sees priceless statues get damaged. He also takes interest in the tatooing Kobolds, as their rocky hide is similar enough to sculpture material that his sculpting abilities are applicable.

Despite being a dwarf, Denzik does not appear to take any issue with Kobolds. He is perfectly reasonable with Karl, his Kobold guild partner, and is similarly amiable with Bromas. Denzik even shows interest in taking up tattooing for Kobolds. This sort of attitude may be the result of working with the Guild of Explorers, being the multi-racial organization that is (although Karl holds some discrimination towards Dwarves).

Denzik holds some affliation with the Paladin Order, and under normal circumstances, would have likely become a member of the Grand Paladin Order himself, instead of joining the Guild of Explorers. However, coming from a line of brother who have died while working for or attempting to join the Paladin Order, Denzik sought out another path in life. However, Denzik seems drawn to giving up his life for a cause, as he himself is a Sigil of Flame.

Being a Sigil of Flame, Denzik holds a deep-seated desire to slay dragons and whelplings, and is willing to lay down his life to do so, should he deem it necessary. However, after being rejected by Susurflame, Denzik's will for dragon slaying was broken, leaving the Tall Dwarf more concerned with self-preservation during a skirmish with a Whelpling.

Denzik held some shame for running from the Whelpling, which lead to his return with the Guild of Explorers to have another chance to slay dragons and use the Susurflame. However, the new hire, Lunk grabbed the sword first with ease. This caused a rift between the two as Denzik believed himself to be the true wielder. Even during the final fight, as the group was trying to leave, Denzik refused to save Lunk until he handed over the sword. Lunk, instead, dropped the sword into lava.


Denzik is friendly with his Guild Partner, Karl Landers. The two enjoy taking each other's bets and joking about their clients. Although Karl is a Kobold, Denzik holds no resentment towards Karl, despite the common animosity between Dwarves and Kobolds. The same isn't exactly true for Karl, as Karl ripped at Dwarves with Bromas in front of Denzik.

Denzik also appears to get along with Bromas, another Kobold and a member of the Paladin Order. The two share a similar temperament and focus in battle, and appear to work well with one-another in combat. Bromas would come to obtain Sursurflame after Denzik failed to do so himself. Broken in spirit after his failure, Denzik complied when Bromas ordered the dwarf to retreat instead of dying in battle. It can be assumed that after making his escape, Denzik would likely make another attempt to return to the site of Bromas' death to avenge the fallen gnome-turned-kobold and seek Sursurflame.

Denzik is the youngest of four brothers. Excluding Denzik himself, all these brother have died while working for the Paladin Order. Denzik, seeing an omen in the his brothers' deaths, decided to take a different path in life. However, Denzik carries around fake skulls that represent his fallen brothers, in remembrance of them.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]
  • [{Class / Suncleric}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Clerics}]
  • [{Attribute / Sigil of Flame}]


  • Dragon Warrior Helmet
  • [{Supplies / Snake Skin Bandages}]

Former Passives[edit]


  • [{Suncleric / Aurora Borealis}]
  • [{Suncleric / Sunbolt}]
  • [{Suncleric / Sunrise}]
  • [{Suncleric / Sunstrike}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Treasure / Potion Seller's Strongest Potion}]
  • [{Weapon / Snakehunter}]
  • [{Shield / Steel Spiked Shield}]
  • [{Suncleric / Sunblade}]
  • Sculpted Skull: A skull that Denzik sculpted out of rock, he uses it as a prop for telling his stories.



Denzik comes from a long line of Paladins and members of the Paladin order. His parents taught him and his three brothers of the Paladin and Suncleric ways, however Denzik did not join the Order. This is because his brothers; Dodric who died in battle, Doggin who died in a training accident, and Dolleg who drowned when travelling to join the Order; all appeared to be cursed because of the lineage they chose.

Denzik, who was more artistic than his brothers, decided to take up sculpting instead, but would also become a member of the Guild of Explorers utilizing the Suncleric abilities passed onto him.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]

Nikers Fontain, Denzik and Karl meet with Raynel at the beginning of a Beenu dungeon and begin to talk about the various artifacts that the Grand Paladin Order would like. Then Sonya joined up with her Paladin mate, and they being talking about navigating the dungeon as they wait for the last member of the Paladin Order to join them. As the group begins to enter the dungeon, their last member, Alpha Wolf Bromas joins the group, leading to an awkward reunion between Bromas and Raynel. The party of adventurers then decide to begin their exploration, finding a group of Porcs just ouside of the Beenu Dungeon.

These Porcs are carring out giant Beenu Statues and appear to be another group of Adventurers. Karl recognizes the group as former Guild members ran by the Porc Papi Pombo. While the adventurers discuss their plans, Sonya's robotic arm, Larry, decides to show his stuff and fires their pistol. Now Pombo's group of Porcs begin to surround the Adventurers forcing them into a fight. Karl takes the the ambushing Porcs all out of the fight by himself, leaving the rest of the group to take out the remaining members of Pombo's bandits. Seeing the carnage and strength of Karl, Pombo surrenders and offers himself and his remaining porcs to becoming the "Porcs of Karl." Now reinforced with the band of Warrior, Swashbuckler and Berserker Porcs, Bromas explains that the Beenu Machines can be damaged by citrus acid, and enter the Beenu Dungeon.

The adventurers begin to investigate the first room of the dungeon, there they find a wall of text written in ancient Beenu. They have Sonya's Elemech Arm, known as Larry, translate the text, only for it to be revealed to be a map. After an argument between Sonya and Karl breaks out, the skeletons laying around the dungeon begin to reanimated. Bromas attempts to be diplomatic in an effort to find the living Beenu that Karl had promised, but to no effect, leaving the group to attack the skeletons. After quickly dispatching them, the group descends further into the dungeon, agreeing that the diplomacy is the incorrect method of dealing with this dungeon. They come across a long dark hallway that was covered in arrow traps. They attempt to ease their way through it, with Sonya leading with her shield. However, the arrows begin to fire, splitting off Sonya and the group. The group decides to dash through and take the arrows as they run through. The group survives the trap, with Papi Pombo triggering his Sun Wolf Wolverine transformation.

Now onto the next challenge, the group finds a a large hole blocking the path. Raynel attempts to block the hole, but gets sprayed in the face by a Funk named Isabella, causing Raynel to be blind. Now with Raynel blind, the group begins to figure out how to cross the hole. They decide to put the blinded Raynel on the back of the Sun Wolf Papi and have him jump across the pit successfully. Sonya then decides that its time to look to the Light and asks Bromas to wish for Lascene to teleport the whole group across. Impressed, he does so, crossing the cavern.

The group enters the next room, which is a room that resembles the one from the Zarlin Catacombs. Bromas explains the situation that the Elemech Robots transforms the body and mind of anyone who touches them. The group decides to have the easily-convinced Porcs enter the room and defeat the robots. The Porcs enter room and begin a heated battle with the Robots, nearly destroying them completely, and returning to their Kobold Master with most of the Porcs transformed into something else.

Raynel, informed by the Funk, begins trying to leading the group out to the next room. This causes the adventurers to run after Raynel, triggering a trap, releasing a large boulder chasing the group. The adventurers outrun the boulder and duck in a nearby hole as it passes into a cavern. A few moments pass and another boulder rolls by and so on for a few minutes until the rest of the group catches up.

After a minute to catch their breath, a Beenu Warmachine breaks the bridge ahead of them and begins a fight against the group. The group gives it all they have, destroying one of the large mechanical hands and the Warmachine transforms into a smaller mechanical bird that began playing music. The mechanical bird builds a new bridge and floats neutrally in the air.

The bird begins to speak of the Dragons and death, however the adventurers don't understand the meaning, and continues on as the mech shuts down. The adventurers come across a large treasure room and began to loot it. Papi Pombo begins passing out Porco Sangrio and hosting a celebration for a successful campaign. Papi gathers the adventurers around and begin telling campfire stories, and the group began swapping their stories. However during the story telling, a mysterious person approaches the group, with their face hidden and appeared to be a floating robe. Before they could confront this mysterious person, Karl interjects and began telling his story. At the end of the story, the mysterious person reveals that it is a Beenu. The Beenu explains that they were the caretakers of the realm, building technology long before the Birth of Magic. However, as they progressed as a culture, they killed the dragon Phanto, causing the Birth of Magic. The Beenu Apparition then grants the adventurer three questions. After fixing Raynel's sight and answering the questions, the Apparition disappears and tells the group that a Divine exists behind a large wall in the cavern.

The group begins attempting to break through the wall. They break through and enter in a room that looks infused with with lava, but is not hot to touch. They enter the room but does not see anything until they look up. Just then a Whelpling falls from the ceiling and lands. During which, the Sigil of Flame awakens inside of Denzik, letting him lead the charge against the Whelpling and the group attacks the giant flaming lizard. As the battle continues on, a curious sword falls from the ceiling and cuts a large stone in half, embedding itself. Half of the group attacks the Whelpling while the other half attempts to retrieve the sword. Bromas finally draws the sword, however it does no good, as the Whelpling had rendered the altered Porcs of Karl beaten and bruised. Bromas orders for a retreat and the Adventurers follow suit, running towards the exit as the Whelpling hunts them down. The group finds the exit, now only having two Porcs, Sonya, Raynel, Denzik and Karl exiting the Dungeon. Bromas fell against the Whelpling.

Den of Devils[edit]

Denzik returns to the dragon lair in Zelfatar with a larger and far more prepared group led by Nisovin, and their mission is to steal dragon eggs from the lair. Denzik is determined to finish what he started and hopes to wield Susurflame this time, but he ends up becoming extremely bitter towards Lunk who quickly pulled out the sword while Denzik was comforting Raynel. Before they proceed, Denzik tells Lunk that he won't live for long against the enemies in the dungeon.

The Whelpling appears before the lava lake, and the group begins to start fighting it. However, Denzik's mind is mysteriously affected in the middle of the battle and he turns against Lunk. In retaliation, Lunk severely wounds Denzik, rendering him unable to fight even when Jo Krysstal ensures his survival. After the whelpling dies, Denzik expresses his anger towards Lunk and then attempts to wield the sword which rejects him yet again. To Denzik's horror, the sword falls on the ground becoming slightly chipped.

At the lava lake, the group encounters several Flame Spookies, and Denzik assists the team, dealing a good amount of damage. With the help of Duke Daring's Avast Ye Maties, the encounter is dealt with before it can pose a serious threat, and everyone continues forward, pausing for a brief moment to observe the liquid dragon gold.

As the last of the group catches up to the hatchery, everyone notices the Dragonflies tending to the eggs. Denzik manages to avoid getting encased in an egg and quickly discovers the trick to defeating the dragonflies, which is to destroy the eggs they turn into. The battle ends relatively quickly, but Nisovin is disappointed to find out that the eggs are actually inert.

The party moves forward and arrives at what appears to be the final chamber, which contains a massively sized Dragon guarding many eggs. Duke Daring, Lunk, and Jebediah attempt to steal the eggs but are only able to get two before the dragon flies away causing the remaining eggs to become inert. Nisovin decides it is an acceptable amount and gets ready to end the mission, but suddenly three powerful looking Whelplings appear.

As Nisovin rushes to create an escape portal with Raynel's help, Denzik and the rest of the team are tasked with ensuring the portal is conjured without interruption. The group begins to defend themselves, and are able to defeat the Whelplings with massive help from Jebediah and Lunk. Unfortunately, Denzik, Karl, and Nikers are mind controlled as the Whelplings die, and Lunk misinterprets this as a betrayal once again.

While the group is fighting, they notice four more Whelplings flying in, and Nisovin is forced to conjure the portal much faster. As everyone makes their way to the newly created escape portal, Denzik prepares to escape, but not before Karl calls to him to help pull up Lunk from the lava lake.


Denzik goes to help Karl heave Lunk up the cliff edge, saying that he was too heavy to carry. Denzik attempts to seize the chance telling Lunk to hand him the sword, Susurflame. Lunk, knowing what he's up to, drops the sword into the lava, causing Denzik to burst into rage, leaving Lunk hanging, and heading through the portal, leaving with a burning hatred stirring inside him.