Divine Being

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Divine Being

Glamourshark JDI.png
Race Divine Being
Affiliations Dragon Aspects
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

Divine Beings or Divine Aspects are the children of the Dragon Aspects and the Old Gods who have immense power. There is currently little information about the Divine Aspects except that some Divines possess Creation Magic and shapeshifting abilities, and most Divine Aspects are near invulnerable if compared to mortals.

The Song of Dragons[edit]

The main article for this topic is Ascension.

Sun God Phanto told his children, the Elves and the Sandbolds the "Song of Dragons" which both races have ceremoniously made a code to live by. However the Song of Dragons is actually a law of the universe. Those who fulfill the requirements will ascend to Godhood. The lyrics of the Song of Dragons are:

These words I echo are older than time.
My path to be reborn, my death to be defined.

I will train my body, I will focus my mind.
I will master the Light, I will always be kind.

This life is a gift, not given by the gods,
But born from our emotions, against all the odds.

I choose this path, and I choose this right.
The only choice left is to choose the night.

Known Divine Beings[edit]

Maelstrom Icon.png Virendra Willakers Icon.png
Virendra Willakers
Children of Vlaurunga
Vlaurunga Mural.png Vlaurunga Mural.png
Daragor Alexstruvuvua !
Children of Yvander
Dalfgan Icon.png
The First Frost
Children of Quintara Lotus
Glamourshark Icon.png
Children of Ouro'ras
Thor Icon.png
Children of Golestandt
Golestandt Mural.png Layla Tambok Icon.png
Anthahall Layla Tambok !
Other Creations
Created by Thor
Venomburner !

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