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AffiliationSK Malone's Mercenaries
Campaigns The Blood Snake Queen
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

Dob is a Gravehoof Porc Bard played by Millbee in The Blood Snake Queen. He is the newest member of Slippery Knuckles Malone's band of mercenaries, and has a tendency to Charm the people and creatures he meets on their adventures.




Dob is a very simple Porc, who shows a high level of interest in the other races' reproductive organs, and, like many other Porcs, he attempts to mimic the other races in order to fit in. He does by putting a stick down his pants to mimic having male genitalia. This fascination extends to the point where Dob carries around with him a bag that has an assortment of items that he thinks are the male genitalia of different species, despite many of them just being random items, such as fur or sticks.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Dob is known to speak in a very mumbled and mostly unintelligible tongue, which causes some confusion whenever he talks, be it his personal input on a conversation or even answering simple questions. He does, however, appear to be able to say certain words quite clearly, such as 'penis,' 'vagina,' and 'wolf.'

Dob is a skilled musician, able to play his Slingshot-Lute in a soothing manner, although he is also a terrible singer.



Job was a Porc that was a part of the Gnome bandit gang in The Blood Snake Queen, and was charmed by Dob into helping the mercenaries fight the bandits. Dob treated him fairly badly, having him set himself on fire so that Dob could light his 'stick-penis' on fire, and then, when Slippery Knuckles Malone wanted to chop off his arms, Dob was fine with it, and even helped in sealing off his wounds with burning sticks. When Job died, Dob showed little remorse over him.

SK Malone[edit]

Dob has a very close relationship with his leader, often emulating his physical nature and following him into battle. It should be noted that SK is the only one to have shown to have the ability to understand the mumbling Porc. Though later it is revealed that he doesn't actually understand Dob but rather as a joke on the other members of the gang he and Dob pretend that he does to mess with them.

Sir Oinksalot[edit]

Sir Oinksalot was Dob's great uncle, and was a pig. Dob often pretended that his uncle would read stories to him, by placing books in front of him and pretending that his 'oinks' were actually him reading out the story. However, when Sir Oinksalot was taken away from Dob, this made him very upset. He went to a restaurant, and, seeing all the people eating bacon, he stole it all, thinking it to be his uncle, and sewed it onto his armour. This bacon is secretly replaced by Belladona, so that it doesn't smell bad.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Porc}]
  • [{Class / Bard}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Vagabond}]
  • [{Attribute / Worldly}]


  • [{Alchemist / Fortune Potion}]


  • [{Bard / Charm}]
  • [{Bard / Disguise}]
  • [{Bard / Storyteller}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Consumable / Desdonian Firebombs}]
  • [{Consumable / Desdonian Firebombs}]
  • [{Consumable / Desdonian Firebombs}]
  • [{Weapon / Blood Drinker}]
  • [{Weapon / Slingshot}]
  • [{Shield / Small Buckler}]
  • [{Armor / Cloth Robes}]

Former Belongings[edit]


Hey Mr Wolfy[edit]


Hey Mr Wolfy
come on over
be my friend
we'll have lots of fun

Note: when charming a wolf.

Ogres are so Great[edit]


Hello Ogre
You are so great.
Ogres have got two heads
and that's pretty great!
*Porc Gibberish*
Doooo daaaaahhh ogresss
Come over to my house
I'll make you aaa... uhhh. sandwich for lunch!
For youuu!

The Ballad of the Pussies[edit]


*Porc Gibberish* today!
And then we ran away
We're a bunch of pussies.
And then we took the bridge
And we met an ogre and he was pretty nice
And, well you know, we made his pet run away
And that upset him
And then we got the wall!
And my mum died.

Wild Wild Dob[edit]




Dob, at one point, had a great uncle named Sir Oinksalot who was still a pig and did not transform into a Porc. Dob would often attempt to learn various ways of life from his non-sentient uncle and would attempt to have Oinksalot to read him books. Unfortunately, his uncle was taken away from him and served as bacon to a restaurant. Upon finding this, Dob went bad and stole all of the bacon and sew it to his armor.

As Dob was the only Porc in his family of pigs, he was the only one capable of speech, and so decided to sing songs to his family and in taverns in order to make a living. The people in the taverns would often give him money, in order to make sure that he wouldn't start a fight, fearful that, due to his large size, he could cause a lot of damage. Eventually, Slippery Knuckles Malone and his band of mercenaries met Dob in a tavern, and Dob took such a liking to them that he decided to follow them around. The mercenaries allowed Dob to become a permanent part of their group, as they liked his music and found him to be useful, despite being unable to understand him.

The Blood Snake Queen & Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

Murder Bros[edit]

Dob is seen traveling on the train carrying silver and Chimera and survives the derailing of the train.


It is not known whether The Blood Snake Queen or Murder Bros comes first in the timeline. If The Blood Snake Queen is the more recent campaign, Dob was last seen alive and traveling with SK Malone's Mercenaries. If Murder Bros is the the most recent campaign, then Dob was last seen surviving the train crash and escaping by himself.


  • Dob is the first canon character in the URealms universe to be played by a guest, Millbee.
  • Dob apparently received his name because the other members of the group couldn't understand him when he talked, but heard him say the word 'Dob,' leading them to believe that it was his name.
  • The song played during the train encounter in Murder Bros is called "Wild Wild Dob" and features Millbee humming in Dob's voice.