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Wait, that's not quite right. The information in this article is Non-Canon. Oh no!

Don Key
  • Pattenborrows Family
Campaigns The Many Gobos of Pat

"Hee-haw, mother fucker!"
— Don

Don is an intelligent, talking donkey portrayed by Coestar after Dankie's death in The Many Gobos of Pat.



Don is an average Donkey. He is covered in fur, with four legs ending in hooves. He was thrown into the Stadium in The Many Gobos of Pat.


Don is relaxed, calm, slightly confused and disoriented, and unquestioning. This is because he came into an intelligent state only recently during the event of The Many Gobos of Pat and so has no prior knowledge of most things and nothing to really compare things to. He doesn't understand his existence and has very little memory of his life before he became intelligent. As such he believes he sprang into existence when he became intelligent. He often tries to eat his items and weapons. He has a tendency to end all sentences with the words:"Hee Haw" due to his being a Donkey.


Powers & Abilities[edit]


  • Bite: Don bites the foe dealing five damage. This is a racial ability of being a donkey.
  • Telekinesis: This ability appears to be exclusive to Don and allows him to control objects up to two feet away from his skull. This allows him to wield swords, shoot bows and more.
  • Rough Terrain Immunity

Warrior Abilities[edit]






The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]

Don was thrown into the arena whilst Pattenborrow's Family and some Kobold pirates were fighting. He landed on Dankie, killing him, as at the time Dankie was unconscious. Don, because he had a liking for Goblins proceeded to start attacking all the kobolds in the arena. After the fight was finished Don was gifted with the ability to talk, was made intelligent and was given a weak power of telekinesis. The goblins gave him Studded Armor and a Heartbark Crossbow to fight with in the final arena battle. During the battle he starts of fighting for the goblins, but when Heatherful Threecircle reveals her true form as Medusa he is permanently mind controlled by her. The only way for him to be freed is for Medusa to be killed. Don then fights anti-party for Medusa trying to kill the goblins for the rest of that combat. Don is finally released from Medusa's mind control at the end of The Many Gobos of Pat when Medusa is killed by Terrence.


After The Many Gobos of Pat Don goes on to run a tournament/stadium/donkey show business from the arena he fought in with the goblins.


  • Don was originally going to be a pet for Dankie, but due to Dankie's death he was made Coestar's character for the rest of The Many Gobos of Pat.
  • Don was gifted intelligence, the ability to talk and weak telekinesis by Rob to make him more fun and better to play for Coestar.