Dragon Aspect

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Dragon Aspect

The Dragon Aspect Mural.png
Race Dragon Aspect
Hostile Neutral
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Equipment None
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance The Silvermine Mountains

The six Dragon Aspects represent the six schools of magic and are some of the strongest beings in the realms. Their power stems from their unique ability to cast "Creation Magic" by utilizing their two sets of vocal cords in unison. [Source: Spoken by Nisovin in Okagnoma Guild Hall]. Their children are a part of a race referred to as the Divine Beings.

The Sun Dragon Gods[edit]

The Dragon Aspects were all created as the offspring of the Sun Dragon Gods Kallisto and Phanto. These are massive Dragons, resembling celestial bodies. While alive, these dragons appear to be orange and red, with massive spikes along their body. While in orbit of the Realms, their intense size and color gives off the appearance akin to the Sun, illuminating the world beneath them. However, when Phanto perished, his body seem to harden in a curled up state. His once vibrant color scheme darkened to a cool blue, giving off the appearance and functionality of the Moon.

While both Sun Dragons where alive, they provided a single source of magic from their Light Creation magic. However, when Phanto died, this caused the event known as the Birth of Magic to occur. This created a spectrum of magical elements that each of the Six Dragon Aspects became attuned to, altering their capabilities.

Dragon God Image Magic Followers
Kallisto Kallisto Mural.png Creation Highbears
Phanto Phanto Mural.png Creation Elves, Sandbolds

The Dragon Aspects[edit]

The Dragon Aspects are six of the most powerful magical beings known in the Realms. Their appearance greatly differs from Dragon to Dragon, but they all seem to share a massive Dragon form that dwarfs any other known race. Through Aspects Golestandt and Quintara Lotus, we have seen that the Dragon Aspects can shapeshift into more humanoid forms, and have complete control over their forms.

Dragon Aspect Image Magic Followers Classes
Ouro'ras Ouro'ras Mural.png Light Follower of The Light Enchanter, Fleshweaver, Monk, Paladin, Suncleric, Witch
Rokesh Rokesh Mural.png Earth Child of Rokesh Berserker, Enchanter, Lumberjack, Monk, Petalwalker, Runemaster, Shaman, Sorcerer, Theurgist
Yvander Yvander Mural.png Ice Frostborn Deathknight, Hydromancer, Sea Chef, Shaman, Sorcerer, Spellslinger, Theurgist, Wizard
Vlaurunga Vlaurunga Mural.png Fire Sigil of Flame Flamedanseur, Paladin, Rouge, Sea Chef, Spellslinger, Thane, Wizard
Quintara Lotus Quintara Lotus Mural.png Arcane Seeker of Knowledge Bandito, Enchanter, Magician, Puppeteer, Sorcerer, Spellslinger, Spellthief, Thane, Witch, Wizard
Golestandt Golestandt Mural.png Dark Herald of Bones Bandito, Cabalist, Deathknight, Fleshweaver, Puppeteer, Rouge, Spellthief


Those who conform to the conditions set by the 'Song of Dragons' are able to gain a large amount of raw power, and become a Whelpling on a path to become a Dragon God. Virendra Willakers is the first known mortal being to ascend, and was able to because of her pure heart and focused body and mind. Maelstrom, however, was able to ascend through his knowledge of the Old Gods, and knowing that he is truly free of the consequences of his actions. It is unknown how long it takes for a newly ascended Whelpling to become a Sun Dragon God, or even how many actually ascend fully to Sun Dragon God. It is also unknown if they attune to any certain element, or gain any abilities that the Dragon Aspects have, such as shape-shifting or control over Creation Magic. Lastly, it is unknown if the ascended even regain full control of their mind.

Dragon Aspect Image Magic Followers Classes
Virendra Willakers Virendra Willakers Whelpling TL Cinematic.png Unknown None None
Maelstrom Maelstrom Whelpling TSB Cinematic.png Unknown None None


It is currently unknown where the Sun Dragon Gods Phanto and Kallisto originated from, yet they did not originate from The Realms[1]. There, they created three known races, the Elves, the Highbears and the Sandbolds. This early time was referred to as The Great Hatching. During the Hatching, the Elves were heavily blessed by Phanto, being immortal and living long lives with access to magic.

The Dragon Aspects were shown to be very friendly with the Elven races, with Quintara Lotus, who often took on the shape of an Elf, sat at the Elven councils herself, so she could involve herself in their politics. [Source: Spoken by Lyn Azveltara in Azveltara Z].

The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

Golestandt was shown to be very friendly to the Elven head families. He arrived at Louis Tarcial'Embeart's ascension party and participated in the events, even singing the Song of Dragons during the ceremony. However, following the party, the Sun Dragon God Phanto dies due to the meddling of the Old Gods. This caused the event known as the Birth of Magic.

Due to the immense magical whiplash of Phanto dying, each of the Dragon Aspects were attuned to one of the six magical elements against their will.

  • Golestant became the Dragon Aspect of Dark Magic, going completely feral and losing his mind. Now more beast than being, the mere presence of the Dragon Aspect causes pain and misery to the creatures around him, turning those who are caught in his deathly breath into Lost Souls. He would cease his rampages for a time to rest. During this period, the Elves would hide him in false mountains and mine his scales to consume them and retain their longevity.
  • Quintara Lotus became the Dragon Aspect of Arcane, becoming infatuated with the magic and the mortals of the Realm. In order to engage with the most powerful mortals with the most powerful of Magics, she created The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, an ultimate tower for the bravest of Mages to test their wits and skills. If they reach the top, they add their own floor to the tower and have one wish granted by Quintara herself.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

Golestandt was revealed to be slumbering under the Silvermine Mountains and was the source of Dragon Silver for the Elves. The Elven family of the Sunswords were in charge of mining the silver for the Elven population, and did so by forcing criminals against the realm to mine the silver. However, during a prison riot, Golestandt awoke, and escaped the mountain, flying to his next resting area.


Immediately following his escape, Golestandt flew towards the small Dwarven village of Waldon, breathing death and destruction in his wake. Once he reached the town, Golestandt simply breathed his Dragon breath over the town, killing every inhabitant and completely rendering the town a smoldering pile of ash. However, the dead residents reformed into the mindless Ageless and began to wander. Golestandt simply continued to fly onwards.

The Sandbolds[edit]

Maelstrom was seen undergoing the very first stages of his transformation into a Sun Dragon God, gifted to him by the Old Gods. Maelstrom transformed into a Whelpling and began slaughtering the Sandbolds at the Final Talon. It is currently known what his second form will be.


  • While the Dragon Sun Gods are credited as the creators of the Realms as we know it, the Old Gods are also credited as the creators of the Realms.
  • It is unknown if dragon scales from the other Dragon Aspects affect mortals differently, as Dragon Silver has only been seen to come from Golestandt.