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Dragonfly DOD.png
Race Dragon
Hostile Yes
Affiliations Vlaurunga
  • Egg Tomb
  • Poison Breath
  • Seed of Despair
Equipment None
Capable of Speech No
First Appearance Den of Devils

A Dragonfly is a powerful creature that first appeared in the Den of Devils campaign. Dragonflies were created by Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga for the purpose of creating inert Dragon Eggs for the Dragon Aspects to inseminate with their magic, thereby creating more dragon species. They are strong due to being one of the few mortal creatures that can cast Creation Magic, but are weak defensively.



Dragonflies look like small insect like Dragons with very large teeth and claws and a tail. They are about the size of a fully grown Dwarf.


Dragonflies are very basic creatures that have one purpose in life, Creating eggs. They are hostile and will attack anything that gets in their way

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Dragonfly}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Seed of Despair}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Poison Breath}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Eggtomb}]


Den of Devils[edit]


  • Dragonflies are the only mortal creature (that we know of so far), that can cast Creation Magic.