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The Dragon Aspect Mural.png
Race Dragon
First Appearance The Silvermine Mountains

Dragons are some of the most powerful beings in the realms, and are responsible for creating a lot of what exists in them. Their power stems from their ability to cast "Creation Magic" by utilizing their two sets of vocal cords in unison. [Source: Spoken by Nisovin in Okagnoma Guild Hall].

Song of Dragons[edit]

These words I echo.
Are older than time.
My path to be reborn.
My death to be defined.

I will train my body.
I will focus my mind.
I will master the Light
I will always be kind.

This life is a gift.
Not given by the gods.
But born from our emotions.
Against all the odds.

I choose this path
And I choose this right
The only choice left
Is... to... choose... the night.

This is the song that is recited by young Elves at their Ascension party when they become adults.

Known Dragons[edit]

Dragon Image Magic
Kallisto Kallisto Mural.png Creation
Phanto Phanto Mural.png Creation
Ouro'ras Ouro'ras Mural.png Light, Creation
Rokesh Rokesh Mural.png Earth, Creation
Yvander Yvander Mural.png Ice, Creation
Vlaurunga Vlaurunga Mural.png Fire, Creation
Quintara Lotus Quintara Lotus Mural.png Arcane, Creation
Golestandt Golestandt Mural.png Dark, Creation

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