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Dreamweaver Card.png
Class CardDreamweaver Class Card

"A weaver of the minds who can warp the very reality we exist in and induce others to sleep and suffer nightmares."
— Season 3 Class Card description

The Dreamweaver Class of URealms Live uses the power of dreams to assist their allies in battle.

Notable Dreamweavers[edit]


  • While the Dreamweaver class was created in Season 2, the class was never available as a class choice in character creation for any Season 2 capaigns. The Dreamweaver abilities were only used as skills that Boris Cobbler and Are'ani inherited from Supporter events. The class was fully fleshed out in Season 3 and became a class able to be chosen at character creation.
    • No Dreamweaver spells were pulled from the random spell deck in Season 2.
  • Dreamweaver is the only class from Season 2 where no character portrait is featured on the class abilities.
    • Borris Cobbler was the character to be featured on the Dreamweaver class cards for Season 3.
  • Since Roamin had got the Peasant Attribute while creating Borris Cobbler, being granted abilities from Dreamweaver aided him, as there was no other way of using his Regular Action, other than using a Basic Attack.
    • It is unknown whether the Supporter Events that granted Roamin these abilities were added after Roamin got the attribute, or if this had been planned all along.