Duke Daring

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Duke Daring
Duke Daring DOD Puppet.png
Campaigns Guild of Explorers
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

"Stay away from my Lunk!"
— Duke Daring

Duke Daring is a Hill Dwarf played by Deadbones in Guild of Explorers as an NPC, and in Den of Devils as a player.



Duke has a very fancy gentlemanly handlebar mustache. In Den Of Devils, Duke has grown a goatee as well as his handlebar mustache. He also crafted himself a pegleg out of a whelpling claw with the help of Nikers Fontain.


Duke is very narcissistic, often boasting his name each time he does something, and loves to brag about his many conquests. He does seem to care about his companions, as he is sad when talking about Buttercup, who was named by an old companion named Big 'un, and similarly when he saves Lunk from Michael Langstrom.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Duke obtained a pegleg at some point in his adventures, after he searched for the Scrolls of the Sandbold in Guild of Explorers, but before he searched for Vlaurunga's eggs in Den of Devils.


His crew consists of 2 Gnomes, 3 Dwarves and one unknown: Short Stuff, Roundhouse, Biff, Tiny, Big 'un and one unnamed. He appears to care for Big 'un quite closely, as he gets sad when he remembers him from the past.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]
  • [{Class / Buccaneer}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Sellsword}]
  • [{Attribute / Narcissistic}]


  • [{Supplies / Veteran}]


  • [{Buccaneer / Avast Ye Maties}]
  • [{Buccaneer / Scurvy Dogs}]
  • [{Buccaneer / Thar She Blows}]

Former Abilities[edit]

  • [{Sorcerer / Blink}]


  • [{Armor / Plate Armor}]
  • [{Legendary / Scrolls of the Sandbold}]
  • [{Shield / Mirror Shield}]
  • [{Treasure / Everfull Goblet}]
  • [{Weapon / Leather Whip}]
  • [{Weapon / Merchant's Cutlass}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Weapon / Cutlass}]



Eaglebear BOT.png
Capable of SpeechNo
Campaigns Den of Devils
SeasonsSeason Two

Buttercup is an Eaglebear who appears in Den of Devils as Duke Daring's Companion. She plays a significant role in the first encounter against the Whelpling.


Not much is known about Buttercup aside from her inability to fly while being ridden.



Buttercup was first found and named by Big'un, but almost nothing is known about their history together before she joins Duke Daring in Zelfatar.

Den of Devils[edit]

Buttercup is first seen in the dragon lair within Zelfatar, with Duke Daring riding on her before the first encounter.

During the battle against the Whelpling, Buttercup obeys Duke Daring's orders without question. In the beginning, she roars to prevent the whelpling from attacking a teammate, and she also attempts to disable it when Duke Daring is launched to a rock on the lava lake. She nearly sacrifices herself to protect the team from multiple dragon breath attacks, and her efforts kept many of the mercenaries' lives from being at risk.


Buttercup is unable to cross the lava lake, even with the help of Michael Langstrom's slime bridge. Sadly, Duke Daring has no choice but to leave her fate in the hands of SK Malone's Mercenaries, who probably sold her for money instead of setting her free.


Duke Daring, being a master explorer, has ventured out on many different expeditions. He has:

  • Braved the Jungles of Waternabé
  • Acquired the Golden Scepter of Shuul
  • Conquered Dosuite
  • Braved the depths of the Ruins of Akar
  • Slayed the village of Ratenmen
  • Found the Golden Statuette of the Purpley Beavercorn
  • Destroyed an entire native civilization of Kobolds
  • Discovered the Great Hall of Zelfatar
  • Found the Ancient Scrolls of the Sandbold
  • Recovered fertilized eggs of Vlaurunga's spawn
  • Conquered the Zarlin Catacombs



Duke Daring knew Jameson Blant as they were both members of the Guild of Explorers. Duke Daring however, despises Jameson because when the two of them first joined the guild, Duke asked a fellow guild member disguised as Jameson for a cup of sugar, who then spat in Duke's face. Duke believed this person to be the real Jameson, and has since hated him. Duke sometime before the events of Guild of Explorers, conquered the infamous Zarlin Catacombs. However, it is unknown if he conquered it with his group of cronies or not.

Guild of Explorers[edit]

As Duke Daring and his crew were leaving the city to find the Scrolls of the Sandbold, they came across Jameson Blant and his team of mercenaries. After some short introductions between the two, Jameson showed some of the 'clues' he had found to Duke, but accidentally tripped whilst holding a Magic Carpet, falling on top of Duke, with the carpet swallowing him whole. Duke was found to have been in a bubble in the "carpet of holding" dimension once Slap also fell in. Once Patrick Cake and Jameson showed up inside the dimension as well, Patrick immediately teleported from his own bubble into Duke's and began to pummel him with magic.

Den of Devils[edit]


After saving Lunk and getting to the top of the cliff edge, he attempts to save his compatriot, but to no avail. While Nisovin attempts to save everyone by Wormholing, Duke is tossed into the portal along with Denzik, Karl, and one of the other Porcs, thereby closing his adventure in the Den of Devils.


  • Duke Daring claims to have conquered the Zarlin Catacombs. However, it is unknown if this is true.
  • Duke claims he never went on his adventure to find the Ancient Scrolls of the Sandbold, but had them appear in his hand as his Legendary Item. This implies Duke is embarrassed by his failure to originally acquire them.
    • While this item was a consumable that Deadbones used to save Coe, Rob revealed that they were never a one time use, but only kept it a secret that they reappeared after they went through the portal, and as Deadbones says: makes Duke Daring the happiest man in the world.
  • Duke Daring is the first player character to have more than one companion.
    • His second companion was a Ytt, but it was neither used in combat nor mentioned in Den of Devils.
  • Duke Daring is the first Player Character to kill another Player Character, that being Michael Langstrom.