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Home To Dwarves, Bopen
First Appearance The Fall of Dundinborough

The Kingdom of Dundinborough was 1 of the 12 Dwarven Clans built by the Divine Being Thor after the Birth of Magic. Ruled by its King and Queen, it was one of the few strongholds that waited far too long to sign the Ironstone Accords and was ultimately destroyed by Ageless Raiders. It is also where Bopen the Skeleton King was created. Since the Fall of Dundinborough the kingdom has been mostly abandoned. Bopen has taken it as his "home base of operations" as described by Rob. During The Skeleton King Bopen is told to be in the kingdom's vault, where he's said that he either stores his treasure or feeds his magical beast. The town has been taken over mostly by pirates and ageless since Bopen's crew has inhabited it.

Known Lore[edit]

While not much is known about Dundinborough it is assumed that it was home to great smiths. Smiths seemingly capable of creating a variety of items such as swords and even metal trousers.