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Nikers Fontain UD Puppet.png
Race Dvergrs
Affiliations Dwarves
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance The Unseen Rogues

Dvergrs, also known as Dvergr Dvergrs, are a race of Dwarves that have tough, rocky skin that allows them to transform into a pure stone statue in self-defense. According to Professor Spydly Spyderson in Okagnoma Guild Hall, the Dwarves, and by extension the Dvergrs, were created by Divine Aspect Thor after the Birth of Magic. Many Dvergrs have a natural speech impediment that causes them to repeat the last word of a sentence. Dvergrs first appeared in The Unseen Rogues.


Dvergrs have a few notable differences to their Dwarven kin, with their skin appearing rocky and having several cracks like those of rocks being the most notable. The other notable difference between Dvergrs and Dwarves is that they have excessive hair growth, with hair growing over every part of their body.

There have been two culturally different Dvergrs that have been seen. First seen were the Dvergrs who integrated in the city society, by Nate Tack, and was dubbed the "Urb Dvergrs". These Dvergrs maintain their excessively long hair in a manner similar to that of Dwarves, with Nate actually refusing to go into Stone Form to further distance himself from the other Dvergrs. The other culture of Dvergrs was described by Rob to be that of hermits, living away from society and never cutting their hair, allowing it to grow to unimaginable lengths.

Notable Dvergrs[edit]

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  • Dvergrs created the highly colorful armor, [{Armor / Gemstone Regalia}], that is highly resistance against magic.
  • Dvergrs were originally a Subrace in Season One and Season Two, but became their own race in Season Three.