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Duke Daring GOE Puppet.png
Race Dwarf
Affiliations Dwarves
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance Band of Thieves

Dwarves or Dwarven Kind are a race of short, humanoid beings that are known to be very hands-on in their work. According to Professor Spydly Spyderson in Okagnoma Guild Hall, Divine Aspect Thor created the Dwarves after the Birth of Magic.


Dwarves are short, often bearded people that are usually quite muscular and often regarded as stoic and sturdy. Dwarves often vary in height, from being nearly as tall as Elves to being just above an Gnome in stature. What is notable for Dwarves that is not seen in the other races is that both genders of Dwarf can grow large beards without the need of outside magic. Their skin tone varies from dark browns to pale tones.

Dwarven Culture[edit]

Dwarves are known for their love of ale and their buildings made of stone, with foundations deep into the Earth. Within the Realm, the Dwarves are known for making very practical weapons and armor, such as the Dwarven Runeblade, Bronze Axe, Bronze Mace, and Plate Chain armor. However, they have been known to create their own magic arts as well, having created the Runemaster style of using magic.

Among the other Races, Dwarves have good standing with the Elves, as they agreed to a treaty that prohibits the killing of the two races, called The Ironstone Accords, but this does not cover the Dwelf subrace that exists as a mingling between a Dwarf and a Elf. This leads to the Dwarven kind killing off many members of the Gandolin Family, a Dwelf family. Despite this aggression, they have been seen assisting Elves with their mining operations such as The Silverflats, which is used as a refueling station under the command of the Gandolin Elder Family. With Gnomes, Dwarves have been seen ignoring their preference for paperwork for work-related duties, but they have been shown to work together to create the Oak Crossbow.

Dwelves are not the only known Race that the Dwarves hate, as Kobolds and Dwarves are arguably the two races with the most division between them. As Kobolds are a race that eat rocks and gems that the Dwarves mine and sell for income, they regard each other with hostility.

Dwarven Society is run by a hierarchy and ruled by the 12 Dwarven Kings, to which the only known King was King Dundinborough, who was slain by the Ageless Bopen. Another King, whose kingdom is currently unknown, was killed by the infamous assassin Ghostblade as well. At the time of The Skeleton King, only 3 of the original 12 kings are alive.

Notable Dwarves[edit]

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  • Dwarves are able to mate with Elves to produce Dwelves, a race of Elves that are slightly smaller than average, and can grow facial hair.
    • It should be noted that Dwelves are not well liked among Dwarves, and often face discrimination and abuse from Dwarves. Most Dwelves appear to associate themselves more with Elves than with Dwarves.